AI  Brand Tone Generator

Say goodbye to wooden, generic, or cheesy scripts with BIGVU's AI Brand Tone Generator. Use the tool to analyze your previous scripts or texts and discover your unique brand tone. Generate scripts that sound just like you. Improve your brand consistency by always using your personal tone. Try it now and write like yourself, only faster!

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AI Brand Tone Generator

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AI Brand Tone Generator: No one will know that you didn't write the script

Capture your brand's unique voice and write scripts that sound just like you. The Brand Tone generator tool uses advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze your previously written scripts or texts, define your distinct brand voice, and generate new scripts that seamlessly align with your established brand

To get started, paste texts that you have written, or easily drag and drop previous scripts you created within BIGVU.

The AI Writer will then use this information to create new scripts that perfectly match your unique brand voice. Once your script is finalized shoot it on the teleprompter to read the script with confidence.

Video Tutorial

How to make an on-brand video script using AI:


Open the AI Writer

In the AI Writer open the dropdown menu with the various writing tones. Select "My personal style".

Enter your script

Drag and drop previous scripts you created on BIGVU or paste any text you have written. Then Tap generate with AI.

Save your brand tone

Review the analyzed tone and change if needed. Then, save the brand tone.

Generate new scripts

Open the AI writer and choose the type of script you would like to create. Select "My personal style" and then generate your script. Choose from one of the three suggested scripts.

Shoot, style and Share!

Record your script on the Teleprompter, add captions and style on the video maker and then share your video.

Scripts that sound like your speaking style

Do you have special sayings, idioms, or unique vocabulary? When you use the AI Brand Tone tool, you make sure that all your scripts take your way of speaking into account. Maybe you speak in a way that is “inspiring but not overly cheesy”, full metaphors or maybe you just want to sound professional and confident. The AI Brand tool is your way to ensuring that your script reflects you and your brand’s personality.

Scripts that sound like your speaking style
Keep your brand's communication consistent

Keep your brand's communication consistent

By teaching the AI to write like you you can maintain a cohesive brand voice across all your videos. No matter who creates the script, when they choose your brand tone- it will always sound like you. Keeping all your team members using the same brand tone reinforces your brand identity and recognition.

Lightning fast script creation

Accelerate the scriptwriting process by using AI to create scripts that closely match your brand voice. Reduce the time and effort it takes to create video content, enabling faster turnaround times. Less time spent on creating videos means more time you can spend on other aspects of your marketing and growing your presence. Create your scripts quickly, without multiple edits and drastically reduce the time and resources required for video creation.

Lightning fast script creation
Discover your brand tone in seconds

Discover your brand tone in seconds

Not sure what makes you, sound like you? With the AI Brand Tone Generator, you can distill what your speaking style is. Simply drag and drop previous scripts or paste a text into the brand tone tool. Then, the AI Generator will analyze your scripts and suggest your brand tone. Don’t worry about safety or security. Everything you do stays in BIGVU. We never train 3rd party models with information or release your data.

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