5 Video Script Templates Including Examples

Md. Asif Rahman
Md. Asif Rahman
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Are you a small business owner, coach or real estate agent looking for a quick and easy way to create video scripts for YouTube videos? A video script template may be the answer you’re looking for. Since video has become a powerful tool for communication and marketing, having a well-crafted script is essential if you want to stand out from the crowd. 

The purpose of a video script template for YouTube and other social media platforms is to create engaging and impactful content that grabs the attention of your audience. With that being said, here are 5 quality video script templates that will completely transform the way you film content.

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Table of Contents:

    What is the Structure of a Video Script? 

    There is a specific formula when it comes to writing video scripts. It’s important to follow the exact structure of a video script so that you don’t confuse your audience. Your video must be coherent and well-organized. scripts help you present your video clearly and logically. Here’s the structure you should follow. 

    Using Visual and Verbal Hooks 

    At the beginning of your video, you must include visual or verbal hooks to keep your viewers engaged. Don’t give all the information away at the beginning, as you want your audience to continue watching your video. 

    Start with a compelling introduction, either by adding music and visual effects or by simply introducing yourself as a real estate agent. A warm and friendly welcome will build a connection with your audience and set the tone for the content you’ll be revealing.

    The Body of the Video 

    The body of your video is where most of the information will be revealed. For example, as a real estate agent,  you can provide detailed descriptions of properties you showcase or mention the key benefits homeowners will experience when they buy property through you. 

    Avoid using filler words (umm..ahh…) in this section of your video because you don’t want to bore your audience. To assist you, use BIGVU’s teleprompter so you don’t have to study your script or use unnecessary wording.

    Your Call to Action 

    Your call to action in your video script should prompt your viewers to take action such as: 

    • Buying a product 
    • Phoning to make an appointment 
    • Contacting you for more information on rates
    • Finding you on social media or through a website

    State what action you’d like your audience to take at the end of your video and provide details on how your viewers can perform this action. For example, if you want your viewers to contact you for more information, you must state your contact details so they can call you.

    How to Write a Script for a Video 

    There are two ways real estate agents and coaches can write scripts: through AI templates or using script templates online. There are also manual templates you can create. In this section, I show you how to use methods for writing a script for video and explain the advantages of using AI script writers over manuals ones.

    Manual Script Templates

    Manual script templates are pre-made templates that you can edit and customize. They provide an outline for creating scripts for various purposes. However, manual scripts can be time-consuming because they need manual input and edits. Manual script templates may also lack flexibility and automation.

    Using AI Templates

    AI script templates are quick and easy to use because they generate scripts for you. All you have to do is enter prompt you want the AI writer to cover so that it produces the exact script you want for your video. 

    One of the best platforms to create AI-generated scripts is through BIGVU. It’s a user-friendly platform that creates well-written scripts in seconds. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to create scripts using BIGVU:

    1. Log On To the BIGVU website

    Log into the BIGVU website to access the scriptwriter. You can log in with your Google credentials or type in your password and email manually. 

    1. Click on New Script 

    Click on the New Script tab on the top left-hand corner of your screen. A new page will open with tabs on the left and right of the screen.

    1. Click on the AI Rewrite Tab  

    On the left of your screen, you’ll see a section where you can add your headline. Type in your headline and then click on the AI Rewrite tab. 

    4. Enter Your Text in the Space Provided 

    Write your information in the space provided for the AI writer to create your script. You can also choose the length of your script, the tone you want, and the type of information it needs to convey. 

    5. Click on the Write New Tab 

    Once you’ve customized your options and written the information you want to cover in the space provided, click on the Write New tab.

    6. Click on the Read and Record Tab 

    The AI writer will create the perfect script for your video. You can then click on the Read and Record tab to start creating your video while reading your script.

    Creating Video Script Templates Online 

    Another way you can create video scripts is by using templates provided by online platforms. Here are three popular templates you can use to create a quick and professional YouTube script. 

    Product Pitch Video Script Template 

    You can tailor your sales pitch to draw in more people who want to buy or rent homes with this type of template. Personalize your information to build trust with your customers. You can also add information from your LinkedIn to quickly add information to your script. 

    With this type of template, you can create hundreds of landing pages for your website and then send them to prospects via email or Direct Message. Choose the tailored sales pitch template on BIGVU when you use the AI writer.

    Self Introduction Video Script Template

    To create this type of template be sure to introduce yourself and your business. This is ideal for the featured video on your YouTube video. It’s important to create this template if you plan on making many videos for your site.

    Blogger Script Video Template

    There are two types of video scripts you can create for your blog on the BIGVU AI writer- by simply pasting the URL of your written blog!

    1. Turn your blog into the vlog:  Create a script for a video that summarizes your blog. Then, turn your blog into a vlog on YouTube, or add the video to the top of your blog for a quick SEO win.
    2. Create a “teaser” for your blog: Create a script for a video that promotes your blog and encourages people to read your blog. This is perfect for social media and ads to drive more traffic to your blog. 

    Creating Video Script Templates On Your Mobile Device

    If you’re always on the go, then you may want an easy way to create scripts on your mobile device. Here are templates that might work well for you. 

    Script with Tips 

    One of the best types of videos you can create as a real estate agent is one where you provide tips. For example, you can write a script with tips on how your viewers can buy their first homes or how to inspect property before purchasing it.

    News Script Video template

    Use the My News Flash AI scriptwriter on BIGVU so you can show your audience that you are up to date with the latest trends. It’s also perfect for brand authority so you can build trust with your audience. 


    How to write a video script for YouTube?

    To write a script for YouTube you can use online templates or have a script written for you using the BIGVU script writer. Use the BIGVU teleprompter so you don’t have to study your script.

    How many words is a 1-minute video script?

    A 1-minute video should be between 150 and 170 words. Your video should also be between 6 and 7 scenes. You can use a words to minute tool to help you calculate how many words you’ll need for the length of video you want to make

    How do you write a 3-minute video script?

    You can either write the video script manually but this can take a lot of time and effort. The best way to create professional scripts faster is to use the BIGVU AI scriptwriter. You can create different types of scripts by choosing what your content will be about such as an introduction or tips. 

    Why do you need a video script?

    A video script provides you with structure and organization for a video. It also helps you create a message that is clear and concise and carefully choose your words for your content. Using a script will prevent you from using filler words that may bore your audience. 

    Is a script writing template easy to use?

    Yes, script writing templates create an easy way for you to write professionally written scripts faster. Use a template that has all the elements you need to write the type of message you want to convey.

    What should a video script include?

    A video script should include an introduction with a hook to attract the viewer’s attention. It should also contain the body which is all the details you want to provide the viewer. At the end, there should be a call to action to prompt your viewer to contact you, comment, or share your video. 

    How do you know your video script is well-written?

    A well-written script flows smoothly and keeps your audience engaged. It should also have the power to evoke emotions such as happiness, intrigue, or shock depending on the type of content you’re creating. 


    Creating scripts doesn’t have to be a tedious task. All you need is the right tools to develop professional real estate videos for your website or social media pages. The quickest way to create a script is to use an AI script writer from BIGVU. 

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