How to Write Impactful Real Estate Video Scripts- with Examples

Utkarsh Jaiswal
Utkarsh Jaiswal
Copywriter, Content Writer

Do videos really sell houses?


Studies reveal that 73% of buyers and sellers prefer realtors who use real estate videos for marketing.

Imagine there’s a buyer who’s continuously going through countless listings online. Now imagine the same buyer who fortunately saw a video highlighting the property’s features and the neighborhood areas. 

Do you feel the impact? He will surely contact the person who recorded the video. 

People want to buy a home from people they trust. For realtors, building trust is paramount for qualified leads, and videos are ideal for establishing that connection.

Not all of you, as a realtor, are equally comfortable in front of the camera, though. You don’t know what to say or on which topics you should make the videos. 

Well, don’t worry…

With BIGVU AI scriptwriter, you can effortlessly create real estate video scripts on any topic and confidently record with BIGVU teleprompter.

Let’s see how…

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Table of Contents:

    Why You Should Use Scripts to Record Real Estate Videos?

    Did you ever re-recorded your video thinking, “Oops, I forgot to mention something important?” It’s frustrating, right?

    That’s why 75% of smart realtors use scripts before making videos. Here’s a breakdown of why you should too…

    Suppose you’re showing an amazing house, a place with a wonderful kitchen and breathtaking views. But after recording, you realized you forgot to mention a few more outstanding features. 

    It happens, right?

    Having a real estate video script right in front of you is like having a cheat sheet. It ensures you cover all the must-talk-about features and show off your realtor skills without missing any crucial points.

    And guess, what’s next…

    They save you from those awkward moments when you’re on camera, trying to figure out what to say next. Instead of stressing about words, you can focus on chatting with your audience. Because let's be real, a viewer who's into what you're saying is more likely to become your next client. 

    A good AI scriptwriter makes sure your message is spot-on and super pro. And BIGVU AI Magic Writer helps you do the same for your real estate business. It helps create excellent video scripts for real estate agents to engage their audience, close bigger deals, and build their brand!

    With BIGVU, you just have to describe what you want to talk about in your video in a few words. The AI Magic Writer will then create 2-3 compelling video scrips based on your tone and style. 

    What else…?

    You can also select the length of your script whether short, medium, or long, and enter your unique brand voice to get the output in the same style. 

    Let’s now see some examples of real estate video scripts for buyers and sellers with example. And also, how can you create one for yourself in just a few seconds?

    7 Video Scripts Ideas for Real Estate Videos (with Examples)

    Real Estate Video Script for FSBO (For Sale By Owner)

    Selling a home independently, without a realtor, is no small feat. As a realtor, you must understand the unique challenges your potential clients face, especially FSBO sellers. 

    FSBO sellers want to save commissions and therefore they take responsibility for managing the entire sales process themselves. It’s praiseworthy but has its limitations- from pricing the property right to navigating legal intricacies without professional guidance.

    So, how you, as a realtor, should create a video for them? Remember, your script should strike a balance without overshadowing the DIY seller’s efforts. 


    Your input in BIGVU’s AI magic writer will be somewhat similar to this- 

    “Why you should consider a realtor when selling a home?”

    When you enter the same input in BIGVU, you’ll get a few topics as shown below. Pick up anyone and hit the ‘generate’ button to get your complete video script.

    Video script output for FSBO sellers

    For this example, we’ve gone with the second point- “How a realtor can help you price your home correctly?”

    And we’ve got the below script as an output-

    "When it comes to pricing your home correctly, a realtor can be your biggest ally. They have the knowledge and experience to analyze market trends and compare similar properties in your area. With their expertise, they can accurately assess the value of your home and help you set the right price. This will not only attract potential buyers but also ensure that you get the best price for your property. So, don't underestimate the importance of working with a realtor when it comes to pricing your home!"

    Now, you can change and play with different inputs and outputs and select the one that best suits your topic. 

    Check out this informative video where Kami Hall assists FSBO sellers by sharing valuable insights on negotiation strategies and terms to consider when selling your house.

    Real Estate Agent Introduction Video Script

    In the real estate business, the sale only happens when you successfully make a long-lasting impression through videos. And the ‘about me’ or ‘self-introduction’ type of video is your goldmine ticket for that.

    Interestingly, 9% of all real estate video scripts generated through BIGVU focus on realtor self-introduction.

    Typically, these videos follow a similar structure- your name, the real estate group you represent, years of experience, your unique qualities, driving force, and a crystal-clear call to action. These videos last between 30 seconds to 1 minute. 

    Why are these videos crucial?

