67 Unique and Good YouTube Video Ideas for Business Owners

Utkarsh Jaiswal
Utkarsh Jaiswal
Copywriter, Content Writer

In the fast-paced world of online videos, YouTube is a special place where magic happens for brands and business owners.

And why not?

It’s the second largest social media network, with over 2.49 billion users.

Every day, YouTube users watch hundreds of millions of hours of videos. Since it is owned by the biggest search engine in the world, being on the platform can improve your SEO and help you reach a larger audience.

That’s why business owners understand the huge potential of videos and a few of them have started uploading high-quality video content to YouTube. However, when starting out, most people realize that marketing videos aren't so easy to create. In fact, they are the most hard types of content to create.

It is for this reason we have put together a whopping 67 unique content ideas for YouTube for business owners. These ideas are suitable for all fields and industries, so it doesn't matter which you are in.

But before we get to them, let’s answer a couple of questions that might arise in your mind.

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Table of Contents:

    How Can You Find Good YouTube Video Ideas for Businesses?

    There is no shortage of YouTube videos ideas that you can create for yourself. However, when creating videos for a business, select your videos carefully because each has an aim that fits into the bigger picture of the business. A slight error in selection or judgment could ruin your entire strategy. 

    So, how can you ensure you get the right video idea for businesses? Follow the steps below:

    1. Type in the topic on YouTube search and check which keyword the autocomplete feature is suggesting. This gives you a rough idea of what people are searching for relating to your topic.
    2. Check the comments section of your and your competitors' videos and read the suggestions viewers give.
    3. You can effectively find out what your audience is interested in by doing a poll/survey on social media.
    4. Take part in various groups and communities with like-minded individuals, such as Facebook Groups.
    5. Create a target audience persona and brainstorm on various topics you can cover in video form to fulfill his/her needs.

    In fact, today, with the help of AI and ChatGPT, finding unique content for YouTube is easy. For example, we tried to generate some good ideas for YouTube videos for real estate agents with ChatGPT.

    YouTube video ideas from Chat GPT

    Once you’ve finalized topics, head over to BIGVU AI Script Generator to get a script for your videos in your brand voice so your audience can relate to it.

    How Can You Find Interesting Ideas for YouTube Videos?

    For your YouTube videos to be interesting, they need to resonate well with your audience. That said, even if you are feeling creative or artistic, ensure you come up with content that is relevant to your audience. Focusing on yourself will just lead to stagnant or negative growth. Here are a few tips on how to find interesting YouTube video ideas.

    • Study the competition and figure out what videos they are creating, and whether they are getting any results from them. You can then use this data to come up with content ideas. 
    • Ask your customer-facing teams (sales and customer service) for topic ideas. They are always in contact with your customers, so they know which questions they are often asking. 
    • Ask your viewers what they would like to watch via YouTube, emails, and your other social media handles. 
    • Keep an eye out for interesting trends that are relevant to your brand and audience, and jump on them to ride the wave.

    Watch this video to learn how to make money from YouTube videos even if you’re a beginner.

    5 Unforgettable Ways to Kickstart Your YouTube Videos

    Did you know you only have 15 seconds to make a good first impression?

    If you start your videos with:

    "Hi guys, my name is James. I'm the CEO of QC, and I'm here to talk to you about—"

    You've already lost the interest of your viewer.

    It no longer matters what you're here to talk about because we lost interest before you completed the first sentence. Here are five tips to improve that boring introduction:

    1. Start with a Story—Not Your Name and Title.
    2. Personify the Camera - Treat the camera as if it were a person to be more conversational.
    3. Prepare your presentation ahead of time, keeping your audience in mind.
    4. Tell the audience what the video is about before the introduction.
    5. Don't go into too much detail. Just tell them what they need to know.

    The Best Way to Introduce Your Organization on a YouTube Video

    How you introduce your organization determines whether a viewer will interact with you or not. A good introduction sets you apart from the competition and makes you more appealing to your audience. 

    Whether you're creating everything from scratch by yourself or using templates, there are three things you need to keep in mind for the best introduction.

