Teleprompter for Live Streaming

Stream live to YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn with the best teleprompter to stream live. Engage your audience direct concise, straight to the point, and authentic personal broadcast directly from your Desktop Prompter or from your iPhone.

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Teleprompter for Live Streaming

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The best way to live stream without any mistakes or rambling.

Are you new to live streaming? Worried about forgetting what you were about to say, messing up on your message, or looking away from the camera? Put away your notes and start using a teleprompter. It’s never been easier to livestream on YouTube, LinkedIn or Facebook.

Simply write your script, adjust the font size and speed on the teleprompter, and read your script as it scrolls down the screen. Engage with your viewers live without all the fumbles and struggles of an impromptu performance. Thanks to the teleprompter you’ll deliver without rambling, muttering or looking away from the camera

Video Tutorial

How to Live Stream with a Teleprompter:


Create a Script

Click on the "New Script" button. Create a script using AI or from scratch.

Click the Live Streaming button

Click on the blue Live Streaming button, located to the right of your script box.

Adjust Teleprompter Settings

Adjust font size, scrolling speed and window size. Decide if you would like the teleprompter to pause on silence, connect a remote or add beauty filters.

Select Social Media Channel and Write Caption

Choose if you would like to live stream on YouTube, Facebook or LinkedIn. Enter the title and description text for your post on the selected Social Channel.

Start Live Video

Smile! - Click on "Start Live Video" to start the Live session. Your text will start scrolling when the connection is established with your chosen social channel.

Shhh... No one will know you are reading

When you livestream, every minute counts! Keep eye contact with the camera and make sure you hit all your key points by reading s script as it scrolls on the screen. The days of taping a piece of paper on your screen, looking down at notes or just winging it are over. Wow your viewers with your confidence and build trust with direct eye contact.

Shhh... No one will know you are reading
Shhh... No one will know you are reading

Live Stream with Teleprompter App

Want to go live on your mobile phone? We've got you covered. Use the BIGVU iOS mobile app to livestream with a teleprompter directly from your mobile phone. Write your script on your desktop or mobile phone and then shoot on the mobile teleprompter.

Use Teleprompter Live on Facebook, LinkedIn or YouTube

Connect your social channels to BIGVU and livestream using the Teleprompter. Connect up to 20 social media accounts and post your videos with one tap to all accounts at once. Analyze your video's performance in one centralized dashboard.

Shhh... No one will know you are reading
Shhh... No one will know you are reading

One Subscription for all your video needs

Are you losing track of all your subscriptions? Say goodbye to multiple apps, video editors, social media experts, and freelancers. In one app, script, shoot, style, and share your video. Take it beyond adding subtitles. Style your video with a split screen, layout, zoom, and background replacement. Then, share your video to social media in one tap or send a video email. All the tools you need to grow clients, your brand authority, and your social media following are in the palm of your hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to live stream on YouTube with a Teleprompter?
What is the difference between BIGVU and streaming services like StreamYard?
Can I livestream on tiktok with the teleprompter?

No, currently live streaming on TikTok with BIGVU teleprompter is unavailable.

How to stream from phone with a teleprompter?
Is BIGVU free?
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