Best 5 Teleprompter Apps in 2024 for iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Windows

Are you a content creator secretly wishing to drop the "retaking" part from the shooting binge? Well, we've got good news for you! Gone are the days when you had to hold the script patiently in your hands when shooting.

As Teleprompters have backed professional content creators and video makers for years, you're no exception. Using a Teleprompter will help you avoid forgetting lines and conveying your message on the go.

We know you have the urge to invest in a professional teleprompter to deliver your message confidently, as it's important for a seamless yet efficient production experience.

But teleprompter applications like BIGVU, PromptSmart and VEED.IO have got you before you even realize it. With the best teleprompter apps above, give those notepads a break, while adding a professional touch to your on-screen presence.

2024 is all about cutting down on hassles without putting a hole in your pocketbook with extravagant teleprompters.

Whether you're using IOS, Android, or Windows as a medium to shoot your videos, these applications will work well.  

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    Best Teleprompter Applications for 2024: Our Top Picks!

    Using an app-based teleprompter allows you to utilize all the readily available resources as you capture content. It brings portability and freedom to move around as you shoot.

    With this guide, we’ve brought you some of the best Teleprompter apps in 2024 to help you kickstart your venture right away! So, let’s delve right in.

    BIGVU: The Best Free Teleprompter App  

    Not everyone is born with a photographic memory, let alone vloggers and content creators. The struggle of memorizing each word is real enough to scare the narrators off the field, and most of them quit before even starting.

    However, the free version of BIGVU Teleprompter comes to your rescue by helping you brand videos without sticking to the script. In fact, it also frees you from post-shooting rituals like editing and polishing.

    Key Features

    Before you roast us for putting BIGVU at the top, we suggest you look into some of its outstanding features.

    • Built-in text editing tool
    • Allows creating scripts for up to nine minutes
    • Fully customizable scripting
    • Export the final version straight to your camera roll

    As we’ve always wished for our users to be able to amplify their videos by using BIGVU, there lies the reason for rolling out both the free and paid versions. But of course, the features vary, so choose a program according to the nature of your project.

    With such a variety of specs, it’s no wonder BIGVU is rated the best Teleprompter app for free. Although you’ll have to survive with their watermark, what’s more impressive is that you can remove it by going premium.

    BIGVU as the Best Teleprompter App for iPhone and iPad

    Over 5 million IOS users have opted for BIGVU Teleprompter to create professional and exclusive videos. With that, BIGVU has been competing as the best teleprompter app for iPhone and iPad.

    The program turns your iOS smartphone into a portable teleprompter, allowing you to read your lines as you speak.

    Key Features

    As an IOS user, let's see what you’ll enjoy with the BIGVU Teleprompter.

    • Send video to social media profiles with a single tap
    • Well-equipped AI magic writer in IOS devices
    • Ability to record the video and read the text at once
    • Switch between the front-facing and rear cameras during a shot
    • Adjust the Teleprompter speed if you’re unable to maintain the pace
    • Note the subtitles with BIGVU’s built-in script recorder
    • Turn off the auto-renew from your iTunes account anytime

    For additional convenience, BIGVU serves you with a free version until you’re prepared for the paid option. So, make the most of them and create a cutting-edge, viral video for your audience. If you're looking for the best teleprompter app for iPad or iPhone, BIGVU covers your needs across the board!

    BIGVU: The Best Online Teleprompter for Mac and Windows

    Contrary to popular belief that video creation on Windows or Mac is too complex, BIGVU aims to simplify the struggle for you. Now you no longer need to set up dozens of video creation tools to shoot a high-tech video, particularly for those on a budget.

    Using BIGVU Teleprompter on Windows or Mac will make you realize your computer's hidden potential. Just ensure that your laptop has a working webcam and microphone, and nothing can stop you from delivering the perfect message.

    How Does BIGVU Teleprompter Work for the Web?

    The BIGVU OnlineTeleprompter works directly from the web. It's only a matter of a few seconds before you are able to get started. All you need is to log into your account from the browser, open a new project, upload the script, and start recording.

    With the desktop version of BIGVU Teleprompter, you won’t be heartbroken over not having a high-quality smartphone. It allows you to write, script, record, trim, and personalize your videos.

    Let’s walk you through some of the best features of BIGVU Teleprompter for the desktop.

    Key Features:

    • Record videos up to 59 minutes long and post them directly with a single click
    • The Read Only tool requires you test the script before recording
    • Collaboration with the team on scripting, editing, reviewing, and publishing the content
    • Easy access to the application and BIGVU desktop version at once
    • Bigger screen grants professional-level confidence, especially for beginners
    • Offers a systemized E-learning and coaching platform
    • Go Live on social media directly from BUGVU

    Teleprompter Premium

    Besides BIGVU, another application that’s creating a buzz among teleprompter users in 2024 is Teleprompter Premium. It’s high-tech software that’s beginner-friendly, but under the hood, it’s jam-packed with professional-grade features.

    You must be curious to know how it works—you just need to upload a script and dive straight into the text, whether using an IOS or Android device.

    At the same time, you may import texts from sources like Dropbox or Google Drive, providing a more seamless experience.

    Key Features

    Let’s get you more familiar with how Teleprompter Premium became the best Teleprompter app for Android and IOS.

    • Availability of device-to-device option in the Wi-Fi settings
    • Bluetooth allows remote control for script scrolling and text features
    • Built-in language translation for effective communication
    • Fewer mishaps and retakes
    • Allows adjusting text size, line spacing, fonts, and colors
    • Set the scrolling speed, direction, and pauses by adding a timer
    • Proper buttons for controllers and keyboards

    However, it’s important to lock the device’s rotation to prevent the text from moving in the wrong direction. Otherwise, you’ll be wasting time in adjusting when you could be spending that time recording.

