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As a content creator, you often need to use your webcam to record videos. Whether it's for virtual meetings, product reviews, news updates, or live streaming from your PC, the opportunities are endless where you rely on your webcam. However, just using a regular webcam recorder is not enough to create professional videos with improved speech delivery and consistent eye contact.

With BIGVU's webcam online recorder that comes with a teleprompter, you can record professional videos in one go. Say goodbye to memorizing scripts; always know what to say next to create top-notch videos and sound natural. Stay on track, speak with clarity, and exude confidence with the teleprompter by your side. Adjust your reading speed and hit the record button to start.

Video Tutorial

How to Record Your Webcam Online?


Enter Your Video Script

Copy-paste or type your script (min. 50 characters) into the text box area.

Customize Settings

Adjust the text size, speed, and starting point of your script.

Start Recording

Hit the record button to launch the teleprompter and start recording with your webcam.

Review, Edit and Share

Spice up your video by adding captions, background music, and more. Then share your masterpiece with your audience.

Customize Your Reading Speed to Speak Fluently

If you speak too fast in videos, you might stumble over your words. If you speak too slowly, your audience might find your videos boring. BIGVU's free webcam video recorder has a teleprompter that helps you adjust your reading pace. It helps you speak fluently and engage your audience. It scrolls the words according to your preference, making you sound natural and confident. You can rehearse your script with the 'read only' option if you're unsure how many words you speak in a minute.

Customize Your Reading Speed to Speak Fluently
Customize Your Reading Speed to Speak Fluently

Reduce Stumbling Over Words or Forgetting Lines

Are you frequently stumbling over words or forgetting your lines while recording with a free webcam recorder? It can make you appear unprofessional. Alternatively, you may have to spend countless hours memorizing your script to get a perfect shot. However, with BIGVU webcam recorder, this is not an issue. It assists you in delivering your script smoothly and confidently by displaying the right text in front of you. Say goodbye to those awkward pauses – with BIGVU, you'll always be on point!

Eliminate Stress and Anxiety Before Recording

Won't you find it super amazing when you already know your script is available on the teleprompter screen so that you can easily read it word by word? Imagine the amount of stress and anxiety you were feeling before because of forgetting lines or going off-script. No one will ever realize that you're reading a script as you'll be maintaining constant eye contact with the camera. BIGVU webcam online recorder helps you to feel relaxed so you can give your best shot.

Customize Your Reading Speed to Speak Fluently
Customize Your Reading Speed to Speak Fluently

Discover Your Recording Duration Beforehand

Have you ever thought about how long your video will be? Imagine having to give a speech or presentation that can't go over 5 minutes. Well, with the teleprompter tool in the BIGVU online webcam recorder, you can see in advance how long your video will be based on the number of words you speak per minute. Just type your text, choose how many words you speak in a minute, and find out exactly how long it will take to present your script on camera. Cool, huh?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I record with my webcam?
Which webcam recorder is best?
How to record video on PC?

Simply hit the red record button to start recording your webcam from your PC.

Can I use BIGVU online webcam recorder for live streaming?
Can I download the webcam recording?
Can I edit my recordings using BIGVU online webcam recorder?
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