How to Create Powerful Content that Converts

Sarah Stanfield
Sarah Stanfield
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Table of Contents:

    The Importance of Back-End Content Strategy

    The back end of your content is very specific to your business and target audience. It is the planning and strategy to get into your audience's minds. How can you make them feel that your content is for them and solves their problems? Your audience must feel that the content you publish is for them. 

    • Identify Target Audience - Target audience is the person/people you want to engage with your content. 
    • Niche Down -  unpopular opinion but one of the best ways to capture your audience's attention is to niche down. When you understand who you want to reach out and help, you can really speak to them. How do you do this? Let’s assume you’re a social media manager and want to provide your services. Is it B2B businesses? B2C? Restaurants? Founders and startups? You need to decide your target audience and then make content accordingly. 
    • Make Ideal Personas - Personas will help you make content for your target audience. 
    • Your Unique Value Proposition - Finding your unique selling point is very important. What is it that makes you stand out? Why should people choose you? Identify your unique selling point because it will help you make content that differentiates you from the competition. It can be your services, soft skills, background, etc.
    • Appropriate Content Formats - Once you have figured out your audience, niche, and unique selling point, you must decide on content formats. If your audience is interested in video content, make video content, and if they are engaging more with pictures, do that. Research your niche and what type of content people engage with. 

    Are Reels Out of Trend? The Role of Short-Form Content on Instagram

    Instagram first jumped towards reels when faced with competition from TikTok. Short-form videos were getting all the hype on TikTok, and that’s when reels came out. It gave people a competitive edge because not many people were making reels back then. You might wonder if reels are out of trend now. Reels are very much the hype even now. Short-form content works on Instagram. Long-form content once in a while is enough to put your business and yourself out there, but short-form content works otherwise.

    If you’re thinking of starting your business on Instagram, make short-form content. It’s easily consumable. People like to spend less time and get more information. 

    Boosting Your Instagram Reach with SEO Techniques

    People think that SEO is for websites, and that’s it. The reality is you can use SEO for Instagram, and it works. SEO can be concluded in the caption of your reel. ALT text should be added to the post. ALT text can’t be read by the human eye but by the algorithm. You can add hashtags to your caption so that people can see your content when they search for popular hashtags.

    For instance, if you’re a fashion blogger and you put #Lifestyelandfashion in your reel, people will find it when they search for these words. Add words that people usually search for. You can use different search engine optimization tools to extract lists of keywords that people usually use to search for specific services and products. 

    Do Your CTA Better: Tips for Engaging Your Audience

    People often don’t utilize the call to action properly. You always want to lead your audience to what action you want them to take. Most people leave their audiences with “Follow,” “Like,” “Subscribe,” and such CTAs. Most people will ignore it if they are simply told to like and scroll down.

    Work on your CTAs. Choose better words to convey what action you want them to take. For instance, ask them to comment if they found the caption relatable. Ask them to share what the video makes them think of. Engage your audiences with thoughtful CTAs.

    Why You Need a Backup Plan for Your Instagram Business

    With the recent TikTok ban controversy in the USA, having a backup for your business is all the more important. Build your audience on TikTok if it suits your business and has your target audience. Start moving your audience to Instagram once you have a certain amount of followers and an engaged community. 

    It’s always smart to have a backup. If your business is on TikTok, you should move your audience to Instagram. It keeps your business secure from platform changes and bans.

    This will save you the panic if anything changes at any time. Your business and hard work won’t go down with the platform. 

    Replicate What’s Working: Leveraging Analytics for Better Performance

    As a content creator, check your analytics after posting content for 15 days or a month. Analytics allow you to see what really worked with your audience. What type of content is performing better for your business?

    Once you have the data, stick to what’s working. Replicate what’s working. People often think replicating a post is bad, but it's not. It allows you to give your audience what they want. If you want to convey a specific message, post about it more than once. Keep feeding your audience with the message.

    Every platform is different, and so is the content that works. Repurpose your content according to the specific platform. What works on TikTok might not work on Instagram. Tailor your content according to the platform and audience. Be consistent. Use data to make better decisions.

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