    • The entire introduction and organization description should be clear and concise. The client shouldn't have to re-watch it in order to understand. 
    • Tell the viewers clearly what problems you solve and what solution you offer. 
    • Tell them what to do next in a call to action. A video without a call to action has no purpose.

    If you’re looking to start your business on YouTube from day 1, this video might be helpful for you.

    67 Best YouTube Video Ideas to Grow Your Business

    1. Informational Videos

    Informational type videos should be among the first ones for business owners to include in their YouTube content ideas. These videos are important for expanding your brand’s essence on the platform. 

    By creating content that educates viewers about industry trends, product features, or tutorials, you can position your brand as experts in your field. For example, you can create videos about technology advancements or product usage guides if you're a tech company. 

    Providing valuable information builds trust, credibility, and loyalty among viewers, ultimately improving brand awareness and customer engagement.

    But how to get a compelling video script for one such video? You can use BIGVU’s Informational video AI script writer to generate video scripts in seconds in your brand voice. 

    It helps you brainstorm your ideas and quickly generate informative video scripts so you start recording immediately. 

    2. Behind The Scenes

    A behind-the-scenes video gives your audience a sneak peek into how your business operates. There are various things you can focus on such as company meetings, creation of the products, or how you standardize to ensure quality.

    These videos show the human part of your business, making the viewers more invested in what you are offering.

    Watch this video showing behind-the-scenes footage of a local glass manufacturer shoot.

    3. Business Vlogs

    A vlog is a video version of a blog. You can periodically create videos that show your daily business life or operations. You can even highlight different jobs per vlog, showing what the employee generally does.

    These videos are quite popular as most people like to know what goes on behind the curtains.

    With the help of BIGVU blog to vlog generator, you can quickly generate unique video scripts for your vlog and make viewer’s hooked to your content.

    Watch this video if you’re going to start recording your vlogs from today.

    4. Company Milestones

    If your company reaches a significant milestone, you can create a video to congratulate all the parties that played a part and celebrate the achievement with them. Posting milestone celebrations calls attention to the milestones, pushing your audience to be more invested in you and whether you can hit the next milestone.

    Some of the milestones you can celebrate include getting an award or 25 years of business.

    Check out this video from Starbucks. It shows how a cup of coffee means more than just a drink. The video highlights how Starbucks, a coffee company established 50 years ago, has grown to focus on more than just serving coffee.

    5. Introduce Your Business with Profile Videos

    Adding a profile video to your YouTube channel can help grow your business. It allows you to connect with your audience on a personal level. 

    It builds trust and loyalty, increases engagement, and showcases your brand's personality, values, and uniqueness. Sharing the video on YouTube can also attract potential clients. 

    For example, a clothing brand can use a profile video to display their latest collection and design process. 

    This gives viewers a better understanding of their brand story. Including profile videos in your marketing strategy effectively communicates your brand message and makes you stand out online.

    To get an engaging video script for introducing your profile on YouTube, try BIGVU’s new free Profile Video Script Generator.

    The video shows how to make a professional video script with BIGVU to introduce yourself or your business without a personal copywriter or an expensive video editor.

    6. Company Culture

    A company culture video shows what your business is all about and what makes it tick. It should unpack your goals, core values, and the reasons for operating.

    The video shouldn't be "too serious" or too corporate. It should also showcase other aspects of your business that highlight the fun culture of your business such as team happy hour after work.

    These videos show your customers and potential employees what your business is all about and what it is like working for it.

    For example, this video features NGS employees expressing their dedication and passion for their work. They emphasize the supportive and family-like atmosphere at NGS. Everyone is motivated to give their best to achieve company goals.

    7. Weekly Business and Industry News

    Adding a weekly business and industry news segment to your YouTube channel can benefit your business. It can increase engagement with your audience and strengthen your brand.

    By sharing regular updates on industry trends, news, and your business developments, you can attract repeat viewers who are interested in staying informed. These videos showcase your expertise and provide valuable information, which will establish your brand as an authority. 

    For example, a tech company can share weekly updates on the latest tech innovations and trends. Consistent videos can help you build a loyal following, drive more traffic to your channel, and grow your business.

    And to help you create high-quality scripts for your video news releases in a fraction of the time, try out BIGVU’s latest Video News Release AI Script Generator.

