You could be spending thousands of dollars on video production each month yet still struggle to engage your audience. 

Don’t get me wrong – video is the most engaging content format today. In fact, it’s so powerful that:

  • 85% of social media users want more videos from brands.
  • Half of social media users prefer video.
  • Your product demonstration videos are likely to receive three times the engagement you’d receive on posting a picture of your product. 

Even though video is the most engaging content format, most businesses struggle to catch their audience’s attention and build an emotional connection with them. 

And if you are struggling with that too and wondering how to get people to watch your videos, allow us to help you out. Throughout this blog post, we’ll cover:

  • Why is it Important to Build an Emotional Connection with Your Audience?
  • How to Get People to Watch Your Videos

So excited to share this with you.

Let’s dive in.

Why is it Important to Build an Emotional Connection with Your Audience? How Can Video Help?

Building an emotional connection with your audience is important, especially in today’s ever-competitive world where your customers are flooded with gazillions of options. That’s the only way you’ll be able to attract + retain customers. 

A big mistake most businesses make – they think that delivering a great product or service is singlehandedly enough to build an emotional connection with your audience.

And while you should obviously focus on offering superior products or services, you need to make sure your audience feels an emotional connection with your product or service and brand. 

According to research - if you have customers who are emotionally connected to your product or service, or to you as the business owner, they are going to buy more from you. And they are going to exhibit less price sensitivity.

So when you raise your prices, they’ll be like – “Okay, that’s cool. I really like this product. I really like this person. I understand they pay attention. So, the price hike is justifiable.”

The reason they’ll say this – they are emotionally connected with your product or service. 

And trust us on this one – one of the best ways to build an emotional connection with your audience is by producing engaging videos. But like we said above, if you’re doing it, do it right. 

So, in the next section, we’ll understand how to produce videos that people will actually watch. Let’s have a look. 

How to Get People to Watch Your Videos

Want to get people to watch your YouTube videos? Or maybe TikTok? Whatever platform you're trying to establish your presence on, we want people to create jaw-dropping, engaging videos that’ll help them get their audience to take the desired action. To help you produce videos that your audience will actually watch, we’ve put together a few proven yet simple tips you should consider:

  • Come Up with an Engaging Hook 
  • Put Yourself in an Expert Mindset Before Turning the Camera On
  • Avoid Fluff Throughout the Video

Come Up with an Engaging Hook

In 2020, it was reported that more than 500 hours of YouTube videos were uploaded every single minute. And that’s just YouTube we’re talking about. People are posting video content everywhere – from Facebook to LinkedIn to Twitter and other platforms. With so much video content to consume, why should your audience be interested in your video?

The first step is to get your audience genuinely interested in your video. And you can only do this by coming up with an engaging hook. 

Let’s say you want to create a video around “The Future of Bitcoin.”

Now – trust us on this one – there are gazillions of videos just like this across different social media channels. So why should your audience watch the whole video you’ve published? If you want to get your audience interested, you need to come up with a strong hook – as soon as they hit the play button.

Lisa, with more than two million followers across all of her social platforms, created a video around the digital dollar – which was subject to more than 400,000 views. 

One of the reasons why that video was subject to great engagement – she nailed the hook.

The hook was throwing the money – which made people think – “How dare is she throwing the money?” 

This was followed by her next line – “Move over paper money. The federal reserve is talking about creating the digital seller.”

This hook is what caught her audience’s attention. As she managed to grab her attention, she moved to the meat of the video – which was talking about the move towards digital currency. 

You see – the first thing you should focus on is getting your audience interested. How are you going to get them interested? The answer is simple – by creating an engaging hook. 

But while doing so, don’t say something you’re not going to deliver throughout the video. Otherwise, you’ll be creating a bad impression. 

Put Yourself in an Expert Mindset Before Turning the Camera On

If you haven’t created a video before or have done it only a few times before, you may find it weird to talk to yourself in a camera. Yes – it’s weird for most people. And it’s okay. The only way to get used to it – is by practicing. That’s the only way you’ll be able to put yourself in an expert mindset. 

You need to put yourself in that expert mindset before you even turn the camera on. That’s how you’ll be able to build an emotional connection. At BIGVU, we want our users to create jaw-dropping videos – which is why we allow them to write down their scripts and practice narrating them prior to turning their cameras on. And when you’re finally ready, you can record a genuinely engaging video using our in-app video recorder.

If you’re lacking confidence, we recommend reading our “5 Brilliant Tips to Be Comfortable & Confident While Talking to the Camera” article. And if you want to understand how BIGVU can help you put yourself in an expert mindset, we recommend reading our “Making Talking Head Videos was Never Simple. Learn How BIGVU Simplifies the End-to-End Process” article.

Avoid Fluff

Let’s say you managed to catch your audience’s attention with a mind-grabbing hook. You promised a lot in the beginning.

But what if you fail to live up to the promise? Or what if you’re adding too much fluff such that your viewers find themselves getting lost? 

Don’t do that.

As important as creating an engaging hook is, focusing on the meat and ending of the video is equally important.

Ask yourself – what is the bare bones? What’s in it for the viewer? 

The whole point of creating a video is – providing your viewers with the information they need – information that addresses and solves their pain points or problems.

And that’s what you need to focus on.

Once you’ve told them what’s in it for them, you need to deliver.

And you don’t need to keep it too long. 

Whether you want to cover one point or multiple, don’t overcomplicate it. And don’t add too much fluff. Come straight to the point and be really specific – while also engaging your audience.

And once you’ve delivered the information, don’t forget to incorporate a call-to-action in the end. 

What action do you want your users to take? Do you want them to try out your product or dial your number? Or do you want them to take action based on the information you delivered?

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That's how you can get people to watch your videos.

You need to have an engaging hook. 

You also need to be confident and talk to your viewers like they’re your friends.

Lastly, you need to genuinely deliver what you set out to do.

That’s the only way you’ll be able to create videos that your audience won’t be able to resist.

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