Start a Travel Vlog for your Tourism Company: Grow Your Client Base With Video Content

Jessica Becker
Jessica Becker
Online Coach & Writer

The tourism industry has completely overhauled marketing strategies since the emergence of UGC (or user generated content) in social media.

The growing number of travel websites, and mobile applications give people unlimited choices for how to book their next vacation. In the tourism industry, it is vital to constantly attract customers' attention and retain and direct it.

Today, consumers are becoming more demanding of the brands they choose to trust and interact with. In order to build brand authority and become the go-to for travel advice and bookings, authentic video has increasingly become the chosen medium for companies in the travel space. Keep reading to understand how users are interacting with video on social media and how travel brands have successfully engaged customers.

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    YouTube video hosting has more than 2 billion users. More and more people prefer to search for instruction, music, product reviews, or training courses online via YouTube. Video is becoming more popular than text, podcasts, or audiobooks. Just the think of TikTok - a platfrom compltetely dedicated to video. On average, U.S. adult users spent 33 minutes per day on TikTok.

    Instagram is now aiming to achieve the same success as TikTok with different video formats. For this purpose, Instagram has developed Stories, live streaming, and Reels. Video marketing helps promote a product faster and more effectively than a photo or a story in the description. Travel videos are a 2024 trend that is rapidly gaining momentum.

    Videos from travel agencies are the perfect solution to attract potential customers and increase brand awareness. As people spend more time at home working remotely, the demand and consumption of video will only increase.

    What's the secret to video marketing success? 

    Wyzowl research shows that video is key priority for marketers. Spending on video marketing has increased in recent years and will continue to grow. The COVID-19 pandemic impacted plans and strategies around the world. In fact, the amount of video content has doubled since 2018!

    Key facts of the study:

    • 86% of companies use video as a marketing tool
    • 87% of professionals reported that video provides a positive return on investment (ROI)
    • 86% of video marketers say the tool works effectively to attract leads
    • 81% of marketers believe that video has a direct positive impact on sales
    • 94% believe that a video has helped users better understand a product or service
    • 62% of marketers believe engagement with video is the top metric
    • 92% of professionals believe that video marketing is an important part of the strategy

    Marketers are confident in the ROI of video content as it strongly influences traffic, leads, sales, and audience insights. Consumers see video as an integral part of their interactions with brands.

    Reasons why travel companies must use video content in social media

    Tours & Tickets is a great example of a travel business using video content on social media to its advantage. They created a series of videos about Berlin's beauty to sell tour Berlin and attract new followers to their Instagram account. These videos were watched by over 5,000 people, who are all potential customers!

    To be competitive, you need to look ahead and anticipate new trends. Here are some of the key factors about why it is important to use video content in your promotional strategy on social media:

    Video converts regular viewers into customers

    Video informs, persuades, and entertains. It is the perfect material for converting potential into repeat customers. Video content captures the attention of your target market and makes a great first impression. 

    If you are not utilizing social media video marketing for your travel business, you are missing out on opportunities for company growth.

    Video builds trust with your target audience

    Trust is an important factor. You need videos to build trust, reaffirm credibility, and build strong relationships with customers. This format shows your travel company as transparent and honest as possible. In addition, using video content in social media provides high visibility. Users will watch, react, and share the video.

    Perfect format for the smartphone

    With the advent of smartphones, customers love to consume content anytime and anywhere. Bluetooth headphones allow you to watch videos on the go from your phone. In today's society, multitasking and spending time efficiently is essential.

    Best content for social media

    Video attracts attention. People are more likely to watch a travel video than read an article or look at a photo series. Followers log into social media multiple times throughout the day. Platforms make it easy for everyone to voice their opinions, so people respond quickly and actively participate in discussions.

    Video content and social media marketing

    Social media is now integrated into everyone's daily life. Moreover, these platforms are not only for publishing content but are a powerful tool for sales. Here is an opportunity to turn social media followers into loyal customers with the right video content strategies. You can create original travel videos that generate traffic and leads, engage your audience, and increase your tourism company's profits.

    When working on social media marketing, you should:

    • Create and handle video content that keeps viewers interested in the brand through an informative and entertaining format. Such content is simple and easy to digest. Your travel video should contain the power of words, images' magic, and sound's beauty.
    • Engage with your target audience using various social media platforms.
    • Use video ads that can be used to convey the benefits of your tourism offers.

    Gradually, people in today's world have a decreasing attention span due to technology. Users do not like to read long articles, and a simple image is insufficient to showcase the product. Many people prefer to watch videos of product reviews, tutorials, webinars, and more. Video conveys more information in a minimal amount of time. The popularity of video content on social media will continue to grow. Such messages are engaging, and users understand them better.

    Video content strategy for social media

    To launch a video marketing campaign, you need to develop a plan to help you get effective results on the bottom line. A video marketing strategy includes:   

    • Knowing the target audience.
    • Setting campaign goals.
    • Choosing the format you will be working with. The video should include the main message you must convey to your audience and be consistent with your brand identity.
    • Generating video content ideas
    • Creating creative and optimized videos.
    • Using multiple social media platforms.
    • Budget allocation.
    • Ongoing testing, measuring important metrics/indicators, including engagement, views, playback rate, social sharing, reviews, and comments.

    Remember that a successful video marketing campaign is an ongoing process. By continuously optimizing your strategy based on data and audience feedback, you can drive better results on your bottom line.

    Impact of video advertising on social media

    Before the advent of the internet, people watched television. Between breaks in the series, programs showed commercials. Today, video ads can be used without interruption. During any clip, it will natively appear on the screen.

    Media ads on social media provide high click-through rates and conversion rates because this is where consumers' attention is focused. Advantages of video advertising:

    • Ability to reach potential customers while searching or watching a video. Native social media video generates interest in branded ads.
    • Helps to attract attention, drive demand, and increase brand awareness. 
    • Gives a high level of engagement. 
    • You can accurately select the audience and customize the display of ads. 
    • Interactive format allows the user to take several actions to get closer to a travel tour purchase. A quick transition leads the potential customer immediately to the desired goal. 
    • Video ad format can be edited, adjusting the video and accompanying text at any time if necessary.

    Simple analysis does not require the connection of additional services. All information can be viewed in your personal account, starting from clicks on the advertisement and the number of views.

    What can help you with video creation?

    BIGVU is a platform specializing in automating the process of creating professional-quality videos. With BIGVU, you can:

    • Craft a flawless video effortlessly. BIGVU Teleprompter seamlessly scrolls your script, allowing you to deliver your message on camera with the confidence of a pro.
    • Streamline your video production process and say goodbye to the hassle of memorization.
    • Express your ideas with precision on video. BIGVU ensures your content stays on track, keeping your message concise and aligned with your script.
    • Bid farewell to writer's block and script-writing struggles. Unleash the full potential of your travel business with the power of AI scriptwriting, never running out of innovative ideas.

    Say adieu to dull videos forever! Leave a lasting impact on your customers and distinguish yourself from the competition with travel videos that truly captivate.


    Video content in social media is a competitive advantage for travel businesses. Many additional tools allow your travel brand to make creative videos about the company or customize video ads on different channels. The easy interactive format resonates with users, causing them to give feedback.

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