    8. Advertise a Job Opening

    When looking to fill an open position, the likelihood of getting the best-fit increases with the number of people who know about it. A video is a very effective way of increasing your reach.

    In the video, you can show what the job position entails, its benefits, and even talk about what the ideal candidate possesses. A short video covers much more than a text-based job advertisement can ever do.

    For example, in this video, Nesco Resource encourages viewers to let them work on finding the best job match for them.

    9. Bust Common Myths You've Heard in Your Industry

    There is lots of false information floating around. Some of it is so well accepted that people swear by it. If you find any false information related to your industry, you can make a video that addresses it. Remember to cite your sources for credibility.

    Not only does this help in clarifying the information, but it also makes you appear as an expert in the field, strengthening your brand.

    10. Meet the Team

    Invariably, the success of a business depends on the people behind the brand. That is why you should honor them by giving your audience a glimpse of their faces and personalities. 

    For each employee, give them a chance to introduce themselves, and then you can ask a couple of questions for your viewers to get to know them better. The better they know the people behind the brand, the stronger the connection they have with your business, and the more their loyalty.

    Here’s an example of how Amazon does it.

    11. Commercial for Your Business

    Whether to connect with your audience in a creative way, to build brand recognition, or for any other reason, creating a video commercial for your business is quite important. It explains what your business is and what it is striving to achieve. This allows customers to understand what values you stand for and whether they support you or not.

    Keep in mind that when creating a video business commercial, you should focus not on what the business has to offer, but on how what it has to offer will benefit the users.

    12. FAQ and Q&A

    Videos are a great way to answer questions that your audience may have concerning your business, its products, or any other topic. They allow you to really delve into the answer in full, giving various examples for your audience to fully understand.

    That is why you should have at least one YouTube video that answers your audience's questions. The questions could be asked over the phone, on your website, or via email among others. If you haven't received any questions, search on Google for the most common questions relating to your business and address them.

    13. Interviews

    From time to time, you should post video interviews. They are easy to follow and your viewers can learn a lot from them. There are various people you can interview. For instance, you can interview an employee for your viewers to get to know them better.

    You can also interview an expert in your field. Interviewing experts builds up your social authority in your industry.

    For example, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos sat down with Henry Blodget at Business Insider's Ignition 2014 for an in-depth interview on a variety of topics.

    14. Conference and Event Recap

    If you hosted, attended, or participated in a relevant conference or event, you can upload a video that details what happened. The best part about these videos is they enhance FOMO (fear of missing out), to engage viewers who couldn't attend.

    You can also merge these videos with interviews if you interviewed anyone while there.

    15. Teach Something in Your Industry

    People love information and learning. So, one of the videos that will get a lot of traction is to teach them things related to your business. For instance, if you are selling cars, you can create a video explaining how to find the best car that suits your needs.

    16. Thank You Videos

    You wouldn't be where you are right now were it not for your audience and customers. That is why every time you reach an important milestone, you should thank your customers and business "family" for helping you get there.

    You should say thank you to your audience over video instead of any other medium because you will appear more sincere since they can see your emotions and hear your sincerity.

    The video is a message of gratitude from Axway, a technology company, to its customers. They express appreciation for the partnership over the past 20 years, highlighting how they have continuously worked on improving their services and solutions.

    17. Response/Reaction Videos

    Response/reaction videos are among the most popular on YouTube. They are quite popular as they can bring the creator lots of attention without having to work for it since the video they are responding to is already trending.

    They are created as a response to an event, news, or another trending video. You can use these videos to respond to someone's say, a competitor's, opinion, or vlog.

    18. Case Studies

    Instead of using customer testimonials, you can illustrate how your services or products have benefited specific customers. An example of a great case study video is when Ritz Carlton created an animated video highlighting the romantic story of a couple who proposed in one of their hotels.

    Here’s an another case study that highlights how Gillete's innovative pricing strategy transformed its business and inspired successful ventures by emphasizing the importance of customer ecosystems and strategic pricing approaches for long-term success in the market.

    19. Product Showcase

    A product showcase video is different from a product tutorial because it doesn't focus on how to use the product. Instead, it focuses on demonstrating the features and benefits of the product. The product can either be new or have been in the market for a while.

