Top 3 Brand Voice Generators to Keep Your Message Consistent

Utkarsh Jaiswal
Utkarsh Jaiswal
Copywriter, Content Writer

Two-thirds of businesses believe that being consistent with their brand has helped them grow their revenue by at least 10%? (Source: Oberlo). 

But, what does that really mean?

If you're running a business, it's super important to keep your brand values, images, and messages the same across all places where people see you.

Why, you may ask?

Well, when your brand looks and sounds the same everywhere, it helps your customers to feel a stronger connection with you. It makes it easier for them to remember you and know what your brand is all about.

In fact, 75% of people recognize a brand by its logo, 60% by its visual style, 45% by the brand’s signature color, and 25% by its unique voice (Source- Renderforest). 

So, whether you're making your logo, pictures, or doing stuff like making content and videos, it's essential that your way of talking is similar.

But… the question is...

How will you maintain a similar brand voice across various marketing strategies?

Don’t worry…

In this blog, I'll share the top 3 brand voice generators that will help you keep your message consistent, no matter what kind of marketing you're doing.

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Table of Contents:

    What is a Brand Tone of Voice?

    But first, let’s understand what is brand voice and tone are.

    Your brand voice is your brand’s personality that everyone sees. 

    It should be consistent across all platforms: social media, website, blogs, emails, and ads. 

    Tone is how this personality can vary based on the message or the audience you are addressing. 

    For example, think of a friend whose personality (brand voice) is always friendly, but their tone can change when they are excited, serious, or joking around. 

    This is like how brand voice and tone work- voice represents your brand’s general personality, while the tone adjusts according to specific situations or message.

    Now, let’s dive into the 3 brand voice generators that will help you maintain consistent communication.

    Top 3 Brand Voice Generators That Helps You Keep Your Message Consistent

    #1 BIGVU- For a Consistent Brand Voice in Videos

    85% of people believe that video content helps them connect with brands better. 

    Most of them maintain a consistent brand voice in their scripts. Their video scripts sounds more humanized and are more personalized.  

    With the BIGVU brand voice generator, not only you can capture your brand’s unique voice but also get video scripts that sound just like you. 

    It analyzes your existing scripts or texts. And then, with the help of advanced machine learning algorithms define your unique brand voice and create new scripts that perfectly match your brand.

    You can use BIGVU's brand voice generator to maintain a consistent voice across all platforms like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook when publishing videos.

    Here’s the step-by-step process of how you can generate your brand voice with BIGVU. 

    BIGVU brand voice generator

    Our Opinion

    Your brand’s voice—the way you talk to people—plays a huge role in making you memorable. BIGVU Brand Voice Generator is like a clever tool that helps your brand sound outstanding across all your messages.

    Let’s see how it does that-

    • It Learns from Your Past Script- BIGVU uses smart Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to understand how you write. It studies all your past scripts to learn your special style—the words you use, the way you speak in videos, and how your brand talk. 
    • Make Script Writing Process Faster and Easier- It speeds up your writing process by providing drafts that align with your brand’s voice. Think about having to make a bunch of videos for a campaign. With BIGVU, you can easily write scripts that maintain your brand’s voice, ensuring consistency and an overall cool vibe for the entire project.
    • Brings Your Personal Touch- BIGVU allows you to customize your personal style, so each script it generates reflects your uniqueness. For example, if you’re into fitness and want your workout tips videos to reflect your vibe, BIGVU will make sure to generate scrip that sound just like you.
    • Easy Teamwork- The tool is user-friendly for your entire team. Let’s say you and your group are working on videos together. In that case, BIGVU will make sure that everyone keeps the same voice and style throughout the script. 
    • Protect Your Data- Oh, and one more thing—BIGVU makes sure your data stays safe and doesn't share it with anyone else. Cool, right?

    And it does not end here…

    The output BIGVU generates will sound more humanized and relatable to your brand voice than a random AI-generated content.

    Also, BIGVU’s AI brand voice generator comes under AI magic writer tool, which is just one exceptional feature of BIGVU’s overall package. 

    Let’s suppose you’ve created your video script in your brand voice. Then what?

    You’ve to record a video by reading this script. 

    To save you from juggling multiple softwares, BIGVU has its own teleprompter. It helps you record your video by looking straight into your camera and reading the script, while maintaining an eye to eye contact.

    Next, after recording your video, you’ll add captions to it. Don’t you? 17.92% of consumers watch videos without sound. 50% of them depend on captions.

