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Spend less time memorizing your video scripts! Shine on screen by using BIGVU's free teleprompter app for iPad to read your lines on a large screen.

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Ever found yourself in a situation to shoot a video while you're away from your home or studio? You know the drill: lugging around bulky cameras and teleprompter gear isn't practical. And using your phone as a teleprompter? Forget it – the screen's too small to read from a distance. Luckily, BIGVU offers a free teleprompter for iPad that can solve this problem for you.

If you're using an iPad, the BIGVU teleprompter app allows you to read your script on a larger screen. It helps you maintain eye contact, even from a distance. With the iPad app, you can record dynamic videos with a bigger frame. It's great for showcasing a home, working out, cooking, or unboxing. It makes recording these types of videos easier compared to on your mobile devices.

Video Tutorial

How to Record Videos on iPad with Teleprompter App


Download BIGVU App‍

Download the BIGVU app from the App Store and install it on your iPad. Sign in to your account or create a new one to access the teleprompter feature for free.

Create Script‍

Use the AI Writer to get a polished video script or import your own. Once the script is ready, it will automatically scroll on the teleprompter screen.

Adjust The Settings of Your iPad Teleprompter

To achieve a top-notch recording experience, be sure to adjust some of the important teleprompter settings like camera position, scroll speed, exposure, and more.


Press the record button to read your script from your iPad teleprompter. The text will start scrolling after a brief 5-second countdown.

Publish Your Video

After recording, spice up your video with captions, music, and visuals. Then, easily share it on all your social media platforms with just one tap.

A Portable Option for Shooting Outdoors

If you're a content creator or a brand, there may be times when you need to shoot outside of your home or studio. Carrying a heavy physical teleprompter and cameras is not always convenient. And using mobile teleprompters outdoors isn't always practical due to their small screens. But with the BIGVU teleprompter for your iPad, you can now read your script comfortably on a large screen without the need for bulky equipment. Enjoy the convenience of shooting on the go with ease!

A Portable Option for Shooting Outdoors
A Portable Option for Shooting Outdoors

Get Details in Every Shot, Confidence in Every Word

Do you often shoot dynamic videos where you're speaking and simultaneously showing off certain things like a new property, working out in a gym, cooking, or unboxing an item? Using a teleprompter for such videos on mobile is not feasible because it cannot cover a wider frame due to its smaller size. However, on your iPad, with the help of the free BIGVU teleprompter app, you can easily record dynamic videos with a larger frame by connecting it to a gimbal or tripod.

Advanced Customizations for a Polished Video

With BIGVU's teleprompter for iPad, you can create short TikTok videos, Instagram reels, and longer 4K YouTube videos. Switching between landscape and portrait mode is easy by simply rotating your iPad. Adjust the scrolling speed with the slider to read at your natural pace. This helps your viewers understand you better. Resize the text window in the teleprompter and choose a comfortable font size based on your distance from the camera. This helps you maintain natural eye contact.

A Portable Option for Shooting Outdoors
A Portable Option for Shooting Outdoors

Speak Confidently with Natural Pauses

Do you find it annoying when you want to take pauses while recording, but the teleprompter script keeps scrolling? With the BIGVU teleprompter on iPad, you have the option to pause the teleprompter when you're silent. This allows you to take natural pauses in your videos, resulting in improved speech delivery and a more confident sound. Additionally, if you happen to lose eye contact with the camera, you can easily fix it later with the AI eye contact auto-fix feature.

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What is the teleprompter app for iPad with remote control?

The BIGVU teleprompter allows you to control it on iPad using a bluetooth remote control.

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