    A simple animated video that lasts about a minute should cover all the features you would like your customers to know about. These videos easily sway people towards buying the product after understanding how it can make their lives better.

    20. Product Unboxing

    Product unboxing videos are quite popular on YouTube. They allow customers to know what to expect in the packaging and how to set up your product for use. Most of these videos are usually followed by a short review, so customers can understand how the product will benefit them.

    These videos are also quite handy if you offer products that are uniquely packaged.

    21. New Product Announcement

    When launching a new product, it almost goes without saying that you need to accompany its announcement with a video. The video could go into details how it will benefit the users and if there were predecessors, you could feature them and explain what has changed and why is that good for the user.

    Not only does this allow people to understand what's new with the product, but it is also a way of making sure as many people as possible hear about it.

    22. Product-in-action Videos

    Product-in-action videos, just as the name suggests, are for showing how your product works. These videos are especially common for products such as video games. Play station and Xbox regularly post videos of the games available on the consoles.

    These videos allow the viewers to get a feel of how the product looks and functions, as well as educate them on how to operate it.

    23. Timelapses

    Timelapse is a video setting that allows you to film for a long period of time and then speed it up to shorten it to a couple of seconds or minutes. Many cameras and smartphones have this feature.

    You can record timelapse videos to showcase any work in progress, or just the general day-to-day life at the workplace.

    This is a beautiful video that shows a timelapse of office workers during the day.

    24. Routine Videos

    A routine video is a video that shows the sequence of actions that are regularly followed. One of the common and popular routine videos is workout routines.

    For your business, there are various routines you can show. Some of them include a morning routine that shows what you do when you get to work in the morning, an evening routine that shows what goes on at closing time, or even a project preparation routine that shows what goes on when preparing to start a project.

    25. Tag Videos

    YouTube has a feature called tagging. It works when a person creates and shares a video on a particular subject then tags another person to create and share their own version of the same. This is quite handy for giving your videos more attention.

    You don't even have to be tagged. Once you come across a trending video with a trending tag, you can jump on the bandwagon and create your own video on the same subject to keep the tag going.

    26. Photo Slideshows

    If you want to tell a story or explain a concept that is in image form, you can select your photos and create a slideshow in video format. You can even include background music or narration to make it better, then share it on YouTube.

    27. Product Tutorial

    There is no shortage of customers looking for tutorials, especially for tech-related products. As such, you need to make at least one tutorial for every new product you release, unless the functionality is similar to its predecessors.

    The tutorial doesn't even have to cover the whole thing. Instead, you can just focus on a couple of features that are new or confuse most users. Once they get acquainted enough, they may gain interest in the product.

    The video provides a tutorial on how to use filters and a teleprompter effectively to deliver messages professionally with BIGVU, even on days when you might not feel your best.

    28. Explainer Videos

    Videos are the simplest way to present a hard concept. If there is something relating to your business that your audience seems to have questions about, you can create a simple video that addresses everything in detail.

    Explainer videos can also be used to explain how your products will make life easier for the viewer. You can also create an explainer video that explains what your business does and who it serves and what it is trying to achieve and pin it at the top of your profile for people to instantly understand what you are about.

    The video shows how to edit videos professionally using BIGVU, focusing on adding automatic captions, logos, visuals, music, and more.

    29. Presentations and Webinars

    If you hosted an educational webinar or presentation, you can upload the recording on YouTube for interested parties in your audience who missed it. Sharing such educational content sets you apart from your competitors as an authority in your field.

    30. Updates

    If there are any updates you need to make such as changes in the dates, change in management, and product recall among others, you can use videos alongside other media to ensure all audiences receive the news.

    You can also use the updates video to notify users of any changes in terms of service.

    31. Onboarding

    Onboarding is the process of integrating a new hire with your business and its culture, as well as getting them everything they need to become a productive team member.

    You can upload an onboarding video on YouTube to get new hires excited about becoming part of your business. There is no better way to do this than using a short and simple video.

    This video welcomes new employees to TrueCar, emphasizing the company's industry position, commitment to excellence, and the value of teamwork for success.

