Trim videos by selecting words

BIGVU WordTrim is an amazing transcription tool that automatically cuts your videos according to the words you select.

Your video is automatically transcribed as soon it's recorded.
Then just select the word where you want your video to start, then the last word you want to hear before the video ends.

This makes it easy to see the good parts of your narration without having to listen to the entire take. By quickly browsing through what you said and selecting the best moments, you can easily put together a well-paced video that shows off your talents.
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Edit your video
by selecting words

Even if your takes are not optimal, they're bound to contain interesting parts. WIth our unique technology, you can very quickly edit your video to keep what you're happy with, removing when you cleared your throat or the few moments when you stuttered. No speaker is perfect, it's all about editing!

Whether on iOS, Android, or desktop, BIGVU automatically transforms speech into text so you can trim or cut your videos based on the words you said, not some time code you identified after listening over and over again the same take. Save your brain power to best convey your message!
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"This WordTrim is so boss 😆 and it works with a video that already has a background, so once I'm done with all of them I'll just pick up where I left off 👍"
Actress & Public Speaker
"Videos are vital in my world. BIGVU allows me to shoot videos with confidence. I’m able to write a script, edit it and then film it. My videos come across as being natural and real."
Dana Wilson

Easily create long videos with Sequences

Assemble all your bits and pieces, short takes, imported clips, and other videos into a longer video:
- Select the sentences you want to keep from each of your take by just highlighting the segment on your transcript
- Upload takes from the teleprompter app on your mobile, or use videos recorded with the online teleprompter
- Import clips produced elsewhere directly into your media library.Drag and drop videos and reorder your videos inside the sequence
- Click on Create Video
- A new video will be available for further edit in Video Maker, or to share it directly on social media
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Fine-tune your video cuts with the BIGVU Cutter

The BIGVU app is a great way to quickly and easily cut a small video file. You can access BIGVU Video Cutter from any device, Android, iPhone or iPad

Setting up a video to start or end at a specific point can be easily done using the slider tool. This allows you to set your video up exactly how you want it, based on your desired starting or ending position.
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