How to use ring light with stand to look amazing on camera

Jessica Becker
Jessica Becker
Online Coach & Writer

Do you know how some people look amazing on camera? Their skin is glowing, the tone is right, and their presence radiates from the screen? It's not just their God-given good looks. The credit goes to a simple piece of equipment—a ring light.

However, lots of creators make mistakes since they are unfamiliar with the different features a ring light provides. In fact, some of them fail to make eye contact or choose the wrong camera angles because they don't know how to properly position the ring light. 

We've got you covered. Keep reading this blog; we’ll give you a step-by-step process for how you can use a ring light with a stand. In fact, we’ll also give you some techniques you can follow for creating top-notch videos. 

Let’s dive in!

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    But First, Why Using a Ring Light is Important? 

    Though the ring light was first invented for medical use, it is now widely popular in other verticals for its out-of-the-box benefits. These are:

    Emits Even Lighting

    Ring lights effuse soft, flattering lights that further remove harsh shadows and lines from your face. As a result, it creates even illumination and properly highlights every feature of the object - which is great for capturing professional photos and videos on a pocket-friendly budget. 

    Reduces the Appearance of Dark Spots, Blemishes, and Wrinkles

    If you are a beauty blogger or a makeup artist, you must know how irritating those dark spots and pigmentation are. Thankfully, you can lighten the appearance of those unwanted blemishes and wrinkles with the subtle illumination of ring lights. This benefit becomes more convenient when you shoot makeup videos or capture beauty shots. 

    Comes with Adjustable Settings 

    Some ring lights have in-built adjustable features like dimming, changing color temperature, etc. These features completely change the ambiance of the video. In fact, a few types of ring lights come with colored effects and diffusers. You can adjust these features as per your preference to create creative photos and videos. 

    Budget-Friendly and Easy to Set Up  

    Unlike those expensive light set-ups, ring Lights are extremely pocket-friendly. At just $20, you’ll be able to find high-quality ring lights in marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart. So, it’s a great opportunity for budding creators to produce high-quality videos on a limited budget. Plus, you can set the ring lights within a minute without any external help. 

    Has Versatile Use Cases 

    Not only for shooting beauty-related videos, ring lights also have multiple uses. For example, you can use it for creating videos on social media, product videography, video conferences, virtual webinars, and more. 

    What Type of Ring Light Should I Use?

    Now that you know why using a ring light is a must for video creators, let’s understand popular types of ring lights and what they are used for:

    LED Ring Light 

    We can bet you’ve seen and heard about this type of ring light since it is highly popular in the creator market. They’re mainly made of a circular array of LED lights. These LED Ring lights are budget-friendly and long-lasting. You can use them to shoot any video or capture professional photos. In fact, you can also use them in any virtual meeting or conference. 

    Perfect for: All around use

    Diva Ring Light

    If you’re looking to create fashion videos or makeup videos, Diva Ring Light is for you. It’s the larger size of an LED ring light. Fashionistas use these ring lights since they eliminate skin imperfections, provide a subtle natural glow, and make the makeup colors pop. 

    Perfect for: Creators in the beauty industry

    Fluorescent Ring Light 

    A fluorescent ring light is made up of numerous fluorescent bulbs/tubes that emit soft light with beautiful illumination. These types of ring lights are perfect for capturing portrait shots.

    Perfect for: Portraits, flash photography

    Ring-Flash Light

    This type of ring light provides a direct flash of light. It means they are perfect for clicking close-up shots where you need to flaunt every detail of your object. Moreover, you can use this type of ring light for product photography, too. 

    Perfect for: Close Ups, Selfies

    Clip-on Ring Light

    It’s not always possible to carry the ring light wherever you go. Thanks to the clip-on ring light, you can now create professional videos or click perfect photos - anytime, anywhere. It’s a tiny, round-shaped LED light that you can attach to your phone and capture post-ready photos and selfies without tripods or stands.

    Perfect for: Creators who are on the go

    DIY Ring light

    Now, guess what? You can also make DIY ring lights at home. 

    Just bring the equipment and materials, like flexible LED String lights, circular bases, tripods, phone holders, screws, and so on. Assemble them one by one, and lastly, connect them with electricity. 

    However, it’s a bit time-consuming and can sometimes be a bit dangerous (if the power connection is weak). So, it's better to purchase a ring light for safe use. 

