AI Eye Contact Auto-Fix: How to Achieve Perfect Eye Contact, Every Take

Md. Asif Rahman
Md. Asif Rahman
Certified Writer, Content Creator and Tech Expert

Visual content has become essential in business, marketing, and many other environments. One only has to consider how social media influencers have become popular over the past few years to realize that videos are vital to making an impact. But speaking to a camera isn’t as easy as it may seem and that’s why innovations like AI Eye Contact Auto-Fix have become a must-have.

To create an authentic connection with your viewers, you need to look directly into the camera, so the audience feels you’re making eye contact with them. This is what makes them feel you’re speaking to them directly, and you’ll also seem more trustworthy and relatable. But if you’ve ever tried this, you probably know that it’s easier said than done, whether you’re teaching online, showcasing a product, or creating your next vlog.

Good news! AI can fix this for you, making sure you maintain eye contact the entire time so your audience will not know you were distracted. Let's delve in and learn how to use BIGVU's revolutionary AI Eye Contact Auto-Fix!

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Table of Contents:

    AI Eye Contact Auto-Fix - What is it?

    This feature is meant for footage where a speaker is in front of a camera as if talking to an audience. AI eye contact technology was first introduced by Nvidia. The function in BIGVU’s arsenal helps optimize your performance after you’ve been captured on camera. By running this process, AI makes adjustments to the content and ensures that it seems as if you’re looking at the camera at all times, even if you looked away at times. 

    AI Eye Contact Auto-Fix - Main Features Explained

    Changing the way your eyes look on a video can make all the difference in how you come across. This is how BIGVU AI Eye Contact Auto-Fix does it:

    • Identification: AI can identify all sections in the video where your eyes don’t focus on the camera. Even if there are eye movements that may distract a viewer’s attention, BIGVU will pick up on it. 
    • Simulation: This technology makes adjustments to the footage, to simulate that you’re looking straight at the camera.
    • Further editing: Changing where your eyes focus can be one of many adjustments you make. After fixing the eye contact problem you can continue making other improvements to the content. 

    Benefits of AI Eye Contact Auto-Fix

    Connect More with Your Audience

    Experts know that direct eye contact with audience members helps to establish a connection with these listeners. It counts for in-person interactions but it’s no different when using a virtual platform. 

    Eye contact results in audience members looking at you more and concentrating more on what you’re communicating. Therefore, they will absorb more of what you’re saying and there’s even a higher chance that they’ll believe your message and buy into what you’re saying. Looking at the camera gives you these advantages even when talking to an audience far away. 

    Whether you want more followers on YouTube or trying to sell a property, this can be beneficial to your outcomes. 

    Impress with Professionalism - No one will know that you’re not looking at the Camera

    Eye contact can make you seem more assertive and people may respect you and your opinion more. However, you may need to read notes, use a teleprompter, or find it awkward to stare at a lens for an extended period. Luckily, thanks to eye contact AI, you can seem professional and impressive with an authoritative approach even if you aren’t able to maintain focus on the camera the whole time.

    Uninterrupted Eye Contact 

    There are many reasons video creators don’t maintain eye contact during an entire presentation and not all of them reflect badly on you as a host:

    • You must refer to notes to stay on topic
    • You’re nervous and looking elsewhere helps you keep focus
    • You’re taking direction from someone behind the camera or elsewhere in the room

    You can fully utilize resources like teleprompters and still provide viewers with simulated eye contact, ensuring a high-quality video.

    No Retakes!

    To make sure a video has an impact you’ll be willing to do retakes and get a better result the next time around. However, looking away from the camera doesn’t have to be a reason for doing yet another take, because you can easily fix it in the editing phase thanks to BIGVU AI Eye Contact Auto-Fix. 

    Saving Time in Video Production

    Watching through multiple takes to find the snippets where you presented yourself the best can waste a lot of time. Now there’s an easy fix for ensuring you maintain eye contact, so you can possibly use just one take. And, editors don’t have to find creative ways and backup plans, like cutting away to show images of products, to enhance the video. 

    No Awkwardness - Look Confident and Relaxed

    Thanks to this easy solution, your videos can take on an entirely new vibe. With technology, you can go from a nervous presenter to a confident speaker that audience members will enjoy watching. Plus, when you look relaxed, viewers are more likely to feel at ease, so they’ll buy into what you’re talking about and want more of your content rather than competitors’ videos. 

