AI Voice Generator

Generate a human-like voiceover from your text in minutes with BIGVU's AI Voice Generator - no microphone needed!

Generate Voice with AI

How to use BIGVU AI Voice Generator for voiceover?


Enter your script in blue box

Paste your video script in the blue box above, and the tap on the "Generate Voice with AI" button.

Select a Voice

Pick an AI speaker for your script by filtering the voice's language, gender, and speaking style.

Select the Background and Color of the Waveform

Pick an avatar for your video, then choose a background image or video, or upload your own, and pick the color of the waveform.

Create Video

Just click 'Create Video' to get your new video with a super professional human-like voice, customized by your avatar, backgrounds, and waveform color.

Spice up With Elegant Subtitles, Overlays, Split Screens and Publish

Make your audiogram look professional with awesome captions and cool animations. Experiment with different backgrounds, music, and more to find the perfect look for your video, then hit publish.

Join more than 10 million happy video makers

Transform your ideas or scripts into polished voiceover videos within minutes!

With BIGVU's AI Voice Generator, you can easily turn your thoughts into engaging videos. In just minutes, brainstorm and write your scripts using our AI writer. Then, give your script a realistic, professional-grade voiceover with the AI Voice Generator. Choose from a variety of feminine, masculine, and multilingual human-like voices that best suit your video.

Turn it into an audiogram video with sound waves and spice it up with stylish captions and animations. Personalize your video with your digital avatar, royalty-free backgrounds, and vibrant waveform colors to grab viewers' attention. No need for retakes or a microphone! With support for over 20 languages, it's perfect for podcasts, social media videos, presentations, and more.

Video Tutorial

Instant AI-narrated videos made easy

Feeling stuck with your video creation? You may have a great idea in mind, but the long hours spent on recording and editing discourage you. With the help of this amazing AI voice generator, you can quickly transform your ideas into realistic AI narrated videos in just minutes. No need to worry about video editing software or expensive microphones for recording your voice. Just select an AI character or clone your own voice to provide a voiceover for your video.

Generate AI Voiceover in 20+ Languages

Imagine creating studio-quality voiceovers in multiple languages from home. With the BIGVU AI Voice Generator, it's possible. Effortlessly create human-like voiceovers in over 20 languages and make your videos accessible and engaging for audiences around the world. It doesn't matter whether you're producing a podcast, a corporate presentation, an online course, or simply a social media video, our wide range of natural human-like AI voices ensures that your message is clearly delivered.

Stay Authentic: Clone Your Own Voice for Consistency

Use BIGVU's AI Voice Generator to clone your voice and maintain consistency across all your video content. Even if you're short on time, don't worry! Just provide a brief audio sample and wait a few seconds. It will create a voice that sounds just like you. Whether you're making corporate presentations, online learning modules, or real estate listings, your unique voice will always be front and center. This way, you can stay true to your brand with voiceovers that sound just like you every single time.

Style the Voiceover Video with Images, Videos and Captions

BIGVU AI Voice Generator will not let you settle for just providing AI voiceovers for your videos. Add stylish captions to your audiogram videos, overlay with images and videos, and publish to all social media channels with just a click of a button.

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