    People prefer doing business with individuals they connect with. Your "About Me" video serves as a virtual handshake, allowing potential clients to know, like, and trust you. Highlight your background, achievements, certifications, and qualifications to showcase your expertise.


    Remember, viewers want to know who you are and, more importantly, what you can do for them. So your realtor self-introduction script that you can use in AI magic writer will be similar to this-  

    “Hi, I'm [Your Name], a member of [Real Estate Group]. With [X] years of experience, I bring [Unique Quality] to every transaction. I ensure you find your dream home or sell your property seamlessly. Call me today!"

    When we entered the same input in BIGVU AI writer, we got a few excellent results like these-

    Video script output for Self Introduction script

    “Hi, I'm Utkarsh Jaiswal, a member of the YYYY Real Estate Group. With 5 years of experience in the industry, I bring Unique Quality to every transaction. Whether you're looking to buy your dream home or sell your property seamlessly, I am here to assist you every step of the way. My knowledge of the market, attention to detail, and dedication to my clients sets me apart. So why wait? Call me today and let's make your real estate goals a reality.”

    Important Tip- Keep your video scripts conversational, genuine, relatable, and actionable – you never know when that 60 seconds will turn a viewer into your next satisfied client.

    Watch as Alex Kolesar beautifully introduces himself, sharing his background and motivation for being a realtor in this video.

    Scripts for Real Estate Agents for Selling Through Their Unique Philosophy

    As a realtor, you must think what’s your selling philosophy?

    Start by reflecting on what truly matters to you in the real estate business. And then craft your video script based on that. 

    For example, let’s say you believe in a three-step approach- promote, present, and price. You should now emphasize working with clients who share similar values and expectations. Your philosophy isn't one-size-fits-all. It's a filter that makes sure you attract clients who appreciate your approach. 


    Now let’s try to weave this philosophy into a compelling video script. Your input in the BIGVU AI writer will be somewhat similar to this-

    "Hi there, I'm [Your Name], and I don't just sell homes; I follow a philosophy that revolves around three crucial steps – Promote, Present, and Price. It means you're not just getting a realtor; you're getting a guide through the entire process."

    For these types of scripts, use the ‘Tailored sales pitch’ option for better output. 

    Output for Real Estate Agents for Selling Through Their Unique Philosophy

    When we entered the same script in BIGVU, we got the following result-

    “Hi there, I'm Utkarsh. Are you a home buyer looking for the perfect home? Well, look no further. With me, you'll not only get a realtor, but a trusted guide who will walk you through every step of the process. Our philosophy of Promote, Present, and Price ensures that you'll have the best possible experience. We understand the needs of home buyers like you, and we're here to help you find your dream home. So why wait? Contact us today and let us help you find your perfect match.”

    This way, your video script becomes an expression of your philosophy and it directly resonates with those who value what you bring to the table.

    Take a look at this video where Sascha Chatman clearly explains how video Marketing can help You attract leads and grow your real estate business.

    Real Estate Script for Buyers

    Buying a home isn’t just a money transaction, it’s filled with emotions and aspirations. When you recognize the concerns of homebuyers and make a video that answers their queries, you’ve already taken the initial step of making a trustworthy relationship. 

    You may be unaware, but both first-time and repeat homebuyers rank their fear of buying a new home alongside the biggest human fears. There are various factors responsible for it like the fear of not affording their mortgage or taking on debts. 

    Your video script should be all about educating your viewers! Some frequent subjects under this category are- 

    • When is the best time to buy any property?
    • Effect of interest rates on the market
    • How to get the best sales agreement, and what to pay attention to?
    • Buying your first home - how to prepare?
    • The current status of the local market


    From the buyer’s perspective, the benefits of working with a realtor should be invaluable. So the first draft of your script should be similar to-

    "Hi, I'm [Your Name], your guide to finding your dream home. I'm going to touch on important points such as the best time to buy, interest rates, how to prepare yourself, and many other important aspects.”

    We got the following video scripts as an output to help that can guide real estate home buyers.

    Output for Real Estate Script for Buyers

    “Hi, I'm Utkarsh Jaiswal, your guide to finding your dream home. Today, I'm going to share some valuable insights about the real estate market that will help you make the best decision when it comes to buying a house. We'll discuss the best time to buy, current interest rates, and how to prepare yourself for this big step. So, let's dive in and make your dream of owning a home a reality!”

    Further, you can talk on different points and generate a script for each of them.

    Real Estate Scripts for Sellers

    As a realtor, you should understand that when a homeowner decides to sell his/her property, they’re bidding farewell to memories and emotions tied to their home. 

