Create videos as a team

Share your workspace with your team.
Manage scripts, video clips and your brand media library.

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BIGVU WorkGroup

BIGVU WorkGroup empowers teams to create better video presentations through collaboration.

  • Shared workspace - scripts, storyboards, videos are shared on your workgroup cloud

  • Shared media library - keep all your brand creatives in your shared Media Library. Simply drag & drop your files and then you or your team members can later use the visuals in your videos.

  • Web & Mobile - access your content from your smartphone or on your desktop.

  • Scale - create workdspaces for 5, 10, 15, 20 users and more.

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Use cases

Agencies – Collaborate with multiple clients. Assign a workspace to each customer with their logo and a dedicated media asset library.

Employee Ambassador Programs – Get your script written and reviewed by a colleague automatically right in your app. Share easily videos among your organization and customers.

Corporate Comm. & HR – Create on-boarding videos, news updates and internal announcememnts. With BIGVU, anyone can create professional videos, with just their smartphone and without any video editing skills.

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Create videos with your team
Your share media assets

A shared media library

Drag & drop and store all your assets in one place - photos, videos, audio files. Easily repurpose your content in multiple clips. Organize your assets into folders such as short clips for intro & outros, photos or video shots of your product or services or your team in action at work.

Corporate Styling

Businesses need to deliver consistent branding across all channels to bond with audiences.
Just focus on your story, and you need to be able to apply your corporate logo, colors and styling in a snap.

Overlays and Captions – Users often consume video content on social media, in public spaces or at work with the sound muted. Add automatic captions to ensure your content is always consumable.

Email & Video Pages - Send a video email or share a link to a video embedded in a landing page with your logo, and customized call-to-action buttons.

Teleprompter for iPad, iPhone and Android
Shooting professional videos with an iPad

Fast production turnaround

Videos have a short lifecycle. To keep your viewers’ attention, it’s crucial you keep them updated regularly with a fast production turnaround.
BIGVU has removed all the pain with no more blockers of an external editor. Video’s can be captured, edited, compiled and approved for publishing in a matter of minutes.

Multiple Versions

When you’re communicating multiple products to various target audiences, you need new processes and a smart platform for this to work effectively.
For social media, shorter teaser videos work well to create interest, but you may want to include a link to a longer version on your website or Youtube.

Optimization of video formats - Creating multiple versions such as square, landscape and portrait to maximize your reach in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube or your website.

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Make your videos look pro

A TV studio that fits into the palm of your hand.

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