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BIGVU’s popular teleprompter app for iPhone, iPad, or Android allows you to record and edit attention-grabbing videos:
- Record videos while simultaneously using a teleprompter for video on your mobile device or computer
- Adjust teleprompter text size, speed, and position
Write or upload scripts and repurpose them later as subtitles
- Let the teleprompter app pause automatically on silence.  
- Edit script, trim words, customize backgrounds, add captions and apply your visual brand
- Ready to record confidently using a teleprompter app?
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Inspire Your Audience
Teleprompter for video

Confidence is crucial when building or maintaining relationships with your viewers online.
- Whether a pro or a beginner, memorizing scripts is hard and can get the better of us: recording a quick video can take you hours of memorizing or redoing repeatedly to make sure we seem confident or ensure we don’t babble.
- Skip ahead of these anticipated stresses and straightaway to delivering messages confidently and concisely.
- No more memorizing scripts for hours, using cue cards, awkwardly looking at the ceiling, or using excessive fillers that don’t build trust with your audience.
- Establish connection easily by making eye contact and speaking concisely using BIGVU’s teleprompter app
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Customize Your
Reading Comfort

Fine-tune your teleprompter for video to perfectly fit how you shoot. Customize settings for your display size, the position of the camera, your distance from the device, desired speaking speed, and more.BIGVU lets you adjust text sizes easily so you can shoot at any distance and either in portrait or landscape orientation. Customize where the text appears on the screen, allowing you to look where the camera is.
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Free Teleprompter for Mac, or Windows.

Video creators are great at speaking on the fly, without preparing a script in advance. For the rest of us, who likes to read from a script… BIGVU’s teleprompter makes it easy to record yourself reading a script.

The built-in teleprompter is available on Mac and Windows without the need to subscribe to any paid plans. This makes it easy for storytellers to use the teleprompter from the web.

If you’re looking to record a video with a teleprompter, you can definitely do so using your laptop. There’s no need to download any special apps - everything is available on the web. Just make sure that your computer has a webcam and microphone, and you’ll be good to go!
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Craft concise messages from the comfort of your computer

Stop rumbling, say it concisely with the BIGVU Teleprompter.BIGVU Teleprompter is the perfect app for anyone looking to record videos with a teleprompter. You can write or upload your scripts, record, trim and style your videos all from your desktop! BIGVU makes creating professional-quality videos easy and fun.

How do you not look like you’re reading a script? if you’re struggling with using a teleprompter, don’t worry - we’ve all been there! That’s why BIGVU has a new tool that lets you test your script on the teleprompter, without actually making a recording. It’s called (Read only), and it’s perfect for practicing before you start recording.
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Adjust to your cadence.

Has anyone told you that you speak too fast? Pace by adjusting your teleprompter app speed to help your readers understand you better.

Don’t worry about constantly changing lighting as you record; BIGVU’s exposure lock got you covered.
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Pause and resume seamlessly with the Teleprompter App

While You Shoot, you no longer have to manually press pause or play on your teleprompter when applying the power of silence when speaking.
To focus on your message, BIGVU teleprompter for video will automatically pause and play the teleprompter app when you stop and resume speaking.
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"I do a lot of auditions and I do a lot of castings on-camera self tape, BIGVU helps me a lot with getting the scripts up, getting them read, getting all my lines correct… It’s amazing!"
"Whether you're building a personal brand or you're an entrepreneur building a company you look way more professional and it's easier to make clear points."
Tim Brown
CEO at Hook Agency
"I have to take BTS Videos and it is complete hell, writing a text, memorizing it, rumbling and much more… So I'm so grateful for BIGVU, I don’t know how I missed it before but it’s a life changer and a time-saver!"
Esin Aydingoz
Film Composer
"With the push of a button my words are instantly sink to match exactly what I’m saying in video"
Social Media Influencer
"Complete Game Changer on all fronts! So Nice work BIGVU, I really appreciate it"
Brad Cooper
"Manually typing out what you say word for word is exhausting. Trust me I’ve been there…. BIGVU doesn’t make you do that. With one tap you can add captions that perfectly sync with your narration!"
Christiana Austin

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I use my iPad as a teleprompter?
Is there a free teleprompter app?
BIGVU is a free teleprompter/autocue service

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