    32. Product Comparisons

    You can also create a video that compares your product to its predecessors or other product lines. The video shouldn't point to one of the products and say "this is the superior one". Instead, it should highlight features of each product, and explain why one may prefer each to the other(s).

    You can also include your competitors' products.

    Have a look at this comparison video between BIGVU and CapCut.

    33. Share Surprising/Unpopular Opinions

    Everyone likes a controversial opinion, and a video explaining them is quite effective at getting you some online attention. Just remember to keep your opinions within the realm of believability, or at the very least, have facts to back it up. You wouldn't want your opinions to label you "crazy". 

    Also, steer clear of topics such as religion and politics. You could lose your customers once they feel you do not share the same opinion as them in these matters.

    34. Share Your Business History

    Most businesses have had an interesting, rough, or funny background story. For you to inspire your audience and connect with it on a deeper level, you should share where your business came from, why it was created, and what it went through to be what it is today.

    Your audience might relate to the story, trusting you and becoming more emotionally invested in your business.

    35. Promote Events

    People love videos because they provide quick information about what to expect in the future. If you are planning an event, you can create a teaser video to get people interested.

    In the video, you can cover the speakers, theme, and other details. Toward the end of the video, include a CTA that directs them to the signup page. If you have hosted a similar event earlier, you can include a couple of attendees to talk about their experiences in the event.

    36. Special Offers

    If you have special offers and limited-time promotions, you would want as many as possible people to participate in them. Videos are a great way to get people interested. Not only does YouTube give them a very wide reach, but also they clearly explain what the offer or promotion is all about in a few seconds or minutes.

    37. Customer Testimonials

    For your business to be trustworthy and gain credibility, you need some form of social proof such as customer testimonials about working with your business. Customer testimonials explain how they were before working with your business, how it was working with your business and the outcome.

    You can host interviews with your customers, or have them record themselves and send them to you. Instead of posting different testimonial videos, you can merge them into one long video and share it.

    38. How-to Videos

    Simple videos that show various ways of completing certain tasks are among the most popular videos on YouTube, especially with beauty and tech YouTubers. However, the possibilities are endless.

    From how to become more confident, to how to play your favorite song, to any topic related to your business, there are an endless number of tasks you can tackle. If you can teach something, there is probably someone out there looking to learn it.

    39. List Videos

    Another popular video idea is to create list videos. Lists are powerful because they tap into schemata and provide digestible snippets of information. There are various things you can break down into lists and present them to your audience in a list post. Some of them include products and product lines, or techniques of doing something.

    40. Pet Introductions

    For your workforce to appear more human and relatable, you can host a day where all your employees that have a pet show it off as you record a video. They can introduce it, and are given a few minutes to speak about it.

    Everyone loves cute animals. And showing them to your clients makes them more trustful and worthy.

    41. Funny Videos

    Your YouTube channel shouldn't have an all-corporate and all-business vibe. Once in a while, you should post something funny. Funny clips have a tendency of going viral faster and easier than other videos.

    Some of the themes you can focus on are:

    • Challenges
    • Pranks
    • Bloopers

    However, as you post something funny, you need to keep the safety of the participants in mind. Also, don't go too far that they lose their connection with your business.

    Here's a funny commercial for one of the most powerful hosted contact center technology companies.

    42. Product Reviews

    A huge percentage of buyers cannot buy a product without reading the reviews first. May buyers prefer buyer reviews, as they can hear from the source itself whether the product met expectations. You can compile different customer reaction videos, and tweets among others into a single video and share it on YouTube.

    If that sounds too hectic, you can just contract an influencer to review them for you.

    43. Office Tours

    Apart from meeting the team, you can show your audience around your workplace (or home if you are working remotely). You can show your viewers such things as your home, your office, your neighborhood etc.

    44. DIY Videos

    DIY projects are just as popular as tutorials on YouTube. Your audience will appreciate learning to do something by themselves. A topic that is commonly covered on YouTube is cooking and following a certain recipe.

    Simple crafts such as how to fold an origami horse, as long as it is related to your business will do.

