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Don't worry about what to say. Generate ideas and the scripts with the Magic Writer!

Choose a template
Are looking to pitch your business, close a sales deal or share tips with your followers? The AI Magic Writers creates templates for those topics, and more!
Describe yourself
Describe who you are and what you would like to talk about. All the AI Magic Writer needs is a few words to get started.
Choose your script
The AI Magic Writer will generate several scripts for you to choose from or edit (if needed). You're almost done and on your way to a completed video!
Shoot the video
Start recording! The script will scroll up your screen as you read it like a pro. You'll be looking straight at the camera, just like on the news!
Get ideas for scripts

Say goodbye to writer's block and hello to automatic productivity!

We've been there. Hours of thinking what to say and how to say it.

Use your time to promote your video instead of organizing your thoughts. In a few steps, you'll have a professional script in the tone you want, crafted to your needs.

The AI Magic writer writes each video script according to the type of video you are making. There are templates for the perfect business pitch, sales proposal, news update, or industry tips video. Even if you want to rewrite an existing script in a different tone, the Magic AI Writer has you covered.
Experience the Magic!

Script, Shoot, Style,Share!

You'll never need multiple platforms for video marketing again.

The AI magic writer will create several options for scripts. Choose your favorite, edit (if needed), and start recording!

Shoot: The script will scroll up your screen while you read, keeping you looking straight at the camera with confidence.

Style: Use the BIGVU suite of best editing tools to brand and style your video. Elegant captions, auto-trimming, backgrounds, and so much more!

Share: Now that your video is complete, it's a cinch to share. With a click of a button, your video will be published on all your social media platforms.

Which type of script will the
Magic AI writer create for you ?

Pitch Your Business
Create the perfect pitch to express who you are and what you do.  Close more business deals and establish yourself as an expert.
Sales Video Letter
Connect with future clients in a way they will never forget. Your personalized sales pitch script will be uploaded to the teleprompter right away. Get more leads and make more money.
Share the News!
Don’t share old and irrelevant information. Keep your audience up to date with the latest trends by using the BIGVU AI writer. You’ll become their go-to for the hottest news.

Artificial Intelligence Scripting

Just received a new listing on a house? Have the dish on the hottest industry news? Don't wait hours thinking about what to say.
Jump on our AI Magic Writer, and in seconds, you'll have a script ready to go.

Create a complete professional video in your car, on the fly, and in real time. The AI Magic Writer is available on your computer or mobile phone. So you can create tons of personal scripts about everything—and anywhere!

You don't need fancy equipment or to pay a video editor to have quality content for your brand. All you need is the BIGVU app to get started!

Why use BIGVU for video script and not Chat GPT

We took OpenAI GPT (the platform that powers ChatGPT) and combined it with other AI algorithms. We built this feature for video makers, giving it a clear advantage over any other generic AI tool.

Also, when you use the AI Magic Writer, you'll never need to leave the BIGVU app to create and publish a video. We have all you need from start to finish. Scripting, recording, editing, and sharing are all part of the BIGVU one-stop shop!
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"I've been blown away by the power of BIGVU AI Magic Writer. It's amazing how this AI-powered tool can create professional video scripts in just seconds"
Jenna M.
Life and Wellness Coach
"With its user-friendly interface, anyone can create engaging and informative content without any prior writing experience. I no longer waste hours trying to come up with the perfect script."
Alex J.
" "BIGVU Magic Writer has completely revolutionized my video creation process, making it effortless and efficient. I highly recommend this tool to anyone looking to save time and elevate their video content."
Anna D.

We've checked. It works

Our data clearly shows the people who used the AI script to video:

1. 1.6X more likely to finish a video they started
2. Post 2.3X more often
3. Create 2X the amount of projects

Join thousands who use the BIGVU AI Magic Writer scriptwriting tool to engage their audience, close bigger deals, and build their brand!
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