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Send Video Email

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Grab attention with video emails sent directly from your Gmail. Take email marketing to next step with video.

Sending a video message can be a quick and effective way to communicate with your team. Just hit record, share your message, and edit it quickly before sending it out. It's a simple yet powerful way to connect with your team!
In today's busy world, your audience often has much on their plate and might not get to your text emails. To capture their attention, you can send video emails right from your Gmail or Outlook accounts.

Video Tutorial

How to Send a Video Through Email with BIGVU?

How to Send a Video Through Email with BIGVU?

Start a new project
Upon launching the BIGVU mobile or web application, the first step is to create a new project.
You can record a script before recording the video. This video script will appear in front of you while you’re recording the video, allowing you to clearly convey your message and avoid any mistakes.
Upload a video
You can import a video from your device.
Host the video on the BIGVU video page
Click on the video you’d like to roll out via email and create a BIGVU clicking on the video that you’d like to roll out via email, and creating a BIGVU video landing page. You can edit the Page Heading and the Page Text (If You’d Like to Add Any)
hit the “Publish” button. Now, let’s learn how to share this video landing page via email.

Add Your Custom Call-to-Action Button

Get viewers to take action by adding your custom call-to-action button on your video page. It's one click to message you, access your website or book a meeting in your calendar.

Add Your Custom Call-to-Action Button
Track and Analyze

Track and Analyze

Keep track of your video emails and analyze their performance. Use data on open and click rates to follow up with your prospects at the right time and to qualify your leads more effectively. By doing so, you will be able to move them through the sales funnel faster.

Send video emails from your mobile or desktop

Whether sitting at your desk or on the go with your mobile, you can send any video by email in seconds. Select a video and click message video. Your email will open with a link to your custom video page with your video at the center.

Send video emails from your mobile or desktop
Personalize videos with no effort

Personalize videos with no effort

Stand out with BIGVU pages, your winning strategy to drive business - It’s one click to create a Clean and Mobile Friendly landing page, with your video at the center, where you can personalize the headline, add your logo and contact details and most important , your custom buttons where people can click and take immediate action.

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