    45. Collection Videos

    Collection videos are for businesses that release a collection, such as a shoe or cloth line at one time. The collection video explains the differences between each item in the new collection as well as what feature is shared across the items in the collection.

    46. Tips Videos

    For your brand to be perceived as a thought leader, you need to constantly share new information. Among the information you can share includes tips on a particular subject related to your business.

    You can break down the tips into a list and present it as a list video, or just as points. Sample topics include "How to cook potatoes", "How to make your computer faster", etc.

    Just make sure whatever topic you are covering should be related to your business.

    47. Mini-Movies

    The main purpose of your YouTube channel is to increase your reach in order to inform or persuade. However, you can take it a step further and entertain with a mini movie.

    A very good example is the mini-movie by Lego. It is quite entertaining and if you were thinking of purchasing a Lego set, the video will easily convince you.

    48. Illustrate a Point

    Saying or writing data is not enough. Not in today's world that is packed with information. The best way to get a message or point through is to use a video to illustrate what you mean.

    That said, in order to prove your corporate worth or efficacy, you should share data in animation and other visual languages to pass the message fast before the viewer skips it.

    Using video to illustrate your points allows you to be as creative as possible when passing the message, ensuring that your points are well understood, unlike the obscurity that comes with a wall of explanatory text.

    49. Favorites Video

    A favorites video is a video where you share your favorites in a particular area. Although it may not add much to your business, if your customers relate to your list, they will form a deeper connection with you, remaining loyal to your business.

    You can even make it a series, with a different member of your business naming their favorites in different areas on another "episode".

    50. Cause Videos

    If your business is actively participating in any cause or charity, you can make a video explaining what it is all about. Explain why you are participating in the cause and what your end goal is.

    Then end the video with a CTA asking if your audience would like to contribute or join the cause and what to do if they are interested.

    51. Contests

    You can engage your audience by holding various contests that they can take part in. You can create videos during the contest as part of a series, or wait till the contest is over then you compile the clips that were taken into a single video.

    You can then share the video to YouTube then engage with the customers that missed out and would like to participate in the next.

    52. Public Service Announcements

    If you feel that there is some information that your audience and others need to learn, you can create a video explaining everything in detail then share it on YouTube as well as other sites and platforms.

    53. Share the Results of Your Progress

    Even though humility is a virtue, once you have made considerable progress, you should share it with others. It is not about rubbing other people's noses in it. No, it is about getting the news out there in a simple, targeted video instead of the news getting it out there as a dry press release or email announcement.

    The better you present the information, the more the word of mouth will spread, fostering more widespread recognition and increasing your customer base.

    54. Discussion Videos

    A discussion video is a simple video whereby you discuss any topic and share your expertise on the topic. Think of it as the way you can discuss various topics on a blog.

    55. Live Product Launch

    Live videos have seen a huge boom in popularity over the past couple of years. That is why if you would like people from all around the world to participate in your launch event, you can stream it online using YouTube live.

    To increase the number of viewers and first sales, you can build the hype by inviting influencers, bloggers, and other YouTubers to attend it so they can share their experience with their multitude of followers.

    The video showcases the launch event for the Samsung Galaxy S24 series, focusing on the transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) in revolutionizing the mobile industry.

    56. Collaboration Videos

    Instead of struggling to do it yourself, once in a while, you can create YouTube videos with other businesses and accounts. Just make sure there is a synergy from your temporary merger as both of you need to benefit from each other's presence.

    In the video, each of you is supposed to share their expertise, and the video is posted to both channels and a link to each others' channel is included. This leads to increased traffic and views for both parties.

    57. Haul Videos

    Haul videos involve showing and talking about items that you have purchased or acquired by any other means. It's a fun way to highlight new trends and give your audience an authentic glimpse into the new technologies of the business.

    That makes them most relevant to businesses that attend industry events such as tradeshows.

    58. Infographic Video

    An infographic video is a visual representation of data and knowledge in the form of an online video. It is an engaging and visually appealing way to present complex data that cannot be easily understood. The best thing about infographics is how long they can grab and retain the attention span of the viewers.

    Because it is an entertaining combination of visuals and audio, viewers are more likely to understand it fast, create a deeper connection to it, engage with it, and share it for others to see.

