5 Brilliant Video Tips Coaches Should Seriously Take into Consideration in 2022

Did you know that more than 78% of people worldwide watch videos every single week? Whereas the daily count stands at a staggering 55%. 

Back when videos weren’t as popular and easily accessible as they are today, people had no other option but to rely on text-based official company documentation and tutorials to acquire a new skill or learn more about a product/service.

But that’s not the case anymore. 

Nobody likes to go through a pile of text these days. At the same time, thousands, if not millions, of coaches upload text-based posts on Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms all the time. 

Additionally, it’s important to note that viewers retain over 95% of a message from a video, whereas the number stands at a mere 10% for text-based information.

This means – whether you’re a weight loss or accountability coach looking forward to building a truly value-adding and insightful course for your audience, if you want to achieve the desired results and get the most out of your efforts, we’d advise you to tap into the power of videos.

But wait!

“Isn’t the process of planning, processing,
and editing videos tedious and time-consuming?”

If you’re looking forward to building powerful and engaging coaching videos yet are worried about the entire process being tedious and tiresome, we’d advise you to look at the five brilliant video tips we’ve put together for you that a lot of coaches in our network personally consider to level up their videos.

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Table of Contents:

    5 Insightful Video Tips Coaches Should Consider to Level Up Their Videos

    Following are the five video tips for coaches we’ll be covering throughout this blog post:

    • Plan Ahead & Build a Script 
    • Have a Professional Background
    • Focus on the Audio Quality
    • Prioritize Branding
    • Add Captions to Your Videos

    Plan Ahead & Build a Script

    Whether you’re planning to build video tutorials for your upcoming course or social media channels, strategic planning is critical. Sun Tzu once said, “Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

    Similarly, there’s no point in rolling out randomly produced videos. We can’t stretch enough how important it is to have a plan in place. So, the first thing we’d advise you to do is build a strategic monthly or quarterly calendar – which comprises your goals, objectives, target audience pain points, and problems. And based on this, conduct thorough topic research. 

    And once you have the topics finalized and when you’re finally ready to produce a video, we’d advise you to write a script ahead of time. You may either cover the bullet points or write down a word-by-word script.

    After all, you don’t really want to look confused in your videos, do you? And let’s admit it – we all hate multiple retakes.

    Hence, it’s essential to write down a script. Doing this will help you look confident and avoid the number of retakes. 

    With BIGVU, you can write down your script ahead of time within the application. This script will be presented in front of you while you’re recording the video. This means – you don’t really have to worry about constantly moving your face away from the camera towards the script.

    Have a Professional Background

    Rolling out videos with a cluttered or messy background will leave a bad impression. And that’s the last thing you’d want to do. Having a professional background in your videos will help you not only create a great impression but increase your brand awareness. 

    For years, content producers have been using green screens for replacing backgrounds or for visual effects. And you can do the same. But don’t worry – you don’t really have to invest thousands of dollars in installing a green screen or editing and replacing them with your desired background.

    BIGVU allows you to replace your green screen with extremely professional backgrounds at the click of a button. And the best part is – you’ll be able to do it from within your application. 

    Focus on the Audio Quality

    Since the Covid-19 pandemic hit, a huge chunk of people are working from home. And if you don’t really have a dedicated office space as well as audio equipment like mics, then you may face a hard time boosting your audio quality. From low volume to constant disturbances, if the audio quality in your videos is poor, then again – you’ll be leaving a bad impression.

    It's super-important to roll out videos with superior audio quality – which is why BIGVU allows you to work on your video’s audio with its in-built audio configuration settings.

    Prioritize Branding

    We can’t deny how important personal branding is. Over 70% of marketers have reported that consistent branding is one of the critical things to consider while communicating with existing customers.

    What’s the first thing you want your customers to think of when they look at your videos? Maybe your logo. Or your tone. 

    You’ll only be able to position yourself as an authoritative figure and make your audience feel something when you focus on your personal branding efforts. And while you’re doing so, it’s important to add your personal brand’s visual elements to every content piece you roll out. And that includes video as well.

    Our dev team has made sure that you’re easily able to upload your brand logo and add it to your videos at the click of a button. This means – no more having to use separate software – just so you could add your brand logo to your videos.

    Add Captions to Your Videos

    When you add captions to your videos, you’ll be able to make sure that your video content can easily be accessed by almost every person out there. 

    What if the viewers can’t understand your language? Or what if they are deaf or face a hard time hearing?

    Alongside ease of accessibility, adding captions to your videos can help you improve your average watch time, deliver a great experience and remove all barriers that may be stopping you from reaching out to your audience. 

    Again – with BIGVU, you can add captions to your videos in the click of a button. Upon uploading or recording a video, you can click on the “Add Captions” button and choose the desired language. And in no time, a translation will be delivered and synced automatically on your storyboard.


    Planning, recording, and editing coaching videos is tiresome, but only if you don’t have an all-in-one video production and editing software like BIGVU in place. 

    Seriously – let’s say you want to build a weight loss video tutorial to generate high-quality leads. 

    The first step would be to write down a script for your video – which you’d have to either do on a piece of paper or on a text editor on your phone or desktop. Now, while recording the video, you’d have to revisit the script multiple times or maybe go through multiple takes – which may make you look distracted in your videos.

    Lastly, you’d have to use a separate video editing platform to edit your video – even though the changes are really minute. And when you’re done editing, you’d have to render and export the final piece – which you’ll have to manually add to different social media channels.

    Trust me on this one – if you go down this road, there’s a high probability that you will quit publishing coaching videos on your social media channels or other platforms.

    With BIGVU, you can simplify the process, all thanks to the all-in-one functionality that’ll help you plan, record, and edit videos in one place.  

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