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Stop fumbling with your words on screen. Seamlessly deliver message with confidence in your videos using BIGVU's free teleprompter app for iPhone.

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Teleprompter App for iPhone

Record Videos Effortlessly Without Memorizing a Single Line

Want to speak flawlessly in your videos without the stress of memorizing any lines? With the BIGVU teleprompter for iPhone, you can not only improve your speech delivery but also build real trust and connection with your audience by maintaining eye contact with them. No need to struggle with endless retakes due to forgotten lines or speech errors.

With your script scrolling in front of you on your iPhone, you can deliver your lines confidently and fluently. This helps you avoid awkward pauses and stumbling over words, making your videos look more professional. So, whether you're a content creator looking or a brand that wants to deliver an impactful message in your videos, BIGVU ensures you do it all with conviction.

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How to Record Videos on iPhone with Teleprompter App

Download and Log into BIGVU App on your iPhone
Download the BIGVU app from the Apple App Store and install it on your Android device. Create your account or sign in to access the teleprompter for free.
Craft a Compelling Video Script to Record
Use our AI Magic Writer to generate a polished video script, or import your own. Once it's ready, it will start scrolling on the teleprompter for you to read.
Set The Teleprompter App Settings
Enhance your video quality by adjusting key teleprompter settings, such as camera angle, scrolling speed, and lighting, to achieve a smooth filming experience.
Hit Record and Start Recording
Once you're ready, just tap the record button. A short 5-second countdown will begin, and then your script will start scrolling on the screen.
Post and Share Your Video with Everyone
Once finished, add captions and styling options to enhance your video. Then share it on all social platforms easily with just one click.

Speak Confidently without Memorizing Video Script

Do you struggle with memorizing video scripts? It feels like an endless battle, with one mistake setting you back. But now, there's a solution—the free BIGVU teleprompter app for your iPhone. No more worrying about forgetting lines or words. The script scrolls smoothly in front of you, allowing you to focus on delivering your message with confidence. Now, you can talk to the camera as if you're talking to a friend, without fumbling your words or remembering your next line.

Speak Confidently without Memorizing Video Script
Speak Confidently without Memorizing Video Script

Build Unshakable Trust with Eye-to-Eye Contact

To build a genuine bond with your viewers, you need to look them in the eyes, even through a screen. The BIGVU teleprompter app makes sure that you always face the camera of your iPhone and speak smoothly without hesitation. It helps you keep your full attention on what matters most. No need to worry about losing your place or stumbling over words anymore. Eye contact is not just nice to have; it's important for making your videos feel genuine and engaging.

Control Your Scrolling Script with a Remote Control

Do you keep your iPhone far from you when recording? If so, it might be difficult for you to adjust the scrolling speed of your script. However, with the BIGVU teleprompter, you can easily pause, speed up, or slow down the script using a bluetooth remote control. This allows you to maintain better eye contact with the camera while reading from the teleprompter from a distance, making your presentations or videos look more professional.

Speak Confidently without Memorizing Video Script
Speak Confidently without Memorizing Video Script

Script and Shoot Videos, Anytime, Anywhere

Wouldn't it be awesome to write your video ideas on your computer when you're most active and then record the video later when you're free? Our free iOS teleprompter allows you to do just that! Write down an engaging script whenever you're feeling super creative, and then, with your iPhone in hand, record it - no matter where you are. The best part is that your scripts are magically saved in the cloud, so you're always ready to shoot videos without any hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best teleprompter app for iPhone?
Does iPhone have a teleprompter app?
How do I read a script while recording on my iPhone?

The BIGVU free teleprompter app for your iPhone allows you to read your script next to the camera. This way, you can always maintain eye contact with the camera without needing to memorize lines or look at notes. No matter how you position your device, our teleprompter will display your script right next to the camera.

Is there a free teleprompter app?
Why should you use a teleprompter?
What are the benefits of using a teleprompter app on the iPhone?
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