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Make your videos shoppable

Collections by BIGVU help businesses to build audiences through video-first interactive sites. Embed easily a collection widget to any HTML page or attach a collection page as a vlog to your site.

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Keep viewer's attention by offering more than just videos.
Boost viewing time and conversions by engaging viewers wiuth interactive cards that appear along side your videos.
Interactive and shoppable video increases significantly audience engagement. Get your message accross with a talking-head video and increase viewing time by displaying in sync cards with photo with links, quotes, tweets embeds or polls.

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Capture AttentionAdd background music to all of your videos with a click. Background music add an emotional note to your videos making the viewers more likely to connect with you.

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Make your videos shoppable by displaying in sync cards of product photos or services with one-click links, action buttons such as "click to chat" on messenger or whatsapp, and display testimonails from customers through tweet inserts or quotes.