Customize your background

Film with a green background then choose any image or video to be looped in the background. The BIGVU software will automatically make any green background’s value transparent and replace it with a video loop or image. No need to set any parameters.

Backgrounds are crucial

Your background sets the tone and feel of your videos. Adding a suitable background helps your audience form an excellent first impression in your videos. Viewers are also looking to be entertained while learning from you, so your production value becomes a deciding factor if they will play or skip your video.
Show your professionalism, playfulness, or any other trait. The video’s backdrop helps express your visual brand.

Finally, A Remedy for Your
Shooting Location Problems

Constantly figuring out where to shoot is one of the most exhausting tasks in video production. Imagine recording videos without having to worry when and where to film next, BIGVU lets you focus on looking your best on videos while taking on the inconvenience of looking for the perfect location.
No more boring and blank wall backdrop or repeatedly filming in your messy living room or cramped up a home office. All you need is your recording device, a small space with a green background, and BIGVU will effortlessly transform your video background into literally anything. Walk-in and record using a green screen and come out with a video that is set anywhere.

How to set up a green screen anywhere

A process called ‘chroma-keying’ identifies the green background and separates them from the subject, making it transparent and allowing the subject to superimpose on any background.

Putting together your own green screen at home is easy; all you need is a solid green background and a mount or a stand. No need to go to a professional studio or hire a skilled video editor as BIGVU software will do the trick for your DIY green screen.