    BIGVU makes it easy to add captions with just a click of a button. You can also style your captions to match your brand colors and add your brand logo.

    And there’s a lot more… you can achieve with BIGVU.

    The AI Pro plan costs only $14 per month, billed yearly, and allows you to export videos in up to 4K resolution. 

    #2 Jasper- For a Consistent Brand Voice in Written Content Creation

    Jasper is one of the most preferred AI content creation platform for creating written marketing assets.

    You can use Jasper to create things like social media post captions, ads headlines and descriptions, marketing emails, blog posts, and much more. 

    Their new brand voice thing is a big deal—it helps you write in the way your brand talks. Let me tell you how it works:

    1. When you log in to Jasper, you’ll see a ‘brand voice’ section on the top-left side. When you click to add your voice, it shows you three options-
    1. You can add your brand voice by copying and pasting any text, similar to like BIGVU.
    2. You can upload any file and let Jasper analyze its voice.
    3. You can paste a website URL to let Jasper analyze the tone and voice of that website.
    1. We let Jasper analyze our brand voice by entering the URL of one of our page. 
    1. And guess what? It did an amazing job! It not only got our brand voice right but also explained how our website talks. Super cool, huh? 

    Our Opinion

    We found Jasper’s brand voice feature to be outstanding to analyze brand voice. In fact, once you know your voice, using Jasper to create content for Facebook ads or email newsletters in the same voice is super easy!

    However, note that Jasper is not free to use, which is its major drawback.

    It comes with two plans starting from $39/month and going up to $59/month, billed yearly. And since you might find it costlier, it offers a 7-day free trial.

    We’ve tried it… And if you can go with its basic plan, believe us, Jasper can help you streamline your content creation process and will increase your productivity. 

    #3 Canva- For a Consistent Brand Voice in Design

    Canva is one of the top, free-to-use online graphic designing tool. You can use it to create social media posts, presentations, posters, logos, and more. 

    Let’s see how Canva helps you create brand consistency in design-

    When to log in with your account, you’ll see a ‘brand ’section on the top-left corner. Here you can upload or create your brand kit such as logo, colors, or fonts- all the stuff that makes your brand yours.

    Canva goes a step further with its “Magic Studio” feature, where it helps you write texts or generate ideas for your designs with the help of AI. You’ll get the right tone based on your brand voice, every time you create a new design. 

    Once you’ve uploaded your brand voice on Canva, you can now design your social media posts, presentations, flyers, or posters in a consistent tone. 

    Let’s see how to add brand voice to Canva:

    1. Go to ‘brand kit,’ section and select ‘brand voice.’ Click ‘Add Brand Voice.’ 

    Please note- Canva cannot generate your brand voice like BIGVU and Jasper. It only lets you enter your voice. So you should know your brand voice beforehand only. 

    So we’ve entered the same voice generated by Jasper. 

    Add your brand voice to Canva brand voice generator
    1. Now, you can use this brand voice to generate your social media designs. For example, we’ve created an Instagram post to wish for Christmas and New Year. With the help of Magic Write, we’ve generated a tagline in our same voice to wish our audience. 
    Use Canva Magic Write feature with to write in your Brand Voice

    Our Opinion

    Canva rocks the design world!  

    And with its latest Magic Studio feature, it goes a step further, where it allows you freedom to upload your brand elements and get consistent ideas and designs every time. 

    However, to set up your brand kit on Canva, you have to be a Canva Pro member. It costs $120 billed yearly for one person. 

    But we think it’s still a no-brainer deal as the platform offers a multitude of designing capabilities- 

    • You can add your own style to elements.
    • Enjoy unlimited access to their entire content library.
    • Get access to premium design templates, animations, and features such as background remover.

    When you’re a Canva Pro member, you can easily keep your message consistent, especially in your designs for Instagram posts, YouTube thumbnail, presentations, etc. 

    The Power of Brand Voice Consistency

    By now, you must have already known that keeping your brand’s voice consistent is super powerful.

    And with the help of the above brand voice generators, you can create all cool stuffs for your marketing strategies that match your brand style.

    This allows you to create engaging and consistent content for various purposes, such as:

    • YouTube and Instagram videos
    • Email marketing
    • Press releases
    • Social media posts (designs + captions + videos)
    • Product descriptions

    No need to repeat yourself. Enter your brand details into the brand voice tool of each application. Then, whenever you require content, use that Brand Voice feature on each platform. 

    It’s a simple way to ensure your brand consistently sounds amazing and recognizable across all channels.