Stand out with elegant animated titles automatically created

Display titles for viewing when sound is mute.
BIGVU automatically transcribes your video into a storyboard with subtitles in sync with your narration.
BIGVU automatically overlays titles with multiple colors and character style as seen on popular Instagram or TikTok videos.
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Make your videos speak even when the sound is off.

1. Record or Import File

Record your video on BIGVU, with a teleprompter or import a file, either on your computer or mobile phone; 

2. Generate Transcript

 Your video will be automatically transcribed, and subtitles are then automatically synced in your narration.

3. Edit Subtitles

Your captions are displayed in a storyboard to make changes if necessary.. Edit scene by scene to make your subtitles more readable or fix any typo,

4. Colour with themes

Choose from a stunning array of themes and templates to make your captions look attractive, highlight words for emphasis, and overlay your visual branding.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are closed-captions and burned-in subtitles?
How many languages do you support for automatic subtitling?
Can I change color and fonts to match my company's branding ?
Can I import a video file for automatic transcription ? What is the maximum length?
Is there a limit on videos that I can add captions to?
What are the pricing plans to add subtitles?

Share to all social media channels at once!

Track your success through reach and engagement figures. Gain insight into what works and what doesn't work and how each post performs.
Share your finished videos to all of your social media platforms with one click — YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

It can be tough to keep track of your social media following. But with BIGVU, you can easily see how many new followers you’ve gained, lost and engaged with. This way, you can focus on growing your audience and engagement
on social media!
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Automatic subtitles
Elegant Themes

BIGVU automatic captions app feature is designed to create sensational auto captions for video on Instagram and any other social platform.Get ready to stand out and leave an impactful message for your audience.

Generate burnt-in auto-captions. Shoot and edit videos on your phone or computer. Auto-translate your automatic captions to various languages. Access stunning caption templates, add your branding, and more.
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Accurate Subtitles
Generated In a Heartbeat

Transcribing can be exhausting when you do it manually and can be expensive when getting help from transcribers or other captioning software. BIGVU will let you focus on creating unique content while taking on the tedious work of captioning for you.

That’s right, BIGVU automatically transcribes your narration into texts. Simply shoot a video in BIGVU or upload an existing copy, and voila! Automatic Captions are immediately synced in your narration.

Do you have scripts prepared previously? Showcase your beautifully written scripts by uploading them and BIGVU syncs them automatically with your narration
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More than 70 languages supported

After you upload or record a video in BIGVU, click on the automatic captions feature, and choose the language you intend to translate it in.

The transcription tool will deliver the translation and sync automatically on your storyboard. BIGVU takes off the burden of having to hire translation services or auto-caption apps for you.
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Look your best with dynamic visuals and captioning

Steer clear from dull-looking subtitles. With dynamic visuals, the audience is inspired to watch your video from start to finish. Beautifying captions is usually complex work, but BIGVU keeps its editing feature light and easy for you:
- Highlight words quickly by double-tapping them when making lasting points.
- There’s no need to smash the play and pause button when tweaking your spellings. Simply choose words you want to modify in the storyboard, edit them, and sync the real-time changes.
- Control how the caption spacing looks to avoid awkward hyphens in between words and sentence lines.
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"I do a lot of auditions and I do a lot of castings on-camera self tape, BIGVU helps me a lot with getting the scripts up, getting them read, getting all my lines correct… It’s amazing!"
"Whether you're building a personal brand or you're an entrepreneur building a company you look way more professional and it's easier to make clear points."
Tim Brown
CEO at Hook Agency
"I have to take BTS Videos and it is complete hell, writing a text, memorizing it, rumbling and much more… So I'm so grateful for BIGVU, I don’t know how I missed it before but it’s a life changer and a time-saver!"
Esin Aydingoz
Film Composer
"With the push of a button my words are instantly sink to match exactly what I’m saying in video"
Social Media Influencer
"Complete Game Changer on all fronts! So Nice work BIGVU, I really appreciate it"
Brad Cooper
"Manually typing out what you say word for word is exhausting. Trust me I’ve been there…. BIGVU doesn’t make you do that. With one tap you can add captions that perfectly sync with your narration!"
Christiana Austin

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