Automatic subtitles

BIGVU automatic captions app feature is designed to create sensational automatic captions video for Instagram and any other social platform.

Get ready to stand out and leave an impactful message for your audience.
Generate burnt-in auto-captions
Shoot and edit videos on your phone or computer
Auto-translate your automatic captions to various languages
Access stunning caption templates, add your branding, and more

Accurate Subtitles Generated In A Heartbeat

Transcribing can be exhausting when you do it manually and can be expensive when getting help from transcribers or other captioning software. BIGVU will let you focus on creating unique content while taking on the tedious work of captioning for you.That’s right, BIGVU automatically transcribes your narration into texts. Simply shoot a video in BIGVU or upload an existing copy, and voila! Automatic Captions are immediately synced in your narration.Do you have scripts prepared previously? Showcase your beautifully written scripts by uploading them and BIGVU syncs them automatically with your narration

Translate in one click
to many languages Pronto

After you upload or record a video in BIGVU, click on the automatic captions feature, and choose the language you intend to translate it in. A translation will be delivered and synced automatically on your storyboard in no time. BIGVU takes off the burden of having to hire translation services or auto-caption apps for you.

Design Captions That Captivate Your Audience

Steer clear from dull-looking subtitles. With dynamic visuals, the audience is inspired to watch your video from start to finish. Beautifying captions is usually complex work, but BIGVU keeps its editing feature light and easy for you:- Highlight words quickly by double-tapping them when making lasting points.- There’s no need to smash the play and pause button when tweaking your spellings. Simply choose words you want to modify in the storyboard, edit them, and sync the real-time changes.- Control how the caption spacing looks to avoid awkward hyphens in between words and sentence lines.

Since switching from a fairly basic but professional level teleprompter to using the BIGVU teleprompter on my phone. I’ve been able to produce far more content and grow my business much faster than I ever thought possible.

Sharif Jacobsen

Video Presenter

Style Captions That Stay True to Your Identity

BIGVU lets you add personality to videos through automatic captions. Incorporate your visual identity by selecting your font and color choices. Alternately, you can be inspired by choosing from an array of stunning pre-made subtitle themes in BIGVU’s library if you are still figuring out your style. Motion tilting lets you add overlays of brand logo and headline, place them anywhere on your screen to make it look professionally made. Want to add intensity to your styled subtitles? A pleasing background setting complements your narration. BIGVU can replace your background if needed.BIGVU subtitle feature is designed to create sensational video captions for Instagram and any other social platform. Get ready to stand out and leave an impactful message for your audience.