Real Estate Video Marketing

75% of real estate videos include captions

72% of videos are filmed vertically

67% add personal brand logos

26% add background music

On average, Real Estate Agents record over 10 videos each week

The average realtor video is 50 seconds long!

(From BIGVU Research, 2023)
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Automatic Video Captions

75% of Real Estate videos include captions.

When you create a video without captions, you are missing out on the thousands of potential clients that are scrolling through their feed at school, ,work, on the bus, etc.

Also, studies show that captions grab attention and make videos more memorable. They can also help you showcase a house clearly if there is background noise or reach an audience in a different language.

Using  BIGVU's Automatic Captions tool allows you to add captions quickly. The tool generates captions from your voice in the video, so you don't have to fuss with typing captions.
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Use a Scriptwriting Tool

Creating a script before shooting a promotional video is important for realtors. Here's why 75% of realtors create one before recording a video:

Don't forget key points such as house features or your realtor qualifications

Concentrate on connecting with your audience instead of struggling what to say

Know that your message is on target and you sound professional

Use a scriptwriting tool such as the
Magic AI Scriptwriter. Create a professionally written script, so that you sound like an expert

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How often should you post Real Estate videos?

On average, Real Estate agents record and edit over ten videos each week!

You can create videos about house listings, neighborhood tours, or the latest trends in real estate. We've created a list of topic ideas and ideas for different types of videos you can create.

Posting consistent content keeps your audience engaged.
More engagement = more visibility= more deals.

Head over to BIGVU Magic Writer for more ideas for videos. Use the scriptwriting tool to create a list of tips or news to share.
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The top social media platforms for sharing videos

Instagram is in the lead and TikTok is gaining momentum

As of January 2023:
74% of realtors post videos on Instagram
55% post on YouTube Shorts
58% on Facebook Stories.
Currently only 47% post on TikTok.

Not all realtors are using TikTok yet. However, the platform is gaining popularity. This may present an excellent opportunity for realtors to reach a larger audience, with less competition.
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How to put a logo in your video?

67% of real estate agents add a brand logo to their video.

Videos get shared from person to person. Even if your video is insanely good, if your logo and contact details aren't on it, how will prospective sellers find you?

Add your logo, title, and contact details easily using a video editor such as BIGVU. When you record a video with a logo, your face is instantly recognizable as your brand. Make sure to take the full potential of your video marketing.

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Which direction should you hold your phone?

72% Of Real Estate Videos Are Filmed Initially Vertically

That means that realtors hold the phone lengthwise while recording a video. However, not all videos stay in the directions they are filmed. By using an editing app, you can change the aspect ratio of a video.

This is important since depending on where you share your video, you may need a different size. For example, for an Instagram story, you'll likely prefer to keep your video vertical. However, for an Instagram post a square video will look better.

Try recording or uploading a video to BIGVU. Then, change the aspect ratio to fit your needs- to square, vertical or horizontal.
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Real Estate Social Media

What should you speak about on social media?

The top subject that realtors speak about on camera are Real Estate Tips (36.2%),

Here are some of the most frequent tips :
When is the best time to buy?
Interest rates
How to get the best sales agreement
Buying your first home - how to prepare
The current status of the local market
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Real estate mortgage video

Nearly 9% of realtors create videos about mortgages and loans
This is a type of tips video, but more specific to loans and mortgages. 
Here are the most popular subjects:

What is buydown
What is trigger rate
How to approach taking a mortgage
Credit scores
Buying a house - how to plan in advance
Locking your mortgage (rate lock)
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