The US National Association of Realtors says
video marketing is absolutely essential to the success of real estate agents

51% of home buyers use YouTube as their number one destination for a search

If you're going to move to another state, chances are you cannot travel as often as you'd wish to find your dream home. Video then becomes the best way to get a feel of the town, the neighborhood, and the house you're interested in. This why a lot of people who want to relocate use YouTube, Instagram and Tik-Tok to search for and watch videos of properties to buy.

73% of homeowners say they are more likely to list with an agent who uses video

On the listing side of your real estate business, video is an essential tool to attract would-be sellers. Think of it this way: the best homes are often the property of long-time owners. Would you entrust your home to someone you don't trust? In addition, many owners do not want to call or visit the local realtor because they do not want to commit to anything yet. This is when video marketing comes in: post a video where you introduce yourself and post it on your social channels, send a direct video message by email or otherwise to the owners you want to target. They may be reluctant to accept your call, but they will happily watch your personalized message. Do not request trust, build it!

403% more inquiries when your listing has a video

When posting your listing, remember that there is nothing better than a virtual tour to assess a property. No need for fancy equipment or difficult software, just record several videos while touring the new listing to show exactly what the surroundings, the inner space and the amenities look like. Do not forget to introduce yourself because, no matter how good the property looks, buyers want to know they can trust the agent to help them come across the many hurdles to closing on their new home.

Craft, script, record, polish and brand


Think about who you're speaking to, what message you want to convey. Be creative and craft a genuine message which helps your business while resembling you. Always have in mind while makes the local real estate market different, its peculiarities. Who cares if prices are down nationally? What matters is that they're going up in the area you serve.
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Whether it's word for word or bullet points, write your script and practice! Like a garment, there is no one-size-fits-all, it should suit you and make you feel comfortable. Some experienced realtors have even invented their own lexicon to represent pauses, stresses, or when they need to slow down.


Record while your script scrolls, your confidence builds up allowing you to look straight at the camera, keeping eye-contact with your viewers while you communicate the depth of your human values. Be genuine, be yourself, technology helps bring your inner-self to the fore. Whether they're buyers or sellers, their real estate project might be the project of a lifetime. They need a realtor they can trust, not some buzz words!

Polish with automatic captions

According to several market research, up to 80% of videos are muted when watched. The trend can be seen everywhere: short news formats, Facebook or Instragram videos, to catch people's attentions, colorful captions are now a must. This also applies to real estate videos. Make viewers want to unmute your video by highlighting the words that matter in your speech...while looking at them straight in the eye!
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