Follow Up Boss - How to Use this Real Estate CRM to Convert Leads Into Deals

Md. Asif Rahman
Md. Asif Rahman
Certified Writer, Content Creator and Tech Expert

Are you looking for a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system that will take your real estate agency to the next level? Follow Up Boss is one of the most popular platforms on the market for realtors as it comes with all the features you need to streamline your management processes. 

But is the platform worth the hype? That’s what you can find out in this post. We’ve provided all the information you need about Follow Up Boss CRM so you can decide if it’s right for your real estate business. We explain what a CRM really is and how it can help you convert leads into deals!

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Table of Contents:

    What is a Real Estate CRM?

    A real estate CRM platform is specifically designed for realtors to manage their relationships with their clients. Depending on the software you use, you can streamline your workflow, and optimize sales and marketing goals. In this section, we explain all the tasks you can complete with a real estate CRM system. Make sure to read through this blog to learn how you can use a CRM to stay in touch with clients, but not lose your personal touch!

    Manage Customer Information 

    It’s important to have a comprehensive real estate CRM so you can stay in touch with hundreds of contacts. As a realtor, you’ll have a centralized platform where you can store and organize client information such as contact details and property preferences.

    Additionally, you can manage your interactions with clients and make sure no important follow-ups or tasks are missed. 

    Keeps you Connected 

    A CRM allows you to track all communications with your clients including meetings, emails, and text messages. You’ll have a complete history of your interactions so it’s easier to follow up with clients and provide personalized services. 

    Streamline Reporting 

    A quality real estate CRM system will allow you to customize your reporting tasks. You can then create your reports based on specific criteria such as property types, sales performance, or client demographics. You can then focus your attention on specific insights you need to track information and analyze data. 

    Automate Marketing Campaigns

    With a proper CRM system, you can create targeted email campaigns and automate sending these emails to leads in your contact list. Set up triggers based on criteria such as new leads or dates like birthdays or anniversaries. 

    You can also create drip campaigns or automate social media content with certain types of real estate CRMs to advertise your agency.     

    Gain Insight into Customer Behavior 

    A realtor CRM tool allows you to track your clients’ interests. You can track the properties your clients are interested in by monitoring their property searches or saved listings. This information gives you valuable insights into their preferences, such as location and the types of properties they like.  

    Follow Up Boss CRM Features

    Follow Up Boss is a CRM tool that allows realtors to successfully manage their leads, automate follow-ups, and streamline the sales process. We did a full test of this CRM platform to see if it’s worth your time and money.  

    Logging In 

    Although Follow Up Boss has a 14-day free trial, we seemed to struggle logging into the account. This seems to be a common problem for other users. You can either log in with your Gmail or Microsoft Office accounts. We had to contact support to assist us. 

    iPhone and Android Apps

    Realtors are always on the go, so it’s important for them to have a CRM that they can access whether they're in the office or on the road. Fortunately, Follow Up Boss has an intuitive app for iOS and Android users. You can then access client information no matter where you are. 

    7-Day-a-Week Reports 

    Follow Up Boss has a comprehensive reporting system that’s beneficial for all team sizes. With the 7-day-a-week reporting system, you can track activities and even find areas you can improve on. You also get Agent Activity Reports so you can see your team’s performance. 

    Report options include: 

    • Calls
    • Emails 
    • Text messages 
    • Counts on new leads 
    • Quantity of leads that have been assigned 
    • Appointments with potential leads 
    • Tasks that have been completed 

    You can then download your reports and send them to the relevant team members. This report can be viewed for the next 7 days of communicating or bringing in new leads. 

    Unlimited Calling, Texting, and Emailing

    As a realtor, you need a platform that allows you to communicate with leads and existing clients in a variety of ways. You also need a tool that’s not going to limit the number of emails or texts you can send. With Follow Up Boss, you get unlimited texting, emailing, and calling capabilities.   

    Customized Lead Distribution 

    With Follow Up Boss you can manage your lead distribution on one convenient platform so you don’t have to use multiple software. It’s also easier to add and remove agents from the list. You can also set rules that automatically distribute leads to agents in an area. 

    Follow Up Boss allows you to distribute leads using the name of a town or a ZIP code in an area. 