    Your Online Content Gets More Traction

    Just by fixing your eyes’ focus in a video, you’re giving your audience the following:

    • Better engagement
    • More enjoyment, because they feel more relaxed
    • Respect for your message

    All of these can lead to viewers engaging more, such as committing to a sale, and wanting more. So, BIGVU’s AI Eye Contact Fix can have a direct impact on how much traction your online content gets in the future. 

    Who can Benefit from AI Eye Contact Auto-Fix?

    • Coaches: With virtual coaching via videos you can now connect better with clients, so they get more out of your mentorship. This leads to more word-of-mouth about the value you add to their lives. 
    • Real Estate Agents: Cut down on the time you spend creating videos for sellers or buyers. Videos will look more professional, so viewers will find you more trustworthy and it will make you more competitive in this challenging market. 
    • Influencers: Become more captivating and memorable, so followers, likes and shares increase. When you broadcast online after editing your videos, it will be more engaging, so you influence more viewers. 
    • Vloggers: Become better at getting your message across, thanks to a more captivated audience. You can instantly improve eye contact webcam footage has and draw your audience in.  
    • Tutorial and Online Course Creators: Get a reputation as a quality online educator, thanks to eye contact making your students feel comfortable, and helping them concentrate while in class. 
    • Anyone Publishing Video Presentations: For personal or business purposes, even amateurs can make better-quality digital presentations. For anyone battling to maintain eye contact AI now has a solution.  

    How to Use the AI Eye Contact Auto-Fix Tool

    Making these adjustments doesn’t require manual work from you or a video editor. With BIGVU it’s as simple as:

    1. Log in to BIGVU or Get Started Free with your account details

    2. Open a project and click the 3-dot menu icon

    3. Click on edit

    4. Identify the take you want to optimize

    5. Below that take, press on the 3-dot menu icon

    6. Find Eye Contact Auto-Fix in the window that opens up and click on the button (look for the icon that represents an eye)

    7. Confirm by pressing the blue Auto-Fix Eye Contact Button

    8. A window will pop up notifying you of the process - confirm that it can continue

    9. Wait for the processing to finish

    You may have to wait for a few minutes and then that take will have an ‘eye contact’ label next to it. 

    Note: 4K videos will now be in HD.

    Tips to Optimize Your Videos with BIGVU’s AI Eye Contact Fix

    • Start off by writing a good script, so you feel confident about the information you’re delivering. If you’re not experienced, an AI writer can help you get this right. 
    • Stand right in front of the camera for the best results of this AI tool.
    • Use a green screen so you can impress your audience by adding other video elements as well, such as digital effects or a striking background.
    • Excellent presentation is a good starting point, but also add other helpful details, such as product images
    • Make your video user-friendly even without sound, by adding captions

    AI Eye Contact Fix FAQ

    Will AI Eye Contact Fix look realistic?

    Thanks to how technology has developed, Eye Contact Fix can make changes that result in a very realistic final result. Your face and eyes will look normal, with the only change being that your eyes never look away from the camera. Even if you zoom in, eye contact will seem realistic. 

    How long does it take to use AI Eye Contact Auto-Fix?

    The exact time it will take for the tool to process your footage will depend on how long the video is. It’s only a few clicks to get the process started, however, and usually it takes a few minutes. 

    Is it difficult to use AI eye contact fix tools?

    No, BIGVU’s AI eye contact fix tools are very user-friendly and it doesn’t take much onboarding. You simply need to know where on the menus the prompts are, click on them, and then the tools will do the rest. 

    Wrap Up - Time to Boost Your Videos’ Impact with BIGVU AI Eye Contact

    Whether you vlog, sell, or teach online, you need your content to make an impact and put you one step ahead of the competition. Otherwise, your videos won’t get noticed among the mass of digital content being uploaded daily. Improving your content by seeming more relaxed, confident, and engaging is an excellent strategy and BIGVU’s AI Eye Contact Auto-Fix is an easy tool to make this happen.

    Never looking away from the camera again is a resource that can change how your audience sees you. Can you risk not making an impact this way?