    Step-by-Step Guide to Using a Ring Light with Stand for Professional Videos 

    So, what’s the big deal? Just plug it in and start recording- right? Wrong! Though using a ring light with a stand isn’t rocket science, subtle changes, and techniques can drastically change the quality of your videos. 

    1. Set Up the Ring Light

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re using a ready-made ring light or a homemade one; you have to assemble it first. Most of the time, the light comes with a stand. So, ensure it’s securely adjusted with your tripod/stand. 

    Once done, keep it in such a position that the light directly focuses on your face. You can always adjust the height of the right light by moving the screw attached to the stand. 

    2. Position Your Camera

    The ring light already comes with holders for the phone and camera. Some bloggers advise attaching the camera to another tripod. However, we suggest you fix the camera to the ring light itself for better exposure and quality. 

    Then, set the camera angle as per your choice and the video content.

    3. Adjust Brightness and Effects

    If your ring light comes with a color temperature setting(warm/cool/daylight), change it accordingly, keeping a match with the brightness.

    No matter how well you set up the brightness, keeping it consistent throughout the clip gets tricky. But with BIGVU’s auto-exposure feature, you can keep your lighting consistent throughout the video.  

    4. Use a Teleprompter

    Have you ever thought about how professional video creators thoroughly give their speeches without awkward silence or eye movement? 

    It’s the magic of a teleprompter. When you use a teleprompter app while shooting videos, you don’t need to hold the video script patiently or remember a long video script. You can easily read the script on your mobile screen while maintaining eye contact. This further helps you create professional videos like pro creators. 

    Thankfully, BIGVU can help you in this case. Its teleprompting feature will not only eliminate your headache from remembering thousands of words but also enhance your personality and boost your self-confidence. And the best part? You can adjust the teleprompter text size, speed, and position so you can read your script efficiently without any struggle. 

    However, if you want to learn more about BIGVU’s teleprompting features and how to use them on different devices, we recommend reading this post

    5. Review the Take 

    Once you’re done with shooting videos, review the recording from time to time to ensure everything (lighting, speed) is on point. 

    Either way, you’ll have to struggle with the editing part. 

    Pro Tip 💡: Filming professional videos is just a piece of a puzzle. Editing plays a huge role in this case. Don’t worry! You won’t have to spend thousands of dollars to hire a professional video editor. 

    Give BIGVU a try!

    Starting from AI-powered video trimming, subtitling, and customization for branding to replacing the green screen, you’ll able to do everything with BIGVU. In fact, it’ll also help you write video scripts if you’re facing a creative block. 

    What to Look For When Buying a Ring Light

    If you’re planning to buy a ring light, well done! You’ve made the right decision. It’s a small investment for a piece of equipment that can really change the professionalism of your video.

    But when you have hundreds of choices, you might be unsure how to choose the right ring light. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while buying a ring light with a stand.

    Decide What Types of Videos You Want to Create

    If you’re going to create normal video content for your business, simply go for LED Ring Light. Now, if you’re planning to create beauty-related videos or make-up videos, fluorescent Ring Light would be your perfect fit. Likewise, if you want to shoot fashion videos where you’ll have to show the outfit, buy a Diva ring light. 

    Plan Your Budget

    From $20 to $200, you’ll find ring lights in different price ranges. But we’ll never recommend you go for a ring light worth $200, especially when you’re a beginner. Go for a medium-range, long-lasting ring light for your first video. 

    Determine the Size

    With larger ring lights, you’ll get more illumination, but they won’t be easily portable. You’ll have to keep it in your studio. So, it’s definitely not a great choice if you frequently have outdoor shoots. 

    On the other hand, small ring lights will give a decent glow, and they will be portable as well. So, make the decision as per your shooting goals.

    Evaluate the Features

    Before buying a ring light, check whether or not it provides adjustable brightness settings, temperature control, effects, and so on. 

    Ring Light + BIGVU = Professional Videos at Your Fingertips! 

    As you saw, you don’t need to invest in a fancy studio, expensive equipment, or tools to create high-quality videos. Some techniques and strategies can help you create top-notch videos on a pocket-friendly budget. 

    For example, shoot videos with ring lights and edit them thoroughly with BIGVU - all these things are possible within a few hours and for less money. 

    Don’t push of creating your video because you are worried about how the video will look. With a ring light, you’ll look fantastic on camera, and with BIGVU, you’ll sound like a pro. Go ahead and record your video today!

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