You are already well aware of how powerful video truly is. 

As humans, we love watching videos. 

But, when it comes to speaking confidently in front of the camera, not so much. 

For whatever purpose you’re looking forward to producing a video, the thing is – if you want to impress your viewers and make them take the desired action, you need to put your best foot forward. And you’ll never be able to do it if your audience finds you sweating and feeling unconfident all the time. 

Marcus Garvey once said, “With confidence, you have won before you have started.”  And that’s one of the most beautiful quotes we’ve ever come across.

No matter how brilliant you’re and even if you are a subject-matter expert, if you lack confidence, there’ll be scenarios where your audience don’t believe in you. On the other hand, even if you are not a subject-matter expert yet are speaking confidently, there’ll be scenarios where some people think that – “Woah! This guy right here is the real deal.”   

And if you are finding yourself feeling unconfident while talking to the camera and are wondering how to speak confidently, look no further. Throughout this article, we’ll be looking at the five brilliant tips that you should consider to be comfortable and confident in front of the camera.

Let’s have a look.

5 Incredible Tips You Should Consider to Speak Confidently in Front of the Camera

Following are the five tips we’ll be discussing throughout this post:

  • Understand What’s Making You Feel Nervous
  • Write Down a Script
  • Keep Practicing 
  • Use Hand Gestures
  • Choose Good Lightning

Understand What’s Making You Feel Nervous

If you’re new to recording videos, then you’ll obviously feel the lack of confidence that may be stopping you from conveying your message. 

When we say “you’re new to recording videos,” we didn’t include any personal videos that you might have recorded with your friends and family members. 

Instead, we’re talking about recording a talking-head video via which you’re looking forward to reaching out to hundreds, if not thousands of people, in your network. 

You don’t know these people. You don’t know who's going to be seeing your videos. And obviously, since you are looking forward to reaching out to people who you don’t even know and who may not even know anything about you, you may feel a lack of confidence. 

You’d think twice – 

“Am I looking okay?”

“Is my voice coming out right?”

“Oh! Do my hairs look good?”

Consistently asking yourself such questions will make you overthink – which will result in a lack of confidence. And if you think too much, then obviously, you’re going to find something that’s wrong with your face or maybe your voice or anything.

If you’re reading this blog post, chances are that you did try recording a video yet were feeling unconfident. You may be overthinking. But the question is – what are you overthinking about? What’s making you feel nervous?

Ask yourself – “What’s making me feel so nervous? Why am feeling so unconfident?”

As you have the answer, work on that thing. And most importantly, don’t think too much. Wear the best professional attire you have in your wardrobe, note down a script, and hit the record button. If you think too much, you’ll obviously sound unconfident. 

And trust me – your audience will see right through it.

Write Down a Script

No matter whether you’re new to recording videos or have years of experience, even if you are going to talk about a topic in which you have years of experience, you may find yourself looking away from the camera and using a lot of ‘umm’ while recording if you don’t have a script in place.

Without a script, you’ll not have a flow. While you may speak literally about anything that pops into your head at that particular moment, you may end up talking about irrelevant points. 

You need to establish the purpose of the video. And you surely want to make sure that you’re not being boring. If you are a person who’s new to video recording, there are higher chances you’ll forget what you are looking forward to talking about – even if you have memorized it dozens of times.

So, it’s better to write down a script. It doesn’t necessarily need to be brief. And you don’t necessarily need to write down everything from start to finish. There should always be room for creativity. So, a better idea is to write down bullet points and refer to them while you’re recording the video.

With BIGVU, you can write down a script – which will automatically play in front of you while you’re recording a video. So, you don’t need to worry about looking away from the camera.  

Keep Practicing

And even if you have recorded a script, practice is something that will help you increase your confidence. You’ll only be able to feel confident if you do it multiple times. 

At BIGVU, we are already aware of that – which is why you can use our “Read Only” feature that will allow you to practice as many times as you want. 

From changing the font size to adjusting the speed of the script, you can just fine-tune the script accordingly and make sure that it goes well with your pace. 

As simple as that! 

Use Hand Gestures

Talking head videos are usually boring. To make them less boring, in fact, if you want to make them engaging, we’d advise you to use your hand gestures.

You may find yourself wondering – “Even though I am speaking, what should I be doing with my hands?”

And if you think about it too much, you will feel a lack of confidence. Having your hands lying down on the table will make you feel even more nervous. And it’s not just you who will be feeling the lack of confidence. Your audience will get bored as well – as they’d be consistently looking at your face. 

To engage them and to say goodbye to your lack of confidence, we’d advise you to use hand gestures. It’ll feel somewhat unnatural at first. But as we told you already, it’ll take practice here as well.

Choose Good Lightning

Lightning can make or break your confidence. Even if you are dressed up really well and are ready to rock the video, bad lightning may end up making you look bad. Maybe the video is too blurry. Or maybe you have the sun right behind you.

So, it’s really important to focus on choosing good lightning. Some quick and crips tips we’d like to share are:

  • Use natural light
  • For nighttime shooting, try to use a pair of lamps.
  • Be really careful with your backlight.
  • Set up 3-point lighting.
  • Make sure your camera is not facing the sun.


And while there are gazillions of tips that you may consider, you’ll only be able to master the art of being confident in front of the camera with practice. Keep practicing – that’s the best advice we can give you.

From helping you write down a script to ensuring that you can practice without having to take multiple takes, we want you to put your best foot forward with BIGVU.

So, what are you waiting for?

Try BIGVU today!

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