Edit Talking Head Videos Punchier & Faster

Edit your facing-camera videos and make them more interesting and engaging.
- With a the BIGVU teleprompter on your iPhone or online on your desktop, your videos will be clear, concise, perfect
- Made a mistake? Just select whereyu want your video needs to start and end.
- Add captions automatically and logo with your personal brand colors and fonts.
- spice up your video with visuals with BIGVU Composer
- add a music background for an emotional touch
- end all your videos with a business card animation for instant recognition.

Boost engagement with Interactive Videos

Confidence is crucial when building or maintaining relationships with your viewers online.
- Whether a pro or a beginner, memorizing scripts is hard and can get the better of us: recording a quick video can take you hours of memorizing or redoing repeatedly to make sure we seem confident or ensure we don’t babble.
- Skip ahead of these anticipated stresses and straightaway to delivering messages confidently and concisely.
- No more memorizing scripts for hours, using cue cards, awkwardly looking at the ceiling, or using excessive fillers that don’t build trust with your audience.
- Establish connection easily by making eye contact and speaking concisely using BIGVU’s teleprompter

Take Ownership Over Your Audience

On social media, you have little to no ownership over your own audience. You can't take your followers elsewhere, you have no other way to communicate with them besides publishing again, and the ability to collect emails is always limited.
Publish your videos on your own website and own your own audience. With BIGVU, it’s one tap to craft elegant video landing page from any video created or imported into the platform. Add to all  your logo, social media links, a your preferred call-to-action button to all your video pages to engage your audience into conversations.
With BIGVU Plus, customize your pages URL to be on your own domain - CNAME.

Using BIGVU saves me more time, makes me look more confident and clean in my videos.
BIGVU changed my life!

Elona Lopardi

Elona Lopari


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