Online Teleprompter

Online Teleprompter

Online Teleprompter

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Free Online Teleprompter

Keep your eyes on the camera as you read your script on the screen from the Teleprompter online. No one can tell! Organize your thoughts, avoid rambling and sound like the expert you are,

Join 10 million video makers using the leading teleprompter platform. Available for free as a computer teleprompter or laptop teleprompter on any web browser, no need to download- it's all online. On the go? Use the mobile teleprompter app for Android, iPhone and iPad

Use the Teleprompter for speeches and to record videos. Practice using the Teleprompter with the read-only button. Live stream with Teleprompter for a flawless presentation while your script scrolls. Always look your best with teleprompter beauty filters. Adjust scroll speed, text size and starting point to read at your natural pace with ease.

No need to memorize lines, always know what to say next. It's like having a personal news teleprompter. Just without the cost

Video Tutorial

Follow these steps to read from the online teleprompter:

Enter your video script
Copy-paste or enter your script (at least 50 characters) into the text box of the autocue teleprompter tool.
Choose Reading Speed
Choose your words per minute. The time duration of your speech will appear, allowing you to make sure you are on target with your timing. Launch the teleprompter by clicking on the green button.
Size, Speed and Place
Adjust text size, speed and the starting point (scroll position) so that the settings suit you. You can always pause the Teleprompter by clicking the space bar to adjust these later.
Ready to Read?
Hit the red "record" button to start the teleprompter. Use the space button if you need to pause or adjust setting. Congrats! Awkward pauses and rambling are now a thing of the past.

Resize text on the teleprompter screen

Make your text easy on the eyes, and simple to follow by choosing the optimal text size for you. Use the slider to make the text larger or smaller until you hit your sweet spot.Stop squinting, dropping note cards, and losing your train of thought. Look straight at the camera and connect with your audience. Boom. You've leveled up your presentation game. ‍Tell your story, connect with people, build connections, and see your business grow.

Resize text on the teleprompter screen
Resize text on the teleprompter screen

Adjust script scroller on teleprompter screen

Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. We all have some bloopers and need to pause or take a breather. That's ok. Stop the teleprompter with the space button. When you're ready to start over, simply adjust the scroll position back to where you stopped.Don't lose your train of thought or forget what to say ever again. It's all written down and ready for you to read.

Customize reading speed on teleprompter website

Are you a fast talker? Or maybe sometimes you lag in your words? The teleprompter will ensure that you are talking at a pace that is appropriate for your audience. Slow the teleprompter down or speed it up based on your needs by entering your desired words per minute (WPM)Not sure what your natural words per minute is? Head over to an online speech speed test to figure it out. Choose your reading speed, and the teleprompter will scroll according to your preference. The teleprompter keeps you on pace, speaking clearly, and feeling confident.‍‍

Resize text on the teleprompter screen
Resize text on the teleprompter screen

Script Reader

Were you asked to record a 5 minute video but are worried about going overtime? Use the Teleprompter tool to figure out just how long your video will be.Enter your text, choose the words per minute and see exactly how long it will take to read your script on camera.Say Goodbye to worrying about the timing of your video. Say Hello to getting your message across. It's that easy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a teleprompter?
Does the online teleprompter save my scripts?
Can I record video with the teleprompter app?

Yes! Simply register for free to BIGVU! Once you are logged you can use the Teleprompter while recording.

Who should use a teleprompter?
What are some best practices for using a Teleprompter?
What is BIGVU?
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