Best Apps for Adding Subtitles to Video on Android, iOS or Web

Utkarsh Jaiswal
Utkarsh Jaiswal
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Want to make your video content stand out in a sea of competition? 

Look no further than adding subtitles to your videos – the superpower in video marketing!

With automatic captions, you can quickly grab your viewer's attention, even when scrolling through their feeds at work, school, or on the bus, with the sound off. 

To add more, 80% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. 

Captions ensure that your message still comes across loud and clear.

Plus, they make your video content accessible to hard-of-hearing or non-native speakers, allowing you to connect with an even wider audience. Some platforms even automatically translate your subtitles!

Automatic subtitles help your viewers remember the message better and improve your video's SEO ranking.

There are many apps that allow you to add subtitles to your videos, both for Android and iOS.

And so we've done the hard part for you by selecting the top 7 best free and paid apps for adding subtitles to videos.

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Table of Contents:

    Criteria for Choosing The Best Paid or Free Apps for Adding Subtitles to Videos?

    When selecting the best video captioning app, there are several factors to remember-

    • Platform Availability: Before you choose an app, consider which platform it's available on, Android, iOS, Web, or all three! Few apps are available on all platforms, which is ideal if you're switching between devices.
    • Cost: Cost is another essential element. It's crucial to weigh the cost against the subtitle app's features. Some apps are free, while others require a one-time payment or subscription.
    • Accuracy of automatic captions: If the app offers automatic captioning, it’s essential to assess the accuracy of the captions. Some apps provide relatively accurate captions (up to 99%), while others require manual editing to ensure accuracy.
    • Ease of use: The app’s user interface is also important. A good app should be easy to navigate and use, even for people with little to no experience with captioning.
    • Speed and efficiency: A fast and seamless app is essential for busy users who need to caption videos quickly and efficiently.
    • Recording capabilities: Finally, if you plan to record videos within the app, it’s important to ensure that it offers the necessary recording capabilities. Some apps may allow you to record from within the app using a teleprompter, while others may only allow you to import video files from other sources.

    Create Knockout Videos with These Video Captioning Apps

    BIGVU: Powerful Teleprompter, Captioning Tool, Video Editor

    With BIGVU VideoMaker, fine-tune captions on your mobile and/or web app

    Give your videos a professional edge with BIGVU – the ultimate video maker.

    No experience, not a problem!

    Elegant themes for your subitiles

    With stunning theme templates designed by artistic designers, BIGVU allows you to spend less time stressing about design and more time creating gripping, captivating video content.

    But there’s more to it…

    You can use our revolutionary AI Script Writer to create the script for better captions.

    In fact, you can make your subtitles visually appealing by editing them in our easy-to-use storyboard and previewing the changes live on the web or mobile (Android & IOS).

    BIGVU supports over 70 different languages in transcription. In addition, you can automatically translate your captions. You can create your videos with subtitles in Spanish, Portuguese, French and more. Once you have perfected your subtitles, it simple to download the SRT files- in all languages.

    And what else?

    With our teleprompter, you can create concise videos with a professional point of view while maintaining direct eye contact with the camera.

    Have a glance at this video to get started with captioning your videos effortlessly. You can also highlight automatically with AI emphasizing impactful words in iOS devices for now.

    It takes 4 simple steps to add captions to videos with your mobile-

    • Select captions and choose language
    • Click AI Auto Highlight (optional)
    • Choose your theme style
    • Finetune subtitles in the storyboard

    BIGVU lets you add subtitles to videos up to 59 minutes in its pro plan, longer than any other video captioning app.

    With our free 7-day Pro trial, you can try the app yourself before committing.

    Visit our website here.

    Click here to download it from the Apple App store.

    Click here to download it from the Android Play store.

    MixCaptions: Add Text, Subtitles to Videos

    The Mix Captions app is a simple and straightforward app for adding subtitles.

    While it doesn’t offer any fancy frills or powerful features, it does the job of video captioning quickly and efficiently. 

    To get started with the app, you’ll need to import or search through your video gallery. There’s no built-in recording option, but you can easily export the results in an SRT file.

    You can manually customize fonts, colors, and text backgrounds – although it’s time-consuming compared to other android apps that offer pre-made themes, such as BIGVU.

    Unfortunately, it also lacks fun features and animations on captions, but on the other hand, you can add a text or image watermark of your own.

    And you can’t add captions to videos longer than 30 minutes.

    Check the website here.

    Kaptioned: Video Subtitles and Captions for Social Media

    Kaptioned- Automatic video subtitles

    Kaptioned is an app that provides a convenient way to add captions to your videos. 

