Which Real Estate Social Network Should You Be On? A Guide For The Perplexed Realtor

Md. Asif Rahman
Md. Asif Rahman
Certified Writer, Content Creator and Tech Expert

Why do realtors have their picture on their advertisments?

As a realtor, your personal brand recognition is important. Your face and personality need to be connected to success and trustworthiness. That's why so many real estate agents are finding that if they don't have a presence on a social network, they'll be left behind.

Social media has become the driving force for real estate agents so they can connect with their audience and grow their business. 

However, there are so many social media platforms. How do you know which one will work for you? To assist you, we’ve provided information on the top networking platforms so you can make an informed decision. 

Each platform has its own unique features and benefits. Keep reading to find out which platform aligns with your goals and target audience. 

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Which Real Estate Social Network Should You Be On? A Guide For The Perplexed Realtor
Table of Contents:

    How We Know Which Sites are the Best for Real Estate Agents

    BIGVU is one of the biggest teleprompter and video creation apps on the market that real estate agents use to make marketing content. Currently, BIGVU has over 7 million registered users and about 100,000 registered real estate agents. 

    Looking at data over the last three months, over 21,000 scripts were written by real estate agents for different platforms using BIGVU. We’ve analyzed the data to see which social media networks real estate agents use the most to give you accurate data. 

    What are the Best Real Estate Social Networks for Real Estate Marketing? 

    Currently, Instagram is considered the ideal platform for a good marketing strategy for real estate. In fact, 74% of real estate agents create stories on Instagram which is one of the features of the app. However, TikTok is also becoming a popular choice for realtors. 

    Although there aren’t many real estate agents utilizing TikTok yet, the few that are using the platform are seeing great results. TikTok is an ideal way to reach a wider audience in social media and build trust with them but with less competition. 

    A Rundown of All the Social Media Networks You Should Be On with Examples 

    TikTok and Instagram aren’t the only social media platforms in the industry you can use to promote your business and connect with your audience. In this section, we’ve provided additional networking platforms that will help you reach your audience easily in the real estate space. 

    YouTube - For a Consistent Real Estate Vlog

    As of 2023, there are over 2.70 billion active users on YouTube from all around the world. It’s the perfect platform for long and short-form videos. About 55% of realtors post content on YouTube shorts to appeal to those who like watching quick videos.   

    Target Audience

    The advantage of YouTube is that you have the opportunity to reach various clients such as first-time home buyers, people who want to buy luxury apartments, or people aged between 30 and 50. 

    Types of Videos You Should Create:

    • Neighborhood tours: Create longer videos to give your audience a tour around the neighborhood. Show them where the entertainment areas are as well as schools and shopping centers. Be sure to showcase some interesting facts or landmarks to attract potential buyers. 
    • News about the local market: You can create interesting YouTube shorts about economic shifts in the market. Or you can show the size, age, and condition of typical real estate properties.
    • YouTube Live events: A YouTube live is when you’re recording in real-time. You can host a Q&A with your social media followers or show them what an open house is like. What’s more, you can interview people who live in the area or showcase schools and restaurants. 


    If you’re looking for inspiration on the type of content to create on YouTube then take a look at the YouTube channel Living in Northeast Ohio. Here you can find content on what it’s like moving to Cleveland Ohio. This shows you the type of real estate content that do well on YouTube and gets more followers. 

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    Facebook Page - For Real Estate Ads and to Build a Community

    As of the third quarter of 2023, Facebook has 3 billion users worldwide. Facebook the most used social media network and has various age demographics. 58% of realtors use Facebook stories to share their information. You can use it to create ads for your business or build a strong community. 

    Target Audience

    Since Facebook has a variety of demographics, you can reach all sorts of people like first-time home buyers or people who want to move to a better area or individuals who want to buy a better real estate. Additionally, you can reach clients based on how much they are making using Facebook ads. 

    Types of Videos You Should Create:

    • Open house tours: The best type of content to make on Facebook is open house tours so you can show your viewers what a property looks like. This is ideal for people who are busy and don’t always have time to attend open house tours at specific times. 
    • New listings: Another type of video that does well on Facebook is showing your audience new listings in specific areas. Your viewers will then get all their information from you instead of manually looking for listings in their area. 


    The perfect example of a successful realtor on Facebook is that of Realty Group. The business keeps its clients informed of the latest news and listings. Take a look at the video showing the company’s newest office location in Blaine to give you an idea of how to create your content and get clients to follow you. 

