How to Master Eye Contact with Webcam- 8 Proven Tips

Utkarsh Jaiswal
Utkarsh Jaiswal
Copywriter, Content Writer

Have you ever wondered why it’s crucial to look straight into the camera when you’re making a video or in a live virtual meeting?

Let’s say you’ve recorded a fun vlog or an educational tutorial, but realized…

Oops, your eyes were away from the camera. Awkward, isn’t it? Don’t worry; it happens to the best of us. 

But why does keeping eye contact with the camera matter so much in videos? 

Turns out, it’s the secret ingredient that makes your video more trustworthy and engaging. It connects you with your audience and adds a genuine, appealing flavor to your video presence.

Studies have found that making eye contact triggers the limbic mirror system. This means that the neurons in your brain will fire similarly to the person you are making eye contact with.

In this blog, we will share some effective techniques to help you maintain eye contact with the camera and create authentic videos that resonate with your audience.

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Table of Contents:

    How to Maintain Eye Contact During Video Recording with a Webcam?

    #1 Frame Yourself Properly

    First, let’s talk about the framing of your camera- whether it’s your mobile camera or a webcam. Find the ideal position for your webcam–not too high, not too low.

    Think of it like when you’re chatting with a friend and you can both see each other perfectly, with no one’s forehead being the focus.

    Next, adjust the lights to avoid hiding your face in the shadows. Don’t be mysterious here! 

    Imagine you’ve recorded an outstanding video from a webcam, but it’s so dark that your viewers can’t see your expressions–not cool, right? 

    Why does it matter?

    Well, think about watching a movie. When the camera shows each actor’s face perfectly, you’re hooked. The same goes for your videos! 

    Clear, bright, and centered - the secret to keeping your viewers engaged. So, find the perfect angle, light up your face, and let the camera capture you perfectly.

    #2  Use A Teleprompter to Maintain Eye Contact

    Ever forgot lines or felt a bit lost while making a video? You look around, trying to remember what you were going to say…

    Suddenly, you lose eye contact with the camera too. It’s not the most professional look, is it? 

    To avoid this awkward situation, try BIGVU teleprompter to record videos professionally, without even memorizing a single word. 

    It helps you stick to your script and never break eye contact with the camera or webcam.

    But how do you avoid looking like you’re reading from a script? 

    Don’t worry! That’s why BIGVU has come up with an amazing Read Only feature. This lets you practice your script on the teleprompter without hitting the record button. It’s perfect for a little pre-recording rehearsal.

    Plus, it helps you check if you’re keeping eye contact with the camera. Pretty cool, right?

    #3 Leveraging BIGVU’s AI Eye Contact Auto Fix Feature

    As a video creator, how cool would it be to effortlessly fix those moments when your eyes wander off during recording?

    Well, with BIGVU AI Eye Contact Auto-Fix Feature, you can!

    Whatever your situation is…

    Whether you’re new to using a teleprompter or your eyes got distracted while filming. The AI Eye Contact feature will go through your video and perform its magic.

    It adjusts your eyes so they are laser-focused on the camera in the final video. And it doesn’t stop here – it not only fixes eye contact but also keeps the natural color of your eyes. It captures authentic blinks to keep your video real and engaging.

    Whether you’re experienced or new to creating videos, this tool will save you from retakes and make every video a masterpiece.

    Quick tip:

    • Don’t move your hand in front of your eyes
    • Keep your face facing the screen

    How it Will Benefit You?

    1. No one will catch you’re not looking at the camera- Nobody will even notice if you glance away from the camera because BIGVU’s cool AI Eye Contact Fix makes it super smooth, keeping your secret safe!
    2. Uninterrupted Eye Contact, Every Time- Even if you glance away, BIGVU AI Eye Contact Fix ensures your eyes are locked onto the camera, maintaining that crucial connection with your audience.
    3. No Retakes Needed- Oops! If you accidentally look away while making your video, no worries. Use BIGVU AI Eye Contact Fix to correct your footage and achieve a perfect talking head video.

    #4 Be Straight, Confident and Own Your Space

    Let’s talk about another game-changing tip to enhance your on-screen presence. It’s not just about what you say, but also how you say it.

    Remember, the more camera-confident you are, the better your eye contact becomes with your audience. 

    Think about chatting with a friend who is slouched and not paying attention. Kind of boring, right? 