    You can manually customize the subtitles’ font, color, and text background; however, like MixCaptions, features like pre-designed video templates are unavailable. 

    The app also allows you to edit and adjust the timing for each caption, although the only way to upload videos is from your mobile device.

    One standout feature is that it allows you to add subtitles to videos in two languages simultaneously. With Kaptioned, you can’t only import/export your subtitles to SRT files but also translate them to several popular languages.

    Multi language translation option in Kaptioned

    However, it’s worth noting that the app has minimal features on the web and is mainly relevant to mobile users. 

    It supports videos up to a length of 10 minutes.

    The app does not offer an in-app customer support feature, so if you require assistance, you'll need to reach out to them via their website. 

    It’s also a bit odd that they ask for credit card details to verify that you’re not a robot when a captcha would have sufficed.

    Kaptioned Login
    You've to submit your credit card details to continue

    Visit their website here.

    Autocap: Automatic Video Captions

    AutoCap- Automatic Video Captions

    Autocap is another fantastic app that lets you easily create video subtitles! 

    No pre-made templates exist, so you’ll have to get creative by manually selecting and changing fonts, colors, and text backgrounds. 

    But what sets Autocap apart is the timer feature that can be added to each video - making life easier for those using it.

    Occasionally cropping videos can be tricky, but once you get used to it, it’s a cinch. 

    However, unlike BIGVU, one downside to Autocap is the lack of an AI scripting feature that lets you create scripts out of thin air in seconds. 

    On the plus side, the free version supports episodes up to 5 minutes long, while the Pro version will even help you add captions for videos up to 15 minutes!

    Visit their website here.

    Veed: Add Subtitles to Videos with Ease

    Veed- Add Subtitles to Videos with Ease

    Veed is an intuitive, user-friendly video captioning app that makes adding subtitles to your videos a breeze. 

    Not only can you add captions automatically in a snap, but you can also download the SRT file with the subtitles. It also offers various themes that let you give your video a more professional and polished look.

    Moreover, Veed supports more than 50 languages, making it easier to reach a global audience. However, when using the teleprompter in Veed, we experienced some confusion due to its presence in a separate box.

    Conveniently, Veed works on both web and mobile devices, so you can access this powerful tool anywhere. 

    While there are no automatic subtitle highlighting or AI scripting features to help you create a script, Veed still proves to be one of the best apps for adding subtitles to videos.

    There's a free version, but the paid versions, Beginner ($30) and Pro ($70) offer additional features like support for longer videos, higher-quality exports, and advanced editing tools.

    Visit their website here.

    Happy Scribe- Audio Transcription & Video Subtitles

    Happy Scribe- Audio Transcription  Video Subtitles

    Happyscribe is perfect for those looking to add captions to professional video content, such as online courses. It’s tailored to more serious projects and offers fewer style options than other captioning tools used for social media.

    With the choice between human or machine transcriptions - the former reaching up to an impressive 99% accuracy rate, you can be sure that your transcriptions come out perfect. 

    It comes with a premium pay-as-you-go plan that starts at a relatively high cost of $12 per hour of video.

    As a bonus, a person can review your transcription to ensure its accuracy, at an added cost.

    Although the lack of styling options or pre-made templates could also be a drawback for some clients looking for specific visual elements. 

    Unfortunately, Happy Scribe doesn’t yet have a mobile app, but it can only be used on the web.

    Visit the website here.

    Rev: Transcribe Speech to Text

    Rev- Transcribe Speech to Text

    Rev is also another video captioning application that can help you bring your videos to life with accurate captions. 

    Still, unlike other video captioning apps, you’ll have to wait around an hour for a real person to finish subtitling your video file.

    Also, it's not possible to record videos directly on the platform. You can only import them from other sources.

    One advantage of Rev that we appreciate is that you can upload a video directly from YouTube, which will be subtitled immediately! 

    But, there’s no mobile app available. And unfortunately, no in-built themes or designs are offered either, making it not as perfect for social media engagement since plain captions don’t appeal to customers.

    Though Rev charges you by the minute, its top-notch quality makes it worth every penny.

    Visit the website here.

    To Sum Up

    When it comes to video marketing, adding accurate subtitles to videos can make all the difference. That's why we've taken a look at the 7 best video captioning apps to find the one that best suits your needs. 

    Each of these tools offers unique features and capabilities, but if you want the full package of captioning, transcription, and more, BIGVU is the app for you!

    With its top-notch accuracy and hundreds of spectacular features, you can trust BIGVU to help propel your video marketing journey to success. 

    Give BIGVU a try today and unlock the power of automatic captioning!