10 Best Tools for Repurposing Your Video Content

Keisha Washington
Keisha Washington
Video Creator and Marketing Coach

Repurposing content means giving your old ideas a new shape – a fresh spin – making it more accessible to and engaging for a newer, wider audience. It generally involves converting content from one format to others.

This old content can take any new shape, from engaging blog posts to captivating static illustrations to elaborate infographics. But we’re here to talk specifically about video content.

Let’s say you’ve shot a creative video with valuable information and eye-catching visuals for your YouTube channel; its reach doesn’t have to end there. You can get YouTube Shorts, Instagram reels, TikToks, WhatsApp statuses, or even slightly longer videos to post on various other social media channels.

Video repurposing allows you to give your old content a new life, reaching more people and fostering greater engagement across various platforms.

Let’s talk about why repurposing video content is a must-do and what tools you can use to give your old content a new, refreshing look by turning it into other formats.

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Table of Contents:

    Top 10 tools for recycling your old video content

    1. BIGVU

    BIGVU is an amazing AI-powered tool for shooting fantastic videos using just your smartphone camera or webcam and intelligently editing them to perfection. It has plenty of cool features, some of which we have to talk about.

    First comes the online teleprompter tool to keep you on script while you’re recording a video, be it a live podcast or a lifestyle vlog. Then there’s the AI magic writer, which whips up video scripts based on whatever keywords or topics you input, greatly speeding up the video content creation process.

    Using BIGVU, you can easily trim and edit the original, long-form video into smaller clips to post on any platform you see fit. There’s also an in-built scheduling tool that you can use to better manage the posting of this new repurposed content on your socials. The automatic captioning is pretty neat, too, for quick transcription for subtitles, with AI translation across various languages. On top of that, when you repurpose your video for other socials, the tool will automatically resize the clips as required and even come up with interesting text captions to go along each video post.

    For repurposing content with BIGVU, add in captions and transcripts for accessibility, brainstorm fresh video ideas, chop long-form videos into short-form ones – it’s a one-stop-shop!

    The video platform offers a free plan that can be upgraded to either of the two paid plans for individuals – Starter for $9 and AI Pro for $14 per month. The Teams package costs $14 per month per user.

    2. Movavi

    Movavi Video Editor comes with a plethora of features to assist with video content creation and repurposing.

    For starters, the video editing tool makes it easy to split lengthy videos into shorter clips with its smart scene detection. This AI-driven scene detection feature, with great accuracy, neatly slices your video into shorter segments according to automatically detected scene changes. Furthermore, with the split overlay feature, you can create a dynamic split-screen from multiple videos, letting you tweak their aspect ratio and position. You can thus get podcast and Q&A style videos without having to get different speakers together to conduct coordinated sessions.

    Movavi can thus save you a lot of time if you want to reuse your full-length videos and quickly chop them up into digestible shorts. While the free version adds a watermark, two paid plans are available, both offering a generous 7-day free trial. Prices start at $49.95 per year.

    3. InVideo

    InVideo lets you create and edit videos online with templates and features. You can trim, crop, and merge clips from different sources and create new versions for different platforms. Need voice or narration? InVideo’s voice-over features let you choose text-to-speech or record audio.

    InVideo is a versatile tool for repurposing content.

    Let’s say you have a long podcast to post on social media. You can turn it into lots of shorter pieces, from trailers and promos to replay videos and dynamic quotes, and much more, all within InVideo’s platform. You can pop on some autogenerated subtitles, titles, graphics, and brand logos on top of your short videos. To avoid creating short-form videos from scratch, you can simply use some of the thousands of templates available on InVideo’s platform for various use cases, replacing the default media with your own short content.

    The free plan gets you watermarked videos and applies limits on video duration and resolution. The two paid plans offer major perks. Both come with a 7-day money-back guarantee.

    4. Kapwing

    Kapwing is a great choice of video editor for cooking up awesome videos, images, GIFs, and other short videos that are ready to share on your social media profiles. Its Repurpose Studio uses AI to split long videos into short clips. It does this by intelligently analyzing your video transcript to identify key topics. It then picks out the juiciest bits, resizes the video and tweaks aspect ratios, centers the speakers on-screen, and even adds editable subtitles and your requested translations.

    To get the maximum benefit out of this tool, you will have to get at least the Pro plan, which will cost you $16 per month per user.

