Mohamed Mohand - Quick Bio:

My career as a salesman begun when I was 17, working for an insurance company. I had neither diploma nor degree, but the company had faith in me, and we agreed upon me going to university while working for them.

I’ve decided to move to the UK to learn English and I eventually started working at Chaabi Bank in London. I’ve Also worked intelemarketing and today I’m a sales executive at Digital River, an ecommerce payment company.

The Genuine Seller:

When I see salespeople, I see 2 types of sales characters:

1.    Being pushy and not letting you clients go until they sign a contract.

2.    Genuinely try and help people and make a positive impact on them.

I choose to be the second type. I don’t know if it’s the best way to do sales, but it was the best for me personally. I have never sold anything, which I didn’t believe in 100%. I always make sure I work for companies I have complete faith in their values and product.                                                  

Believing in what I am selling, and feeling passionate about it, to me is the best way to sell anything, regardless of the methods I will be using.

Forming a Relationship Is Key

Sales is not easy. I was quiet the introvert when I started doing sales for an insurance company, and it was tough. Many people just don’t like or trust insurance companies, because you need to pay for a service where the return isn’t immediate.

Along the process I realized the power of trust and authenticity. Before I will try and make a sale, I will form a relationship first, genuinely. This is something I have been doing my entire career.

Humane Marketing

Cold Marketing

Doing tech sales I would make a minimum 100 cold calls a day,cold mails, and send messages on LinkedIn.

Consumers receive so many offers to different products, that if you don’t stand out you don’t stand a chance. I learned to always add a personal touch to my selling efforts, and doing videos today is my go-to method to developing my personal messages. 

This is especially crucial at a time where many of us are working from home, and human interaction is limited. Video makes my marketing efforts more humane, which helps to gain the trust and grab the attention of my potential customers.

Getting Started with Sales & Networking Videos

Getting people to be interested in you and your product on LinkedIn can be very much of a challenge if you are not being creative. I started doing introduction videos which I would message to potential clients.The results were incredible. I got more responds, and they were all much more engaged.  

Doing a 30 second video at the beginning would take me an hour. I would stress and worry about my accent, how I sound and look

After doing videos repeatedly and consistently, I started to gain confidence. I’s important to be positive and be compassionate with yourself. Yes, I have an accent, but does it really matter? Do people really care about this?

 I started to get better, and send videos to more people, and the responds I received were amazingly positive. LinkedIn users just seem to appreciate more videos, and I easily got more people to agree to meet with me and let me do my pitch.  After I saw I was getting better with my videos, I started creating video content on my profile, for my entire audience.

If you want to differentiate yourself from your competition,you must consider trying videos.

How I Use BIGVU to Produce Videos

I’m certainly not a video expert. I have no video editing skills whatsoever and even If I did have some, it would take too much time as I’m doing around 30 videos per day. 

I had no choice but to find a solution that enables me to produce good looking videos fast, and BIGVU helped me big time.

First, the prompter straight away helped me do my videos much faster and clearer. I don’t need to memorize my lines and it let me focus on my pitch, my body language and how I sound.

Then, the captions. Personally, in many cases where I watch videos, I do it without any sound on, and if I see a video has no captions, I pass on watching it. BIGVU simply lets you produce captions for any video, and In a very short time. I love it.

It might be frightening sending those first videos to whoever you are trying to pitch your product to. It sure was scary for me. But you must ignore that fear and just do it. No matter what, even if you believe your videos are far from perfect, just do them and share them.

You will get better, and as soon as you get positive feedback, you won’t look back, I guarantee.