    So you’ve to position yourself as their valuable partner in their selling process. Create videos on topics such as neighborhood guides nearby that property or simply record a property tour type of video. 

    In neighborhood guides and update videos, you can cover the following topics in your video-

    1. Nearby hospitals, schools and parks
    2. Local businesses- such as supermarkets, restaurants, and gyms
    3. Insider Tips: Conduct interviews with the locals! Include recommendations for hidden gems, off-the-beaten-path attractions, and other must-see places in the neighborhood.


    You can start with something like this-

    “Here's the walkthrough of the new house in Orlando, Florida. The people here are friendly and helpful. There's a public hospital nearby, schools for children, and parks for meetings and gatherings. The supermarket is just 2 blocks away with nearly all items available. If interested, call me at XXXX-XXXX.”

    For these types of videos, where you’re giving your opinion or sharing news, select the ‘My News Flash’ option. Here’s the output, we got-

    Video script output for Real Estate Scripts for Sellers

    “Hey everyone, this is Utkarsh Jaiswal, and I'm here to give you a quick update on the new house in Orlando, Florida. Let me give you a walkthrough - it's a beautiful neighborhood with friendly and helpful people. There's a public hospital nearby, schools for the kids, and parks for all your meetings and gatherings. Plus, the supermarket is just two blocks away, with nearly all items available. If you're interested, give me a call at XXXX-XXXX. See you soon!”

    Use a tool like BIGVU to add your contact details inside the video. It helps potential clients to get in touch with them to view the property.

    Consider this video, as an example, in which Audra Lambert shares valuable tips on how to prepare your house for sale. 

    Just Listed Real Estate Video Script

    Let’s say you’ve listed a new property. 

    Now what…

    You’ve to create a buzz around this new listing through your videos so that this property gets the attention it deserves. 

    And how to that? You should create a script that starts with a bang, creates excitement and urgency, and ends with a strong call to action. 


    Your script should go somewhat similar to this-

    “Hi, I listed your neighbor’s house down the street at [address]. It’s currently going for [listing price]. It’s a [number of bedrooms] bed, [number of bathrooms] bath. Are you interested?”

    When we put the same in BIGVU, we got the following output-

    Output for Just Listed Real Estate Video Script

    “Hey there! Utkarsh Jaiswal here with a quick news update for you. So, guess what? I just listed your neighbor's house down the street at XX Colony. And let me tell you, it's a steal! Currently priced at $YYYY, this property boasts 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. It's definitely worth checking out! So, are you interested? Let me know!”

    You can also shoot a property tour video for these ‘just listed’ homes that can act as a complement and provide more clarity to the viewers. 

    For example, have a look at this real estate home tour in Chicago. In the same way, you can also make your videos a game-changer by creating 3d virtual tour videos

    Just Sold Realtor Video Script

    Let’s say you’ve recently sold a property. And now you’ve to create a buzz in the same neighborhood so that other sellers get your attention.

    After you sell a home, record a video for the potential customers in the neighborhood. This type of video helps you convince people more easily in that particular area. 


    Your input will be similar to this- 

    “ I recently closed a deal on your neighbor’s place. We had several offers in just three days, selling way above the asking price. Are you considering a move too?”

    It generates curiosity and looks like a conversation rather than a sales pitch. To fine-tune it more, we entered the same in BIGVU and got the following result-

    Output for Just Sold Realtor Video Script

    “Hi everyone, Utkarsh here. I have some exciting news to share with you today. Just last week, I successfully closed a deal on your neighbor's place. It was incredible how quickly we received multiple offers within just three days, and the property ended up selling for way above the asking price. Now, I can't help but wonder, are you also considering a move? If so, I'd love to chat and help you seize this opportune market. Reach out to me whenever you're ready!”

    In this video, Brendan Bartic gave an example of his own used ‘just-sold’ video script which helped him and his team sell thousands of homes.

    Remember, the first thing to consider today to grow your real estate brand is to be authentic. Don’t always try to sell.

    People hate that…

    Instead, understand the pain and problems your clients must be facing and provide genuine solutions through your videos. You’ll always win.


    Now that you’ve got a better idea of all the real estate video marketing script ideas, you shouldn’t hesitate to create new videos. Indeed, creating videos in real estate might not be easy in the beginning. It’s over time that you start to get better.

    And that’s why we’ve provided ready-made fantastic scripts for all situations for making real estate videos. The best part is that you can customize them, depending on your information, and get the desired output from BIGVU AI Magic Writer.

    Remember to add your personality to those real estate scripts, and you’ll keep getting better and better with each video you create.

    Good Luck!