    5. is a video editing platform driven by natural language processing and AI. It has a feature called Intelliclips, which is essentially a video summarizer that cuts long videos down to their most important parts and gives you concise versions of them. They also have a frame and scene detection feature called CutMagic.

    You can then see your creations reformatted to different sizes and resolutions suitable for various social platforms after AI subtitles are added to them. can auto-generate hashtags and captions to accompany your short videos with. The tool can also help predict how likely it would be for a repurposed video to go viral on the social platform it’s intended for.

    The pricing is a bit on the higher side, we can’t lie. There’s a limited free version, after which you will have to pay a whopping $29.99 per month or $216 per year for the Pro plan. The Pro+ plan is even more costly.

    6. OpusClip

    With the support of a powerful AI engine, OpusClip turns your long videos into engaging clips that have the potential to go viral – this is their promise. From each long video you upload on your YouTube channel, OpusClip creates 10 shorter clips perfect for TikTok. There’s a structure to the process. The tool makes sure each video has a strong hook. And the editing part is easy, too. Captions are added, and important keywords are highlighted automatically, for instance. Speakers are auto-centered in the reformatted shorts.

    They've got a free plan and a Starter pack for $9 a month. The regular price for the Pro version is $29 a month. Both come with a 7-day free trial, so you can take the tool on a test drive before a commitment.

    7. ends the pain of uploading the same content everywhere. The tool automatically turns your existing videos, long and short, into refreshing content for YouTube Shorts, TikTok, Instagram, and many other platforms. You could start with anything, from a YouTube documentary to a recorded Zoom call to a podcast. Everything will be converted into perfectly cut gems for other platforms. And there’s no complex video editing software involved!

    You can use it to create different formats and versions of your videos, such as square or vertical videos with or without captions and graphics, with no necessary manual editing. The tool is user-friendly and flexible, integrates with popular social media and content-sharing platforms, and lets you create workflows that automate all your uploads.

    The platform has a 14-day free trial, after which you can opt for either the Content Marketer package costing $25 per month, or the Agency package for $125 per month.

    8. VEED

    VEED is a multifaceted tool, but the content repurposing process is simple. Upload or record your short video. Use the video editing suite to refine your video. Then, use the auto-resizing option to select which platform you want to post your video on. The aspect ratio will be adjusted automatically.

    One con is that the platform doesn’t automate the publishing process in any way. You will very much have to download the video for each platform manually and painstakingly, one by one. Another downside is that there is no automatic scene detection feature that might create your shorts for you. The trimming and cropping will all have to happen manually.

    While VEED does offer a limiting free version, its basic plan costs $18 per user per month, and the prices go up to $70 as the feature set broadens.

    9. Munch

    For times when you need to quickly repurpose your long videos into shorter, catchier ones, Munch comes highly recommended. With this user-friendly tool, you can automate editing, generate auto-captions, and easily publish your repurposed video content on platforms of your choice. Each of these tasks is backed by artificial intelligence, making it a quick and accurate solution that makes sure that each video’s essential parts are front and center (literally and figuratively!).

    The intelligent software also analyzes current trends to make sure that the bite-sized videos it’s outputting have the maximum potential to conquer current trends.

    This software can be a bit costly, starting from $49 a month, according to different review websites.

    10. Reduct

    Reduct is a handy video repurposing tool aimed at various audiences, including professionals working in the film, marketing, academics, and education niches.

    Reduct’s most notable feature is its AI-driven transcript editor, which can transcribe all kinds of long-form videos within minutes with commendable accuracy. This means you can easily turn your videos into detailed blog posts and articles.

    You can then highlight the most important parts of the video based on the generated transcript. Reduct will create short videos containing these key takeaways by cutting out the unneeded parts from the original video. You can then easily download this new short video as a .mp4 file.

    You can test out some basic features within 14 days of free trial, but the full functionality unlocks with the Standard plan priced at $30 per month per user. The fees go up to $75 per user per month, depending on which package you choose.

    Wrapping up

    Repurposing your video content is a strategic necessity that can help you:

    • Reach a wider audience across different platforms
    • Reinforce your brand image by strengthening your brand voice
    • Boost your customer engagement
    • Promote customer trust and loyalty
    • Improve your SEO and organic traffic
    • Drive higher conversion rates

    By transforming your videos into reels, podcasts, static illustrations, articles, or any other format, you’ll be able to target a wide range of social and content platforms and leave your mark on the digital landscape. With the right tool for repurposing video content, you can get creative and see your old videos come alive again.