AI Eye Contact Auto-Fix

Perfect Eye Contact, Every Take. Looked away in the middle of your video? Don’t retake your video. BIGVU AI Eye Contact Fix uses AI to redirect your eyes so that they are looking directly at the camera.

Fix Eye Contact with AI
AI Eye Contact Fix

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No one will know that you weren't looking at the camera!

Let's say you've recorded a video but realized your eyes were away from the camera. It makes you feel awkward. Similarly, if you were reading from a teleprompter and your eyes were constantly moving with the script, your audience would easily notice that you were reading and may see you as unprofessional. But now you can fix it with the AI Eye Contact Auto-Fix feature.

So, even if you are looking away from the camera or are new to using a teleprompter and your eye movements are visible, the AI Eye Contact Fix will refocus your eyes in the final video so that you appear to be looking directly at the camera. It retains your natural eye color and blinks, allowing you to appear confident and well-prepared.

Video Tutorial

How to Use Eye Contact AI to Fix Your Eye Movements?

Upload Your Video or Record Online
Upload your video to BIGVU, or record yourself using a webcam or mobile camera. Use our teleprompter to read your scripts while recording.
Select Eye Contact Auto-Fix
Open your video in your projects and click the 'Eye Contact Auto-Fix' feature to correct your eye movements with AI.
Hold on for a Few Seconds
Just wait a few seconds for the AI to work its magic. After processing, you’ll see the "eye contact" tag on your video, and you're good to go!
Style your videos or export and share
Add subtitles to your videos, style them with various themes and layouts, add your logo, and include music to engage your audience. Share it to all your social media with just a single tap using BIGVU or download the video.

Keep Your Viewers Hooked by Looking into Their Eyes

Recording a video and realizing later that your eyes weren't looking at the camera can be annoying. It makes you appear unprofessional and decrease your credibility with viewers. However, with the AI Eye Contact Fix, you can ensure that your eyes are always directed towards the camera. This helps you establish a stronger connection with the audience and make your video content more engaging and personable.

 Keep Your Viewers Hooked by Looking into Their Eyes
Eliminate Multiple Retakes to Fix Your Eye Contact

Eliminate Multiple Retakes to Fix Your Eye Contact

As a beginner, how many times have you recorded a video just to fix your eye contact with the camera? Multiple times, right? Whether your eyes were following the words on the teleprompter or moved randomly here and there, it can make you look nervous and underconfident in a video. But with the help of AI eye contact auto-fix, you can save time and effort on retakes. If you accidentally look away from the camera, the AI corrects your eye direction, eliminating the need for reshooting.

Retains Your Natural Eye Color and Blinks

Your viewers love to see you speaking, not a person edited or enhanced with AI. And that's what BIGVU takes care of. Besides adjusting the direction of your eyes and keeping them focused on the camera, the AI Eye Contact Auto-Fix feature preserves the natural color and blinking of your eyes. It ensures that the end result doesn't look artificial or edited. Your viewers will never know that you weren't looking at the camera!

Retains Your Natural Eye Color and Blinks
Look Confident and Relaxed in Every Video

Look Confident and Relaxed in Every Video

This simple solution can give your videos a fresh vibe. The AI eye contact auto-fix can transform you from a nervous presenter into a confident speaker that viewers will enjoy watching. When you appear relaxed and look directly into their eyes, your viewers will feel at ease and are more likely to engage with what you're discussing. They will crave more of your content instead of turning to competitors' videos.

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