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for Real Estate

Connect over video with qualified listings. Close at higher rates. Get more agent referrals. Establish yourself as a real estate authority by creating polished and authentic videos.

Thousands of realtors use BIGVU to create social media content, listing videos, and brand themselves as experts online.

Look confident on camera by using a teleprompter. Automate time-consuming tasks like scriptwriting, captions and social media sharing. Wherever you are—on the go or at the office—create videos from your mobile phone or laptop in minutes.

Stay top of mind with past clients and agents by creating top- notch videos from BIGVU!
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Establish yourself as an expert Realtor
Look and sound great on camera with BIGVU

Organize your thoughts into a perfect video script

The BIGVU AI scriptwriter crafts personalized scripts for your videos in seconds, so you don’t have to worry about what to say on camera.

Generate impactful and quality scripts in seconds. Pitch your business, share real estate news or tips on selling a home. The scripts are endless!

Sound professional
Read from a teleprompter

Using the BIGVU teleprompter, you can read a script while simultaneously recording. The teleprompter keeps you at eye level with the camera, reading at the pace you choose, and ensuring that you speak clearly and confidently.

Don’t sound like you’re thinking about what to say on camera. Focus on how to get your message across to potential buyers or clients.

Stop paying companies to edit your videos. With BIGVU your editing is automatic.

BIGVU allows you to clip your word selection and pull your favorite section from your take. Drag and drop videos and reorder your videos inside a sequence.

Create attention grabbing captions automatically. Add an interactive business card, your branding and logo. Have the online presence and realtor brand authority that gets attention.

Create Real Estate videos with your team!

Collaborate on video creation with your team or clients.
Save time, control the video creation process, and stay organized.

With BIGVU teams, you can create dedicated workspaces for each of the realtors in your team or property managers.
Your team will stay on message with easily accessible marketing materials: pre-written scripts, branding materials, logos, and more.

Keep track and post to multiple social media channels, each attached to a specific workspace. Control the level of access for each member with contributors and editors.

Join BIGVU Teams and turn your team into a video marketing powerhouse!
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Share Real Estate Videos on Social Media

Maintaining a strong presence on multiple social media platforms can be time consuming. According to BIGVU research data, realtors post videos to social media 10 times a week on average!

Here's how you do it without wasting time: BIGVU.
Within the platform, you can post videos to up to 20(!) social media accounts, all with a click of a button.

Try BIGVU and post effectively on social media!

Track what's working
with Video Analytics

Track your success through reach and engagement figures. Gain insight into what works and how each post performs.
Share your finished videos to all of your social media platforms with one click: YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn on social media!

It can be tough to keep track of your social media following. But with BIGVU, you can see how many new followers you’ve gained, lost, and engaged with. Focus on growing your audience and engagement on social media. Join BIGVU today!
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Automatic Subtitles for Real Estate Videos

Stand out to get heard. With BIGVU’s irresistible  automatic captions, your videos will grab the attention of potential buyers.

When you post a video without subtitles, you miss out on thousands of potential clients who are watching your video without sound—at work, in a meeting, or just scrolling quickly.

Record on BIGVU and generate captions from your voice in the video. Our designer subtitle templates are perfect for Instagram, TikTok, Youtube, and Facebook. Give automatic captions a try and see the engagement on your videos skyrocket!
Read more on automatic subtitles

AI Script Magic Writer

Unsure what to say on camera? Out of ideas for your next video?

Use the BIGVU Magic AI Scriptwriter to create personalized real estate video scripts. Create a script for an Instagram video bio, a sales pitch to a potential buyer, or share tips on real estate.

Speak a few words, and the scriptwriter will generate a personalized script for you in seconds. Never run out of ideas for your YouTube channel or how to pitch a client. Try it out!
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"The prompter removes all of those fears and allows me to shoot with confidence"
Dana Wilson
"The app had evolved  so much, I add my logo, close captioning and replace my green screen "
Kendall Bonner
Coach for Real Estate Brokers
"I really recommend BIGVU to everyone that wants to bring a product to the digital market"
John Enxing
Real Estate Advisor - Group LLC

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