    Automated Client Engagement 

    You can engage with your leads with little effort using automation technology offered by Follow Up Boss. Set up automated text messages or drip emails to all your leads. With automation, you can ensure that all leads get immediate responses from your team. 

    What’s more, you can personalize your messages so you can increase your conversion rates. Lastly, create a checklist to streamline your processes and inform your team to reach out to leads.

    200+ Lead Integrations 

    With Follow Up Boss you can pull leads from over 200 sources so you can connect with clients on one platform. You can integrate popular platforms like Mailchimp, Google Calendar, and Zapier. What’s more, you can integrate your real estate website for better lead nurturing 

    Phone and Email Support 

    Follow Up Boss claims to provide excellent customer support. However, when we experienced a problem with logging in, we didn’t get an immediate response to fix the problem. So support services are quite slow. 

    For faster communication, you may want to phone Follow Up Boss between 8 am and 8 pm for assistance. They do have an FAQ section on their site that you can visit, to get answers to commonly asked questions. 

    Who Should Use this CRM and Who Shouldn’t

    Follow Up Boss is a CRM platform for real estate agents who want to provide superior customer service. Additionally, it’s for agents who want to convert their internet leads and make smart marketing decisions based on data. 

    On the other hand, Follow Up Boss is not for any real estate agency that generates less than 30 leads per month or runs their business like a hobby. It’s also not for anyone who doesn’t follow up on their internet leads.


    • Over 200 lead integrations 
    • Intuitive interface 
    • Optimizes lead management 
    • Provides automation services 
    • User-friendly apps for iOS and Android 


    • It's not easy to log into the account 
    • Support can be slow 
    • Their pricing plan is defintely on the pricier side.

    Follow Up Boss Pricing

    Follow Up Boss does provide a 14-day free trial. Thereafter, you can choose one of three plans: 

    1. Grow: $69 per month per user 
    2. Pro: $499 per month for 10 users
    3. Platform: $1000 per month for 30 users 

    On the Grow plan you can spend an extra $39 to add a dialer. For the Pro plan, you can add extra users for $49 a month. If you want to add more users to the Platform plan you’ll be charged an extra $20 a month. 

    The cheapest plan has limited features while the Platform option has all the features provided by the Grow and Pro plans plus additional options.  

    Automate Emails

    One of the best ways to bring in more leads to your real estate agency is to automate your emails. Follow Up Boss does have this feature, but you need to make sure that your videos are truly professional and engaging.

    Use a platform like BIGVU to create a video that wows your lead. Then, easily embed it into your email generated on your Real Estate CRM for a truly personal touch.  Here’s how you can embed videos in your automated emails using BIGVU.

    Embed Videos in Your Email Using BIGVU Video Pages

    You can personalize your mass emails using videos to showcase houses or promote services from your real estate agency. Unlike other built-in video messaging software in Follow Up Boss, BIGVU offers so much more: 

    1. Create a “sales pitch” or “my business profile” using the AI Magic Writer. This tool automatically writes a professional script based on the information you provide. 

    2. Record your video using BIGVU’s convenient teleprompter. It’s important to use a teleprompter when making videos so you don’t stumble on your words and your message is clear. Click on the Read and Record option to record your video while reading.

    3. When you’re done recording, you can embed the video in your email using BIGVU. Simply click on the video you’ve created under the Pages Tab on your dashboard. You can then make edits to your page by clicking on it.

    4. To share your video click on the Share By Email option. Then copy the thumbnail and paste it into your email.

    5. Using the BIGVU video option instead of sending it via link or attachment makes your emails more personalized and it generates more traffic to your real estate website.

    6. If you want to just hyperlink the video you can click on your video under the Projects tab and then select Edit. Click on the three dots next to your video and then select Embed or Share Link. Then paste or hyperlink it into your email.

    7. Once you’re done making your video page via BIGVU you can send your email to all your leads.


    As you can see, Follow Up Boss is a convenient and user-friendly CRM that allows you to bring in more leads. However, if you’re looking for a smart way to convert leads into deals, then we suggest personalizing your email by embedding your real estate video using BIGVU’s tools. 

    Go ahead, and try creating your own personal video message!