AI Voice Cloning

Create a voice clone that copies your own voice perfectly. Use it to add a personal voice narration from text to your video in any of our 20+ supported languages!

Clone Your Voice

How to Clone Your Voice using BIGVU AI Voice Cloning?


Add the Script to the blue box above

Copy and paste your video script into the script box above and the tap on the "Clone Your Voice" button

Clone Your Voice

After finalizing your text or script, select the 'Clone Voice' option. Then, upload a sample of your audio (at least 60 seconds).

Select the Background and Color of the Waveform

Select an avatar for your video, choose a background image or video, or upload your own, and customize the waveform color.

Create Video

Simply hit 'Create Video' to get your new video with your cloned voice, customized by your avatar, backgrounds, and waveform color.

Spice up With Elegant Subtitles, Overlays, Split Screens and Publish

Enhance your audiogram video with stylish captions and impressive animations. Drag and drop images and video, music, and effects to create a professional video. Then share your video with one tap to all your social media accounts, download or embed.

Join more than 10 million happy video makers

Kiss expensive equipment goodbye. Replicate your own voice to create authentic studio-grade voiceover videos in minutes.

As a content creator or business owner, it can be frustrating to get the perfect voiceover for your videos in your own voice. Sometimes the mic doesn't work, or you stumble while recording. You spend countless hours retaking and still don't achieve the consistency in your voice that you need. But not anymore! With BIGVU's AI Voice Cloning feature, those days are over.

This tool allows you to create AI clones of human voices, including your own, quickly and easily. You can generate personalized, professional voiceovers that sound just like you, with one-tap. Mind-blowing, we know! Plus, it saves you time and stress when editing videos, allowing you to consistently publish content that stays true to your brand and sounds authentic.

Video Tutorial

Clone a Voice with 99% Accuracy

BIGVU offers a voice cloning feature that uses AI to help you clone your own voice or anyone else's with just a short audio sample. Creating consistent and high-quality voiceovers can be time-consuming and challenging, especially when you have to record your own voice. You may have to deal with numerous retakes and inconsistent audio quality. Whether you're a content creator or a brand struggling to create consistent videos due to limited time or lack of high-end equipment, with BIGVU, you can mimic your own voice for any script.

Create Voiceovers 10X Faster

Let's say you've an amazing idea for a video, and you already have its script. With BIGVU AI Voice Cloning, you can now generate a perfect voiceover that sounds just like you. Imagine never having to spend hours on retakes or hiring voice actors! Our advanced technology allows you to clone your voice, transforming text into a natural-sounding narration effortlessly. Whether you're creating tutorials, podcasts, or marketing videos, BIGVU ensures your content remains authentic and professional.

Personalize Your Videos or Podcasts With a Cloned Voice

Imagine being able to create videos or podcasts that sound just like you, even on your busiest days. Most creators struggle to maintain a consistent voice, which results in disjointed projects and extra hours of recording. This inconsistency breaks the flow and reduces engagement. But with BIGVU Voice Cloning feature, you can easily replicate your unique voice, ensuring that every piece of content reflects your personal touch. This captivates your audience with seamless, authentic-sounding content every time.

Reach a Global Audience with 20+ Translated Languages, Spoken in Your Cloned Voice!

Easily reach a global audience with BIGVU's AI Voice Cloning! Having trouble connecting with viewers in different languages? Traditional voiceovers take time and money. With our AI, clone your voice and translate it into 20+ languages while maintaining your unique tone and style. Imagine your content resonating in Spanish, Japanese, or Arabic, all in your own voice. No more language barriers, just a worldwide reach. Customize your videos with an avatar, royalty-free backgrounds, captions and more.

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