Video Sales Letter (VSL)

Create a personalized sales video script based on your recipient’s description or LinkedIn Profile. Connect with future clients in a way they will never forget.

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Send a personal video that closes deals.

Are you sending emails to potential clients, and it's just...crickets? Get their attention with a tailored sales video. Using video is the most effective way to create trust and grab attention. But, how can you make sure it is truly personal, without spending hours creating the video?

We've got you covered. Simply enter their LinkedIn Profile or description in the AI Script Writer Generator. A script for a sales pitch that matches their interests and needs with be created in seconds.

Then record your script with confidence using the Teleprompter, avoiding unending retakes. Make your video look professional with a array of video editing tools. Add automatic captions, zoom, background replacement and music with the simple drag and drop interface.

When your video is ready your can send the personalized video via email or messaging, with a catchy thumbnail. Stop being ghosted and engage your sales leads effectively. Build trust with your prospects and grow your business faster than ever with a AI Video Sales Letter Generator.

Video Tutorial

How to create a Video Sales Letter?


Open the AI Script Writer

Click "New Script" on the project page and then choose "AI Rewrite”.


Choose the length and tone of voice of the script. Tick the box to use Information from LinkedIn and paste the URL link of the LinkedIn profile of your sales target or prospect.


Watch as your blog is transformed into a video script. Choose from one of the three scripts we’ll suggest and edit as needed.


Record your script while it scrolls on the screen from the teleprompter. Record from your mobile device or desktop- wherever works for you.

Style and Send

Transform your video by adding automatic captions, music, and overlay images. With just one tap, you can easily share your video by embedding a thumbnail in an email or message.

Get personal with information from LinkedIn

Are you spending countless hours researching every prospect just to tailor your sales pitch to their interests? Look no further! With just a LinkedIn Profile URL, you can receive a custom sales pitch that is tailored to your prospect's interests and experiences. And if your prospect doesn't have a LinkedIn profile, or if the pitch is for a group of people, simply provide a brief description, and we'll handle the rest. Personalize your sales pitches and say hello to increased conversions and sales.

Get personal with information from LinkedIn
Increase video sales conversions with a landing page

Increase video sales conversions with a landing page

Transform your video into a web page with your video at the center, a personalized headline, your logo, and a call to action button. With one click, craft an email with your video’s thumbnail that direct to the video’s landing page. Keep track of your success. See how many people clicked on your video sales letter, watched your video, or clicked on the CTA.

Go beyond the talking head

Make your video stand out with video editing tools anyone can use- that means you too. Style your video with split screens, automatic captions, image and video layovers, zoom, music and background replacement.

Go beyond the talking head


Are you losing track of all your subscriptions? Say goodbye to multiple apps, video editors, social media experts, and freelancers. In one app, script, shoot, style, and share your video. Take it beyond adding subtitles. Style your video with a split screen, layout, zoom, and background replacement. Then, share your video to social media in one tap or send a video email. All the tools you need to grow clients, your brand authority, and your social media following are in the palm of your hand.

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Is it free to create a VSL on BIGVU?
Is it free to create a VSL on BIGVU?
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