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Why struggle to memorize your scripts? Effortlessly record engaging videos with confidence for your viewers with BIGVU's free Android teleprompter app.

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Speak Concisely and Avoid Rambling on Camera

Have you ever stumbled over words while recording a video? With the BIGVU free Android teleprompter app, say goodbye to awkward pauses, and never miss a line again while recording your videos. BIGVU teleprompter app acts as your personal speech coach that ensures you deliver every word with conviction while maintaining eye contact with your audience.

Whether you're a vlogger, business professional, or content creator, our teleprompter app will help you keep your eyes fixed on your Android mobile camera while recording. It helps you build trust and connect more deeply with your viewers. Speaking confidently in videos is crucial, and our teleprompter app will help you deliver your speech professionally without endless retakes.

Video Tutorial

How to Record Perfect Videos with Teleprompter App


Download BIGVU app and Log into Your Account

Download the BIGVU app from the Google Play Store and install it on your Android device. Create your account or sign in to use the teleprompter for free.

‍Create an Engaging Video Script to Shoot

Leverage our AI Magic Writer to get a flawless video script, or paste your own script. Once you have the script, it will start scrolling on our teleprompter.

Adjust The Teleprompter App Settings

Make sure your take is top-notch by tweaking important teleprompter settings—camera position, scroll speed, and exposure—to be on track while filming.

Hit Record

Once ready, hit the record button to read your script from the teleprompter. After a 5-second countdown, the text begins to scroll.

Post and Share Your Video with Everyone

Finished recording? Add some flair with captions, style it up, then publish it across all your social media accounts with just one tap.

Speak with Confidence without Memorizing Script

Ever felt the headache of trying to remember every word of your script for a video? It's tough, right? Hours can slip by, and just one little mistake means starting over. But with the BIGVU teleprompter app for Android, the words you need are right there in front of you – no need to stress over memorizing every line. Isn't it encouraging to know you can focus on delivering your speech with impact rather than juggling lines in your head? That's the beauty of BIGVU teleprompter app.

Speak with Confidence without Memorizing Script
Speak with Confidence without Memorizing Script

Win Your Viewers' Trust with Eye-to-Eye Contact

To build a genuine connection with your audience through your videos, maintaining eye contact is crucial. The BIGVU free teleprompter app ensures you're looking in the right direction, speaking confidently without stammering, and staying focused on the camera. Forget about second-guessing your words, too. Eye contact matters because it makes your videos trustworthy and captivating. Connect with your viewers deeply and enhance the authenticity of your videos with the BIGVU teleprompter app today!

Record Videos on The Go- Anywhere, Anytime

How seamless will it be when you can write your video script comfortably on your desktop and then record on your Android phone with a snap? With BIGVU teleprompter, you can! Create your script when you're feeling most creative on your PC or laptop, then simply grab your phone and start recording—no matter where you are. Your scripts are automatically saved in the cloud, so you're always prepared to record videos with peace of mind and be more productive.

Speak with Confidence without Memorizing Script
Speak with Confidence without Memorizing Script

Enhance Your Look and Shine in Every Frame

Who doesn't love looking their best in videos? We all do! With BIGVU free teleprompter app, enhancing your appearance in videos is as easy as a tap. Think of the filters as your own personal makeup artist, right at your fingertips. Make your skin smoother, say goodbye to wrinkles and blemishes! Touch up your eyebrows and lips, whiten your teeth, reshape your nose, and add soft lighting—our filters do it all. Elevate your video's style effortlessly and make yourself stand out.

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What is BIGVU teleprompter?
What is the best teleprompter app for Android?
How to use teleprompter app?

To use the BIGVU teleprompter on your Android device, simply get your script ready, adjust your settings, and hit record.

Can I use my Android phone as a teleprompter?
Is BIGVU teleprompter free to use?
Why should I use the BIGVU teleprompter?
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