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Stand out as a pro with a video landing page featuring your business.

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How to use YouTube for your business ?

In order to send effectively your videos on emails or messaging messages, you need to create landing pages for each of your BIGVU or YouTube clips.
Once you have a standalone page featuring your video and including your business details, it's one click to send it by email or copy the link into Messenger or WhatsApp.

Enter your business profile for all your landing pages
Create your video landing pages for your YouTube clips

5 steps to create a landing page for a Youtube video

* Create a free account for BIGVU pages
* Add a new page for your new Youtube clip
* Automatically displayed on your page : company, address, website, email, phone and one-click buttojs to your social accounts
* Copy & paste your YouTube clip URL, add a headline, select your prefered templated.
* Preview and publish your page.

How to create an effective video landing page

* Record brief & informative videos to keep your followers engaged. Get your point across by scripting your vides with the BIGVU teleprompter.
* Your video should be long enough to offer valuable information but short enough to keep the viewer's attention.
* Be authentic, get in front of the camera to engage your audience - Eye-to-eye contact builds trust.
* Your video landing page displays your business contact details. Your audience calls or emails you by just pressing one button.
* Your video landing page is SEO friendly so you can be found on Google and it looks elegant when you share it on social, your headline & video thumbnail are clickable.
* It's one click to share your page with your prospects or followers.

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