Repurpose your Streamyard podcast into engaging videos

Keisha Washington
Keisha Washington
Video Creator and Marketing Coach

Do you have a personal brand?

No, I don't mean where you prefer to shop for clothes, but rather:

Does your name evoke recognition amongst clients and peers?
Are you viewed as an authority in your field?
Do you come across as trustworthy and knowledgable?

Building a personal brand is a non-stop project, but one that can be extremely valuable in a competitive work environment. You'll be top of mind for clients, prospects and potential job offers.

There are a variety of way to build your personal brand, such as posting regularly posting on social media or writing comprehensive blogs.

One of the leading ways to being perceived as an authority in your field is by creating or joining podcasts.

I’ve subscribed to several SaaS products solely based on the podcast episodes their CEOs got featured in. 

However, podcasting isn’t a walk in the park.

There’s the recording, coordination, editing, and so on. That is where platforms such as StreamYard come into play. It’s an all-in-one live-streaming platform that simplifies your podcasting experience. 

However, the real magic in reaping the benefits of podcasting lies in content repurposing. Instead of one and done content, you can turn your podcast recording into bite-sized, engaging clips.

Ready to build your personal brand and grab attention? I thought so. Let's dive in!

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Table of Contents:

    What is StreamYard in a Nutshell

    Live streaming, podcasts, and webinars are StreamYard’s bread and butter.

    The platform features a web-based recording studio that promises studio-quality recordings. Got a choppy internet connection? No problem. During your live streams, StreamYard records local audio and video files for high-quality output production.

    Moreover, StreamYard also offers white labeling and lets you personalize the platform with your brand logo and custom colors.

    What's missing from Streamyard

    While StreamYard is fantastic for live streaming, the content repurposing features aren’t the best. StreamYard only features basic video trimming tools and doesn’t help create mind-boggling short-sized videos that wow your viewers.

    65% of marketers firmly believe content repurposing is the most cost-effective strategy for growing a personal brand. Additionally, 48% claim repurposing content is a better time investment than creating new content.

    The key element of repurposed content is the “catchiness” factor. When you’re scrolling through countless reels on Instagram, something needs to pop up for you to take notice.

    BIGVU helps you impart the WOW factor.

    Exploring How BIGVU Shines for Content Repurposing

    BIGVU features several awesome tools to make your Instagram reels and YouTube shorts pop.

    Trim with WordTrim

    With attention spans at an all-time low, you have seconds to impress viewers. Well, BIGVU has you covered.

    The BIGVU editor helps you create videos by trimming your longer video according to the words in your transcript. Simply choose the words you would like to your video to start and end with!

    Create multiple clips from your uploaded Streamyard video. Then, it's time to for the fun part- styling your video to really make it pop!

    Caption Styling

    I’m not talking about bland subtitles that you’d find on a NatGeo documentary but catchy and vibrant subtitles that engage viewers. 

    With BIGVU ,you can take subtitle customization to a whole new level. Choose from BIGVU's different caption themes to nail that first impression with viewers.

     Short video are taking social media by storm. With influencers such as Andrew Tate or Alex Hormozi, fast and dynamic captions played a massive role in the hype surrounding their videos.

    And the stats don’t lie.

    80% of viewers prefer subtitles and are more likely to finish watching a video with captions on.

    Well, what if you don’t have a transcript? BigVu knocks this one out of the park thanks to auto-captioning. The platform leverages AI to generate transcripts and automatically syncs your newly generated captions into your podcast clips.

    One Click Social Media Publishing

    Share your repurposed content across all your social media platforms in one click. BigVu also adds scheduling to the mix! You could also schedule social media posts and let BigVu do its magic.

    Think about it.

    You could break down an hour-long podcast into several bite-sized chunks and automate the whole publishing process to generate engagement on auto-pilot!

    Lastly, BigVu also tracks your social media handles and presents a beautiful summary of your follower stats.

    Super Simple UI

    Video editing doesn’t have to be complicated. BigVu takes the sting out of video editing by introducing a drag-and-drop interface that lets you edit and export videos in clicks.

    Synergizing StreamYard with BIGVU

    The bottom line is that podcasting and content repurposing are essential to growing your personal brand or business.

    Regarding podcasting or live streaming, StreamYard does the heavy lifting for you regarding the optimal recording infrastructure for studio-level quality.

    After recording your podcast, BIGVU is your all-star editing assistant in creating short-form videos that get viewers hooked. With BIGVUs editing firepower, you could convert a single podcast episode into multiple viral clips to boost your brand’s online presence.


    Where can I find StreamYard's login?

    You can login to StreamYard here:

    What is StreamYard's pricing?

    Pricing ranges from the Free plan, Starter Plan for $19/mo and the Professional Plan for $49/mo.

    Can I play video live on StreamYard?

    Yes, you can upload pre-recorded videos to StreamYard and the play them during your podcast.

    Why use two tools for podcast recording?

    StreamYard is great for recording, while BIGVU helps you generate countless short-form videos for content redistribution. 

    Does BIGVU have streaming capabilities?

    Yes, BigVu offers a powerful live-streaming teleprompter for you to broadcast directly from your desktop to social media channels.

    How is BIGVU better than StreamYard at content repurposing?

    StreamYard’s content repurposing is quite fundamental, with merely video trimming features. To capture the attention of today’s Gen Z social media users, you need an extra zing - which BIGVU brings to the table thanks to immersive video editing and catchy captions.

    Does BIGVU have a free plan?

    Yes, you can get started for free. Sign up and check our platform out today.

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