Making Talking Heads Video Was Never That Simple. Learn How BIGVU Simplifies the End-to-End Process for You

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    Despite video marketing having been helping professionals put their best foot forward and businesses build an emotional connection with their audience and generate an impressive ROI, we’ve witnessed both professionals and businesses face numerous challenges throughout the production and editing process.

    And that’s especially true if you’re recording it using your front camera. 

    Some people claim talking head videos to be incredibly boring. And when they do watch one, they end up hating the person who keeps blabbering for 10 or 20 straight minutes.

    At the same time, making talking head videos is not as simple as recording a video and hitting the publish/upload button.

    It’s so much more than that.

    What if you don’t have a script and end up forgetting what you want to talk about? Or what if you want to add some music to the video to make sure that it doesn’t seem boring?

    And what if you want to add your branding elements to your videos like your brand’s logo and tagline?

    From writing down a script to recording the video to editing it using different software/platforms, rolling out a talking head video may end up taking days – as obviously, it’s a complicated process.

    To help simplify the process, we have put together the five easy tips both professionals and businesses should take into consideration while recording talking heads videos.

    5 Tips to Consider to Roll Out Highly Engaging Talking Heads Videos

    Following are the five tips to consider to build talking heads videos that are actually engaging:

    • Write Down a Script
    • Ensure That the Camera is Steady
    • Add Music to Your Video
    • Add Subtitles
    • No Matter What People Say – Background Matters

    Write Down a Script

    In our opinion, scriptwriting is a critical part of the video production process. And yes – that’s applicable for talking heads videos as well. Whether you’re 20+ years experienced professional or a fresher, if you’re looking forward to conveying any information, chances are that you may end up forgetting what you’re going to talk about – which may ruin the flow. 

    Some of the benefits of writing down a script include:

    • Helps Create a Visual Concept Prior to the Recording Process
    • Helps Plan Things in Advance
    • Helps Spend Less Time on Filming
    • Helps You Grab Your Audience’s Attention Right Away
    • Helps Convey a Story 
    • And more!

    So, it’s so much better to write down a script rather than figuring out what you’ll be speaking about while the record button is on.

    But despite writing down a script on paper or on your phone, the big challenge most people face is they end up looking towards the script rather than the camera. And if their audience see their eyes focused on the script rather than at the camera, they may end up skipping the video – as it may put a bad impression.

    With BIGVU, you can write down a script ahead of time from within the application. And the best part is – this script will be presented right in front of you while you’re looking at the camera.

    Ensure That the Camera is Steady

    While recording a video, if the camera wobbles or shakes, then it may not only be distracting for you, but it’ll also look unprofessional and may end up putting a bad impression on your audience. Even though you’re creating a talking heads video, you need to ensure that your camera is steady.

    If you’re planning to record via your smartphone, we’ve put together our “The Only YouTube Starter Kit Guide Vloggers Need in 2022.” Even though this blog post is dedicated towards YouTube vloggers, we’ve listed down the tripods you can invest in to help you ensure a steady camera. 

    Add Music to Your Video

    Let’s admit it – most people find talking heads videos to be extremely boring. Even though you may have the best background in the world along with a pretty face doing the talking for you, talking heads videos generate low engagement when compared with other styles.

    So, it’s sometimes better to add music to your talking heads videos – which will help you not only engage your viewers but also spice things up. 

    With BIGVU, you can easily add music beds to your videos. Some interesting themes we’ve included:

    • Motivational
    • Curiosity
    • Disco
    • Happy
    • Jazz
    • Yoga
    • And more!

    Add Subtitles

    Adding subtitles or captions to talking heads videos is a smart move. 

    What if you have an American accent yet your viewers based in Asia aren’t able to figure out what you’re speaking? 

    Or what if the audio isn’t clear? 

    Maybe, some of your viewers want to watch your videos without sound?

    With BIGVU, you can add automatic subtitles to your talking heads videos from within the application. You don’t need to use a totally different application for the same.

    People tend to engage with videos with closed captions than the ones without. 

    BIGVU will automatically transcribe your narration into texts. All you need to do is simply shoot a video and subtitles will immediately be synced in your narration.

    As simple as that!

    No Matter What People Say – Background Matters

    No matter what people say but your video background really matters. Having a  messy or cluttered background will leave a bad impression on your viewers. 

    and that’s the reason it's important to invest in a green screen. One of the big advantages of investing in a green screen is that you can set any background of your choosing during the video editing process. So if you want a clear red background, then you just need to make the necessary edits.

    One of the best parts of using BIGVU is that you can replace the green screen with a professional background from within the application.


    Making talking heads videos was never that simple. And it still isn't, if you don’t have an all-in-one application like BIGVU that helps you produce and edit videos under one roof.

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