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How to calculate your speech length according to your reading speed

Reading speed in words per minute (WPM) measures  how many words a person can read in one minute. Setting a reading speed in words per minute (WPM) is an important part of using a teleprompter effectively. Here's a quick guide on how to do it:

  1. Open your teleprompter software and look for the settings menu. You should see an option for adjusting the reading speed.
  2. Determine your reading speed. One way to do this is to use an online speed reading test, which will give you an estimate of how many words per minute you can comfortably read. Adjust the reading speed depending on your personal reading speed and the content you are reading.
  3. Pay attention to the text as it scrolls on the teleprompter. If you find that the speed is too fast or too slow, adjust the WPM accordingly until you find a comfortable pace.
  4. Practice with your new reading speed to make sure you can keep up with the scrolling text. Remember to stay relaxed and focused on the words, and use any other teleprompter features (such as font size) to make the text easier to read.

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Resize text on the
teleprompter screen

Make your text easy on the eyes, and simple to follow by choosing the optimal text size for you. Use the slider to make the text larger or smaller until you hit your sweet spot.

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Adjust script scroller on teleprompter screen

Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse. We all have some bloopers and need to pause or take a breather. That's ok.

Stop the teleprompter with the space button. When you're ready to start over, simply adjust the scroll position back to where you stopped.

Don't lose your train of thought or forget what to say ever again. It's all written down and ready for you to read.
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Customize reading speed on teleprompter software

Are you a fast talker? Or maybe sometimes you lag in your words?
The teleprompter will ensure that you are talking at a pace that is appropriate for your audience. Slow the teleprompter down or speed it up based on your needs by entering your desired words per minute (WPM)

Not sure what your natural words per minute is? Head over to an online speech speed test to figure it out. Choose your reading speed, and the teleprompter will scroll according to your preference.

The teleprompter keeps you on pace, speaking clearly, and feeling confident.

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Speech Calculator

Were you asked to record a 5 minute video but are worried about going overtime? Use the Teleprompter tool to figure out just how long your video will be.

Enter your text, choose the words per minute and see exactly how long it will take to read your script on camera.

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Say bye to awkward pauses

You know that feeling when you're losing concentration? Or maybe you want to skip a bit of your script? No problem.

The BIGVU Teleprompter automatically detects silence and stops scrolling. Or, press the space button to pause the teleprompter. Adjust your start point and hit the record button to keep reading.

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Teleprompter best practices

First of all, try to relax. Be yourself and breath! Some people even smile during the Telepromter countdown to relax their face.

Aim to read the top lines from the autoceu that are closest to the camera. That way, you will be looking directly at your audience.

Practice makes perfect. Use the Teleprompter to rehearse your pronunciation, figure out the speed that is right for you and font size.
You've taken a huge first step in creating a video that will WOW your viewers. Amazing!

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Record, add music to video

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