Using Video Testimonials to Position Your Brand as Credible & Trustworthy

92% of consumers have claimed that online reviews and testimonials heavily impact their purchasing decisions. In fact, 88% have reported that they trust online testimonials as much as personal recommendations from their friends as well as family members.

In today’s crowded market, consumers are actively looking forward to working with brands they can trust.  The only problem is – the market is flooded with hundreds of brands offering similar services just like you.  Every single one of them is using power terms like “results-driven,” “revolutionary,” “premium” to describe their products or services.

Any brand, regardless of their product's quality or services, are using such words to catch their audience’s attention. This has made it incredibly hard for consumers to trust brands, especially ones who have recently kickstarted their online venture.  

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    In today’s competitive market, building trust and positioning your business as credible is critical.  While brands have historically been adding text-based testimonials to their website to build trust, they are not enough to get the job done. That’s where video testimonials come in. 

    About 70% of marketers have reported that video converts better than other forms of content, which means sharing your past customer experiences in the form of videos is an effective way of catching your audience’s attention and building trust, and that’s not all. From helping brands build an emotional connection to improving their exposure, incorporating video testimonials can help you build a rock-solid online presence. 

    We’re not saying that text-based testimonials don’t work. Text-based testimonials do work, but video testimonials deliver better results. To help you better understand the benefits of video testimonials, we’ve put together this blog post, where we’ll be shedding light on what makes video testimonials the highest converting tool for a business.

    Text vs Video Testimonials – What You Need to Know

    About 77% of people who have watched a brand's testimonial video have reported that it has played an important part in convincing them to purchase that brand’s product or service. 

    Videos are engaging and memorable – which makes video testimonials so powerful, but we already know that. 

    To help you better understand why video testimonials work as well as they do, here is an example of a video testimonial recorded on BIGVU:

    Now, let’s compare it with a text-based testimonial – which we also have on our website:

    BIGVU testimonial

    Which one do you think would help us build trust and credibility? We think the video testimonial is much more powerful.

    When you see a text-based testimonial on a brand’s website, you’re not really witnessing someone endorsing the brand in person. Instead, all you can see is the testimonial along with the person’s picture. And you are not really sure if it’s real or fake. After all, it’s common for brands to add fake testimonials to their websites these days.

    That’s right. In fact, there are numerous testimonial generators like this one:

    testimonial generator

    On the other hand, when you watch a video testimonial, you are actually watching the pre-recorded video of a person endorsing the brand you’re looking forward to doing business with. It’s not just dummy text on the brand’s website. Instead, it’s the actual person. 

    When you get your past customers or clients to convey how your business helped them in the form of a video, your audience will have something that they can connect to, and that’s what matters.

    While video testimonials are indeed powerful, most people are under the assumption that they’ll have to spend up too much of their valuable time and effort on it. We must say – recording and editing videos have historically been time-consuming and daunting, and let’s not forget how expensive it can turn out to be.

    BUT! That’s not the case anymore. With BIGVU, not only can you get your past customers to easily record video testimonials, but you can also edit and optimize the video for the best possible results in no time.

    How Does BIGVU Simplify the Video Testimonials Production Process?

    Getting your video testimonials up and running has never been easier. BIGVU simplifies the E2E process for everyone involved. That’s right – you’ll not be making the entire process daunting for your past customers as well. 

    Recording a Video Testimonial with BIGVU:

    With BIGVU Teleprompter, your past customers/clients don’t have to worry about slipping their tongue or forgetting to mention something important. They don’t have to go through multiple retakes. Instead, with Teleprompter, your past customers/clients can write down their testimonial script well in advance. When they are done with the script, all they need to do is hit the record button – and they’ll see the script playing in front of them while they’re recording the video.

    Editing the Video Testimonial with BIGVU:

    Once they’re done with the recording and you collect the video testimonial, your team can take over and edit the video for the best possible results. From adding captions to the video to positioning it right, to adding music, you can edit the video testimonial right from BIGVU within seconds. 

    At the same time, if you want a customizable background, you can always ask your clients to use a green screen – which you can later replace with a better-looking professional background right from within BIGVU. 

    Lastly, when the video testimonial is ready to roll out, whether you want to publish it on YouTube or Facebook, or Instagram, you can do it with the click of a button. Apart from this, you can tap into BIGVU’s Video Page feature to build a dedicated video page with the video testimonial at the center along with a custom CTA. Not only will this video testimonial be hosted live, but you can also share it over email or across different social media platforms.   

    And the best part is that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on building these video testimonials. At BIGVU, one of our primary goals has always been to help businesses roll out high-quality videos without having to spend thousands of dollars. You can get started with BIGVU for as low as $14.99.

    Don’t limit yourself. Use video testimonials to boost your brand’s credibility. Tap into the full force of BIGVU to unleash the power of video testimonials.