    The veed io app

    Along with our own application, another teleprompter application we’ve really loved and adored from day one is VEED.IO. Just like BIGVU, VEED.IO is an all-in-one video production application with numerous features that allow video producers to record, edit, save, collaborate, and share using just one application.

    With VEED.IO, you can read your teleprompter text while recording your video via camera or webcam at the same time. It’s simple to paste your script into VEED’s teleprompter application.

    Some exciting features of VEED.IO teleprompter are:

    • Ability to adjust the speed of scrolling text to match your speech
    • Ability to change the font size
    • Ability to copy and paste subtitles to the VEED.IO teleprompter

    VEED.IO is easy to use, all thanks to its streamlined and simple user interface. You don’t need to download software on your device—all you need to do is hop onto their website, sign up, and you’ll be on your way to excellence.

    VEED.IO can be accessed via browser, as there’s no dedicated Android or iOS application that you can download to access the platform.

    Parrot Teleprompter

    Another one of our favorite teleprompter applications – Parrot Teleprompter, available on both iOS and Android, is a dedicated teleprompter application with several exciting features like:

    • Control scroll speed.
    • Change text size.
    • Ability to scroll scripts in mirrored and landscape mode.
    • Remote control functionality.
    • Type and edit your script from within the application.
    • Adjust both foreground and background colors for better visibility.
    • Ability to record unlimited number of scripts.
    • Loop script setting.
    Parrot Teleprompter - Apps on Google Play

    Here, it’s important to note that Parrot Teleprompter is a dedicated teleprompter application. It’s jam-packed with several features; however, it doesn’t support recording and editing your videos. Still, it is considered by some as the best teleprompter app for Mac or Windows.

    If you’re looking for a dedicated teleprompter application, we’d advise going with Parrot Teleprompter. However, we wouldn’t recommend using this application if you’re looking for an all-in-one video production application with the teleprompter feature for a streamlined video production process.  

    PromptSmart (Lite & Pro)

    our list of best teleprompter apps. It is also one of the best free Teleprompter apps on either PC or Smartphone.

    PromptSmart is not just a teleprompter application, it’s so much more.

    PromptSmart is the last in our ''best teleprompter app” series, but that doesn’t make it any less versatile. PromptSmart is as reliable as any other in

    PromptSmart’s patented VoiceTrack speech recognition technology offers a robust solution to creators and businesses, as it automatically follows the speaker’s voice in real-time. Over 90% of PromptSmart’s users love the VoiceTrack feature, using the words “astonishing,” “awesome,” and “easy to use” to describe it.

    The team at PromptSmart always want to ensure that anyone and everyone can use their application. So, they have rolled out two versions of their application:

    • PromptSmart Lite Teleprompter – FREE
    • PromptSmart Pro – PAID

    PromptSmart Lite Teleprompter will allow you to try VoiceTrack. Alongside this, several other features include:

    • Ability to import documents from the cloud
    • In-app document editing
    • Ability to change font size
    • Ability to record audio during presentations
    • In-app customer support messaging system
    • And more!

    In addition to those above, PromptSmart Pro features include:

    • Voice Track
    • Ability to invert text
    • Selfie Mode
    • Ability to narrow the side margins
    • Import and export scripts from and to the cloud
    • Bulk delete scripts
    • Optical mic meter in Presentation Mode

    And many more!

    First, we’d advise you to try out the Lite version. And if you think PromptSmart is the right fit for you and if the need arises, you can switch to the paid version.

    Also, it’s important to note that PromptSmart, just like Parrot Teleprompter, is a dedicated Teleprompter application. So, if you’re looking for an end-to-end video production application that simplifies the video production process, PromptSmart may not be the right fit for you.

    PromptSmart, a Teleprompter App for Zoom

    While the pandemic had us turning to the Zoom app to continue our work-related operations during the lockdown, it soon became necessary and a part of doing business even once lockdowns were lifted. The name Zoom stands tall whenever we need to schedule an E-learning session or a corporate meeting.

    Many of us still struggle with fluent communication, which is quite daunting for those seeking perfection. The good news is that there’s no need to worry, as the PromptSmart also works as a Teleprompter app for Zoom. Here’s what you’ll get out of it.

    • Automated script controlling
    • Import scripts from various sources
    • Easy connection to Mac and IOS devices
    • A virtual clock to help you stay in parameters
    • Modify scrolling speed and pause when needed
    • Doesn’t require a monthly or annual subscription
    • Read the script as you record without delays

    Use Teleprompter to Simplify the Video Creation Process

    With that, we conclude our tour of the best Teleprompter apps for free and paid.

    Teleprompter applications like BIGVU and others are a prime example of smart technology replacing tough labor. In fact, these apps have evolved dramatically, and easily made it to the bucket-list of every video creator.

    Whether you’re operating via desktop, IOS, or an Android device, you’ll find something as per your requirements. When you can start for free, what’s stopping you from signing up right away?  

    Use a Teleprompter to Simplify the Video Creation Process

    With that, we conclude our tour of the best Teleprompter apps for free and paid.

    Teleprompter applications like BIGVU and others are a prime example of smart technology replacing tough labor. In fact, these apps have evolved dramatically, and easily made it to the bucket-list of every video creator.

    Whether you’re operating via desktop, IOS, or an Android device, you’ll find something as per your requirements. When you can start for free, what’s stopping you from signing up right away?  

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