    The same applies to your videos! 

    When you stand or sit straight, with your shoulders back, it gives off a cool vibe of confidence. And that confidence makes your viewers feel more engaged.

    Imagine this scenario: You’re giving a product demo with a confident posture. Your viewers sense your confidence and trust your insights. 

    It’s because your posture is right, and you’re directly talking with them by looking into their eyes. 

    So sit up straight, own your space, and let your confidence shine through the screen. Your viewers will appreciate the engaging and confident vibes!

    #5 Give Yourself a Pep Talk to Boost Your Confidence

    Now, let’s discuss how to get into the zone before recording. It’s important, especially if you’re newbie and get nervous while recording a video

    We all face this situation- when you want to share an amazing video, but those pre-recording jitters kick in–don’t worry, it’s normal!

    But you can own yourself with a pre-video pep talk.

    Take a deep breath. Close your eyes and picture yourself doing great in your video. Give yourself a mental high-five.

    Remember, confidence is infectious, and it begins with you. Your audience will sense that energy, making your eye contact feel natural.

    How to Maintain Eye Contact During Live Meetings with Webcam?

    #1 Focus on Listening

    While at any virtual meeting, have you ever been in a conversation where your viewer’s eyes are everywhere except on you?

    Not the best feeling, right? Well, in virtual meetings, being an active listener is the key to maintain eye contact with the speaker.

    When someone is speaking, give them your full attention. 

    Imagine you’re in a team brainstorming, and your colleague is sharing an idea. Lean in a bit, nod along–it’s like telling them, “I’m right here with you!”

    When you actively listen, your eyes stay locked on the speaker, creating a vibe that’s as engaging as face-to-face chat.

    So in your next meeting, be an active listener by using eye contact. Your colleagues, interviewer, or team members will appreciate it, and your confidence in virtual meetings will improve significantly.

    #2 Subtle Tricks for Constant Eye Contact with Webcam

    Another sneaky (yet legit) tip to maintain strong eye contact during your live meetings is to use sticky notes

    Yes, those tiny, colorful sheets of paper. However, you can also find sticky notes app for your desktop.

    Let’s say you’re in a live meeting, discussing plans. Your sticky note will remind you what you’ve to speak about without losing eye contact with the camera.

    The trick is…

    Place a small note next to your webcam or open the app in a small window, just below your webcam. 

    When you glance at the screen, you’ll get a gentle reminder to look at the camera. This will help you maintain eye contact naturally, without feeling scripted.

    #3 Keep Conversational Cues in Mind

    Non-verbal cues are those secret language during live meetings that don’t need words, but still play an important role. It’s explained well by Patti Wood, The Gold Standard of Body Language experts.

    Have you ever noticed how a smile or a nod can convey a lot without speaking? In virtual conversations, these cues are powerful for boosting engagement.

    So during virtual meetings, remember to smile when appropriate. 

    Why is it important?

    It shows your audience that you’re present and enthusiastic about sharing your thoughts. For example, if you’re leading an online workshop, your genuine smile can add an extra spark to your words.

    Learn to Make It A Habit

    Everything comes with a habit- maintaining eye contact with a webcam or camera, too.

    When you’re just starting your video journey, and making eye contact on webcam seems a tad tricky. Don’t worry…

    It takes time to get comfortable, just like building a skill. Begin with short videos or practice with a friend until looking at the camera feels as natural as chatting with your best friend.

    But if you want to master this skill from day 1, BIGVU’s AI eye contact auto-fix feature will help you. 

    It will fix your eyes in the final video so you can achieve a perfect result with minimal effort.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can I improve my eye contact with my camera?

    It’s simple… 

    Frame yourself properly and be confident. And if you’re a beginner, take help with tools like BIGVU teleprompter and AI eye contact auto fix feature. 

    How do you make it look like you are looking at the webcam?

    The easiest way is to put a sticky note above or beside your webcam. Or you can even grab a sticky note app for your desktop. 

    How do you fix avoiding eye contact?

    Practice it until looking at the camera feels natural to you. To look more professional, leverage BIGVU eye contact auto-fix feature. 


    Eye contact is not just about staring at the lens. It’s about building connections in videos. 

    As you start making videos, remember the above tips.

    Whether you’re a vlogger, brand enthusiast, or coach, eye contact is powerful. It goes beyond the screen and captivates your audience. It’s your secret weapon.