    59. Present Your Innovations

    Your customers and prospects need to be reminded every once in a while why they should choose you and how different you are from the competition. The best way to do this is to present what you have in terms of innovations and cutting-edge tech.

    A simple video that gives a glimpse of the superior-tech or innovations that you have should be enough to get more customers and beat the competition.

    Remember to keep it civil and don't challenge your competitors directly.

    60. Solve a Problem With Advice

    For people to view your brand as a reputable authority, you need to help people answer their burning questions and solve their problems by giving them advice. The more you help people the more you grow.

    Once you successfully fill a knowledge deficit by breaking down hard concepts into easy ones, people will be more inclined to use you as a source of their information on related topics.

    61. How It's Made Videos

    How it's made videos are quite popular on YouTube. They illustrate how various products are created from scratch. These videos are quite effective at lengthening customer retention because customers can gauge the quality of the finished product from the quality of the components.

    62. Inspirational Videos

    Not all the videos you share need to be connected to your products or services for you to offer value to your target audience. There are various other ways you can offer value. One of them is by sharing inspirational videos.

    If you manage to create a powerful inspirational video that will inspire your customers, it will be shared more, increasing your brand recognition and ultimately getting more customers.

    The video emphasizes the importance of hard work, preparation, and continuous learning in business. 

    63. Influencer Videos

    The power of word of mouth and referral marketing can also be harnessed using videos. There are lots of influencers with a large audience that you should take advantage of. You can partner with them and ask them to feature your products in a video or record a video with them.

    As you are advertising the video, make sure to mention they participated in the video. There are lots of people who know them but don't know your company, and would click on the link just because they have been mentioned.

    If you offer good products and services, you are guaranteed of increasing your customer base from the additional traffic that will find you due to the influencer.

    64. Holiday Greetings

    Around holidays and on the main day, you can post videos wishing everyone well. It may not be much, but once a prospect comes across it, they will appreciate the effort you have put in, strengthening your brand.

    You shouldn't focus only on the main holidays. You should also focus on minor holidays that are directly related to your business.

    65. Rants

    A rant shows how passionate you are on the subject at hand. That is why if the need arises, you can record a video ranting about a specific issue then share it on YouTube. However, before you rant, ensure the topic you are going to talk about will not end up with your customers being alienated.

    For example, in the video, the speaker, Grant Cardone, emphasizes the importance of having a strong work ethic by referencing successful individuals such as Ryan Seacrest, Tom Cruise, Oprah, Steven Spielberg, Donald Trump, and others.

    66. Promote Your Products or Services

    To deal with the ever-increasing competition, you need to constantly promote your products and services. Video is the best way to explain and present new ideas, making it the best way to promote your products.

    That said, you should create a simple video that explains your products, services, and company as a whole. Highlight the key selling points and explain the benefits customers will get from purchasing it and becoming loyal.

    67. Viewer Ideas

    Finally, if you have exhausted this list or it is too overwhelming so you don't know where to start, you can ask your viewers what they would like to see. They can reply in the comments or send you direct messages.

    Then you can create a video based on the most popular demand.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How can YouTube video ideas benefit my business?

    YouTube video ideas can help showcase your products or services, engage your audience, build brand awareness, and drive traffic to your website.

    Can you provide some examples of YouTube video ideas for promoting a product?

    Yes, examples include product demonstrations, unboxing videos, customer testimonials, and behind-the-scenes footage of product development.

    How can I optimize my YouTube videos for search engines?

    To optimize your YouTube videos for search engines, use relevant keywords in your title, description, and tags, create engaging thumbnails, and encourage viewers to like, comment, and subscribe.

    Are there specific YouTube video ideas that work well for small businesses?

    Yes, YouTube video ideas such as tutorials, how-to guides, company culture videos, and customer success stories can work well for small businesses.


    In conclusion, creating engaging and impactful YouTube content is essential for businesses looking to connect with their audience effectively. By exploring a variety of YouTube video ideas, businesses can showcase their brand personality, engage viewers, and build a loyal following.

    Remember to focus on providing value to your audience, whether through informative tutorials, behind-the-scenes glimpses, entertaining vlogs, or any other YouTube video content ideas.

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