Edit your video
by just selecting words

Mistakes are unavoidable when recording with a teleprompter, even more when you just winging it. Still, almost any take includes parts that you want to keep. With BIGVU WordTrim on iOS and Android, it cannot be easier to trim your video. You just need to select the words where you want your video to start and end.

This WordTrim is so boss šŸ˜† and it works with a video that already has a background, so once I'm done with all of them I'll just pick up where I left off šŸ‘


Actress & Public Speaker

Easily create long videos with Sequences

Assemble all your bits and pieces, short takes, imported clips, and other videos into a longer video. Ā 

  • Upload takes from the teleprompter app on your mobile, or use videos recorded with the online teleprompter.
  • Import clips produced elsewhere directly into your media library.
  • Drag and drop videos and reorder your videos inside the sequence.
  • Click on Create Video. A new video will be available for further edit in Composer, or to share it directly on social media.

Fine-tune your edits with a precision slider

Need to set up a different starting or end points based a position in the video. No problem, just select with a slider where you want your video to start and end.l

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