4 BIG Reasons Companies Should Tap into the Power of Video for Corporate Internal Communication

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4 BIG Reasons Companies Should Tap into the Power of Video for Corporate Internal Communication
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    Despite most companies having numerous internal communication channels like Slack, emails, newsletters, and many more, we’re witnessing an ever-increasing number of employees feeling disconnected and disengaged at work.

    These days, if you want to engage millennials and Gen-Z, who make up about 1/3rd of the overall workforce, you need to incorporate a communication channel that they feel comfortable with and would love to tap into - that’s video.

    Your employees will reportedly retain about 95% of information from a video. At the same time, about 93% of internal communicators have reported that video is a critical corporate internal communication tool. About 59% of senior executives have reported that they would rather watch a video than read a pile of text.

    The real reason why video is the best corporate internal communication tool is that it simply works. People love watching videos. Not only does it create a shared sense of purpose but it can also help employees build long-lasting relationships with others.

    To help you fully understand the power of videos for corporate internal communication, we’ve put together this blog post, where we’ll be shedding light on the four reasons why companies should use video as their primary internal communication tool.

    4 Reasons Companies Should Use Video for
    Corporate Internal Communication

    Following are the four reasons why businesses/corporates should use video for their internal communication:

    • Helps Engage Employees
    • Creates a Shared Sense of Purpose
    • Helps Increase Profitability
    • Bridges Gap for Remote Employees

    Let’s touch down on each of these reasons one by one.

    Helps Engage Employees

    As we mentioned already, employees are already feeling disconnected and disengaged at work, especially in the Covid-19 era. While companies have already begun calling their employees back to offices, a huge chunk of people are still working from their homes. 

    These days, we already lack face-to-face communication - which has resulted in employees facing a hard time bonding with each other and believing in the company’s mission, vision, and values.

    While email has historically been a great internal communication tool and it still is, younger people prefer watching a video rather than going through a pile of text. Whether you want to roll out a major announcement or share a message to an employee who’s a part of another department, rolling out short and on-point videos will help you smartly convey the message without boring the person who’s on the other end. 

    With BIGVU, you can produce high-quality and engaging corporate videos in time. From writing down a script to recording videos to editing them, BIGVU is an all-in-one video platform that’s already making it easier for anyone looking forward to rolling out engaging videos quickly.

    Creates a Shared Sense of Purpose

    Only 40% of employees in a company are aware of their organization’s goals. If a company’s employees aren’t aware of its goals, then the end result will be a lack of productivity, demotivation, poor output, and lack of customer satisfaction. If you want your employees to give their 100%, you need to create a shared sense of purpose. 

    This means - rather than sharing your purpose, values, mission, and goals via email or other text-based communication channels, it’s advisable to convey this via a video. Whether you are a C-level executive or team leader, you can use BIGVU to record, edit and roll out high-quality videos - which will eventually help you create a shared sense of purpose. 

    And the best part is - once the video is ready to roll out, you don’t really need to send them over via email. With BIGVU Video Pages, you can upload these videos to dedicated branded landing pages in no time.

    Helps Increase Profitability

    Poor communication between management and staff often results in chaos. If employees can’t understand management’s expectations, goals, and strategy, then it’ll result in late deliverables, loss, customer dissatisfaction, and more.

    Having video as your primary corporate internal communication method will help you engage your employees and create a shared sense of purpose. This will ultimately result in higher productivity and increased engagement. Highly engaged employees would love nothing more than to give their 100% - which means better business results. 

    When you convey your message via a video, your employees will be far more likely to watch it than read an email with the same message. With more and more employees preferring to watch video over text, most staff members will be aware of your team or company’s strategy. Not only will they feel a part of something big but they’ll also be more inclined to contribute to the strategy.

    Bridges Gap for Remote Employees

    Since we’re working remotely from our homes and don’t really see our colleagues’ faces on a day-to-day basis, your employees will obviously feel disconnected and disengaged. Lack of face-to-face interactions results in employees not being able to build long-lasting relationships with their fellow co-workers. And obviously, you can’t build a strong relationship over Slack chat.

    That’s where video comes in. 

    With BIGVU, employees can build, edit and roll out videos with ease in no time. Whether you want to convey a message to your co-worker or share an announcement with the team, you can tap into the power of video for efficient communication.


    Videos are effective. And while text-based channels like email, chat applications, and many others are the primary form of internal communication in most companies, you can level up your internal communication strategy with videos. 

    And the best part is - you don’t need to spend tens or hundreds of dollars in building and editing a video. At the same time, you don’t really need to spend hours getting a video ready to roll out. Instead, with BIGVU, you can record, edit and roll out video in no time without having to spend thousands of dollars.

    Don’t wait around!

    Tap into the power of BIGVU to level up your company’s internal communication.

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