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Teleprompter App Android or iOS, video editing on desktop.

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or $89 a year

  • Includes 1 user
  • Up to 2 devices
  • Videos up to 9 min
  • Mobile Teleprompter
  • Web Desk for Scripting


Everything on Starter PLUS Online Teleprompter, custom colors.

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or $139 a year

  • Includes 1 user
  • Up to 2 devices
  • Videos up to 59 min
  • Desktop & Mobile Teleprompter
  • Live Streaming to Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn
  • Customize Color & Fonts


Get your team to make videos like pros with just a smartphone

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or $499 a year

  • Includes 5 users
  • 1 shared workspace
  • 1 shared media library
  • Up to 2 devices per user
  • Videos up to 59 min
  • Desktop & Mobile Teleprompter
  • Live Streaming to Facebook, Youtube and LinkedIn
  • Customize Color and Fonts

This WordTrim is so boss 😆 and it works with a video that already has a background, so once I'm done with all of them I'll just pick up where I left off 👍


Actress & Public Speaker

Any questions?

What is BIGVU, a mobile or web app, what's for?

In one click, you can write your script in the BIGVU Desk and send it straight to the mobile app. It's Free. Next record with the teleprompter app on Android or iOS , trim your videos with WordTrim and share them on social media or download a file - your videos will have a small BIGVU Watermark - Give your video the professional look with enhancing features and themes when going Premium.

Why you should start creating videos with BIGVU Teleprompter now

BIGVU gives professionals the power to tell their story. The power to be seen as an influencer. The power to connect with wider audiences. BIGVU is designed for marketers, bloggers, trainers, publishers and business owners, enabling them to broadcast an authentic voice and build trust with viewers.

Teleprompter for Android, iPad, iPhone , on my Mac or Windows Laptop?

Record seamless presentations with BIGVU Desktop Teleprompter. Just talk, no need to memorize lines or glance down to consult written notes. Keep your eyes on the camera – read your script with ease as it scrolls up the screen. The Online Teleprompter is available only on Plus and Workgroup plans.

What is the key differences between the various plans?

We have a number of pricing options to suit your individual needs. The main differences between our plans are:
Video lenght - free and starter plans allow
Individual or shared workspaces hosted in the cloud. They can be used by an individual, team of collaborators or multiple teams to organize your scripts, video clips and media library. You can manage access, assignments, review cycles and collaboration workflows for your editorial staff, team members or occasional freelancers. 
Styling - Depending on your plan, you will be able to add your logo, colors, custom fonts, titling and intros and outros. See below for further details. 

Is there a limit on content?

There is no maximum video credit limit on any plan for any recordings or exported clips and those downloaded to your computer. The maximum lenght for each video varies according to the selected plan.

What are your pricing plans?

Free - The free option gives you access to the teleprompter app on iOS or Android mobile devices where you can read and record your story at the same time. You can then export your video straight to your camera roll, youtube, facebook platforms etc. A small watermark will be present. 
Starter - With Starter, you can use the teleprompter app and the desktop platform for editing your script and your captions. Use the drag and drop storyboard on our wbe based Composer to add your logo and colors to bring your video to life.
Plus - With Plus, you can record videos up to 59 min and access the online teleprompter on your desktop to record clips or stream live to Facebook, YouTube or LinkedIn.
Workgroup - The Workgroup plan allows access to 5 collaborators to the teleprompter app and the web desk for editing. Add your logo, corporate colors, custom fonts, titlings and intros and outros, and share them with your team. We provide a free  30 minute onboarding training session.

Can I create slick videos with titling overlays for my social media audience?

Many publishers such as AJ+ and Now This use After Effects for titling on Facebook. The problem is, After Effects is a powerful tool but very complex for non-savvy video editing users.
With BIGVU, you can create the same professional quality without any previous experience. You’ll have a polished video in minutes.
Using the BIGVU desktop platform, you can drag and drop photos, video shots and tweets into your storyboard timeline.
Type your titling into each card and use the symbols * or / to set the style of your text. You can set three styles defining how your text will display, including different fonts, colors, regular/bold/condensed etc. Enter these commands once in a template and the style of your branding will be consistent across each scene card.
Hit make video and publish your video immediately to Youtube, Facebook Instagram or Twitter.