    LinkedIn - For Networking with Other Real Estate Agencies

    With over 950 million users in over 200 countries, LinkedIn is the ideal social media platform for you to connect with other professional real estate agencies. Get insights into how these real estate agencies set up their profiles and what sort of advertising techniques they use to attract new leads. 

    Target Audience 

    LinkedIn provides an excellent opportunity for you to connect with potential sellers, buyers, and renters. You may find a much older client base with higher budgets on this platform so you can sell bigger or luxury properties. 

    Types of Videos You Should Create:

    • Industry news: Share information such as how inflation affects the real estate market on LinkedIn to boost engagement. You can even promote topics in other countries like the state of China’s real estate industry. Allow people to comment or ask questions on your posts.  
    • For high-end and luxury properties: People on LinkedIn are typically professionals with higher budgets so you can do tours of high-end and luxury real estate properties to attract them. Do neighborhood tours and provide the benefits of living in a specific area to attract these buyers. 


    Linda Kennedy on LinkedIn is the perfect example of the type of information to cover on the platform as a realtor. She shares content online of what it’s like to live in specific areas like Naples and provides attractive descriptions for each video. 

    Instagram - For Updates on the Latest Properties 

    As mentioned before, Instagram is the most popular real estate social network in the industry. On this platform, you can create updates on the latest properties. It’s also great for connecting on a personal level with your client base by showing them what you do on a typical workday for real.   

    Target Audience 

    Instagram appeals to a younger audience. You may get leads from Gen Z renters or potential millennial buyers. Create content that appeals to both these audiences. 

    Types of Videos You Should Create:

    • Instagram Live: This type of content is great for open-house tours. Show potential clients what the neighborhood real estate looks like or interview the people who live there.   
    • Stories: Use Instagram stories to show new listings. Use trending hashtags to reach a wider audience. You can use the BIGVU AI Caption Generator to help you for real. 
    • Reels: This feature on Instagram is ideal for creating short-form videos. You can use this section to provide tips and the latest news around real estate industry.  
    • Posts: Capture images of the inside and outside of properties that are for rent or sale. In the description, explain what the property has such as the number of rooms or bathrooms. 


    If you’re not sure how to create interesting listings for your real estate Instagram page, then check out Taya DiCarlo’s page. She makes all sorts of professional posts on the latest real estate news and listings. 

    TikTok - For Short Snappy Videos 

    TikTok is quickly becoming the go-to platform for realtors to make short and snappy videos that make a big impact. You can share your new real estate listings in a fun and creative way on your channel. 

    Target Audience 

    If you want to reach younger home buyers and renters then TikTok is the ideal platform to attract new leads. 

    Types of Videos You Should Create:

    • Share new listings: Use transitions, visual effects, and music to showcase new real estate properties in a fun and creative way.  
    • Creative and engaging: Get more engagement on your posts by creating fun and quirky posts. Check out Mark Salerno Real Estate’s “Can you guess the price series”. Mark uploads images of houses and then asks his followers to write in the comments their estimate for the house. 
    • Fun things about the neighborhood: Create content that shows the fun side of the neighborhood such as gyms, bars, and theaters.   


    We love Mark Salerno Real Estate channel on TikTok! He does a great job of mixing fun videos with more real estate geared posts. It’s the perfect mix between professional and authentic!

    Tools to Help You with Real Estate Social Network Marketing


    BIGVU has various tools to help you make professional real estate videos. It can generate real estate scripts for you! Then, use the teleprompter to deliver your lines confidently and naturally.

    BIGVU also has a variety of video marketing tools for realtors. 

    You can share visual content easily on all your social media accounts, and get free analytics of your real estate related videos. All you have to do is connect your social media accounts to BIGVU. 


    Canva is a free design platform that has thousands of customizable templates. You can create digital flyers for new real estate listings or customize the many video templates they have for catchy intros. There are a variety of themes to choose from that will make your real estate content stand out.

    A Smartphone 

    If you’re a realtor who’s always on the move, then you can use your smartphone to film videos on the go. Make sure you have a portable microphone and consider other accessories like a ring light and a gimbal

    If you’re looking for a quicker and easier way to share real estate-related content with your audience, you can do so via BIGVU. You can share your videos on all your social media pages with a simple tap of a button on your smartphone. You can also use BIGVU to edit your videos online to enhance their quality before you post them. 


    It can be daunting knowing where to start. Our recommendation? If you're still confused - start where you are comfortable. Is there a specific platform you enjoy being on? That's probably your first place to start. The key to succeeding on social media is consistency. Use tools that will cut down your production time and give you more time to do what you do best- sell homes!