Creating Spectacular Green Screen Backgrounds: Top Five Green Screen Editors in 2024

Jessica Becker
Jessica Becker
Online Coach & Writer

Did you know that the same tool that creates stunning movie scenes can also boost small businesses? Enter the versatile green screen background. It's not just for Hollywood anymore—this magic backdrop can make your videos look professional without draining your wallet.

But what's this green screen video background? It's a big, bright green backdrop used in video production. With a trick called chroma keying, you can replace the green with any image or video you fancy. Blue screens were once the norm, but green screens now reign supreme thanks to their ease of use, particularly in low light conditions.

So, if you're a small business owner looking to enhance your video game, why not experiment with the green screen background? It's an excellent way to highlight what you’ve got, engage with your audience, and stand out.

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    What Are The Benefits of Using Green Screen Backgrounds?

    Color-keying technology simplifies background replacement and lets you empower storytelling. With a green backdrop, your videos gain professional lighting and a polished look. It's a consistent branding tool that allows you to showcase your logo, colors, and brand imagery seamlessly. Moreover, it saves you money and time, eliminating the need for expensive physical sets and streamlining video editing.

    However, the benefits extend beyond aesthetics. A green screen provides a blank canvas to visually enhance your brand's narrative, incorporating charts, diagrams, and interactivity. It's a versatile tool, allowing you to adapt backgrounds to different topics, seasons, or campaigns, enhancing marketing efforts. Additionally, you can increase accessibility by adding captions or transcripts, broadening your reach to a diverse audience.


    Effortlessly create videos with personalized backgrounds using BIGVU. This user-friendly mobile app and web platform lets you add images and videos for that personal touch.

    Editing Made Easy

    Replacing backgrounds is a breeze. Upload your video to BIGVU, click "Change Background," and either choose from BIGVU's library or use your custom background. Click "Replace Background" and fine-tune your video with other editing tools to get things just right.

    Fantastic Features

    BIGVU offers one-tap background switching, teleprompter management, and enhanced editing skills. The platform transforms any space into a virtual studio with copyright-free color gradients. It also seamlessly collaborates with services like the AI Video Script Generator, boosting your video production game.

    Pricing Options

    BIGVU caters to all budgets, starting with the free version (with a small watermark) for test runs. For the full VIP experience, premium plans are the lowest out of all the competitors!

    The Verdict

    BIGVU is your friendly video editor compatible with iOS, Android, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. It's a worthwhile investment, simplifying professional video creation with diverse backgrounds, advanced chroma-key technology, and easy setup. You'll get so much more than green screen removal. Expect an AI Script Generator, Automatic Subtitles, Subtitle Translation, Background Music and one tap social media sharing.


    Clipchamp enhances your videos without diving into the technicalities. It's an easy-to-use online video editor that lets you work your video magic without bothersome watermarks and software downloads.

    Editing Made Easy

    Upload your video, then select a stock video with your desired background—and think of this as your canvas. Place your video clip below this canvas on the editing timeline. In the Effects tab, look for the chroma key filter. Adjust the threshold and color settings. Finally, choose between a crisp 1080p quality or a GIF, depending on your style.

    Fantastic Features

    Clipchamp background removal is a game-changer. It's like having your video studio at your fingertips. It also ensures brand consistency by adding your logo or watermark. You can include your channel name or social media handle for extra flair.

    Pricing Options

    Clipchamp offers a free plan with some stock and template limitations. The Essentials plan is $11.99 monthly, a sensible deal for regular content creators.

    The Verdict

    Clipchamp is a user-friendly video editing tool for creators looking to make their videos stand out. It's compatible with Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, and Linux, ensuring accessibility. Remember that the free plan has limitations, so consider upgrading if you're committed to your video projects.

    Filmora Wondershare

    Meet Filmora Wondershare, your new video editing sidekick that brings your videos to life without needing a fancy backdrop. It has an impressive AI chroma key tool that works like magic.

    Editing Made Easy

    Start by importing your footage and the background video you want to use into Filmora. Drop your green screen footage onto the first track and add your background video to the second. Select your green screen video in the timeline then hit the "Chroma Key" button in the toolbar. Fine-tune the chroma key settings to easily achieve that ideal look.

    Fantastic Features

    Filmora isn't just about background wizardry; it's a full-fledged video editor with a treasure trove of features. Trim, resize, and quickly add subtitles, logos, music, transitions, and funky filters. Explore the fantastic virtual background feature, which allows you to switch up your backdrop with any image or video you fancy. For precise enhancements, there's a handy color separation overlay mask.

    Pricing Options

    Filmora offers a seven-day free trial, allowing you to test the waters. If you dive deeper, premium plans start at $29.99 monthly—a reasonable investment considering the feature-rich offerings.

    The Verdict

    Filmora is your intuitive video editing companion. With its extensive editing features and a free trial, it's worth a try. While the background removal process may be slightly more complex for newbies, Filmora supports various operating systems like Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS, ensuring you can easily edit on the go.


    Kapwing's video background remover is your trusty tool for giving your video and image backgrounds a creative makeover.

    Editing Made Easy

    Upload your video to Kapwing. Head over to the "Effects" tab, where the magic happens. Look for the "Remove Background" option and give it a click. Fine-tune and adjust those settings until you're happy with the results.

    Fantastic Features

    Kapwing stands out with its user-friendly interface. Regardless of your editing experience, you'll navigate it like a pro. Its automated background removal tool is the real star of the platform. Kapwing's got this slick feature that is fully customizable for precision.

    Pricing Options

    You can start using Kapwing for free, though your videos have a watermark. The Pro plan starts at just $16 per month. There's even an enterprise option for larger operations.

    The Verdict

    Kapwing is great for beginners and anyone looking for a background change without needing a green screen. It works on various systems, including iOS, Android, and multiple browsers. Note that the free version has a watermark; upgrading to a paid plan removes it. Compared to other tools, it offers limited control over complex backgrounds.


    WeVideo's cloud-based video editor makes background changes a breeze. Easily upload your backdrop or choose from a vast library of over a million stock assets.

    Editing Made Easy

    Go to WeVideo and create a new project. Upload your footage and the background video you want to use. Drop your footage on the first track and add the background on the second. Select your footage in the timeline and hit the "Chroma Key" button in the toolbar. Adjust the settings until you're satisfied, then save your work.

    Fantastic Features

    WeVideo's Chroma Key Tool is its secret weapon for effortless background swaps. It's like a paintbrush for your videos. WeVideo also offers a storehouse of clips to seamlessly insert into your videos, making them even more dynamic.

    Pricing Options

    WeVideo provides a free plan that is ideal for beginners or budget-conscious users but includes a watermark. Its premium plan, which starts at just $4.99 per month, ensures a cleaner finish without a watermark.

    The Verdict

    WeVideo is excellent for newbies or those who want to enhance their videos without all the technical mumbo-jumbo. It's versatile, working seamlessly on iOS, Android, and web browsers. Plus, it offers one of the most affordable premium plans in the market.

    Tips on Choosing the Best Green Screen Editor

    First things first, figure out what you need. What kind of videos are you editing, and how crisp and clear do you want them to be? Think about your budget, too. You don't want any surprises there!

    Let's talk about the secret sauce—the chroma key tool. It's like magic for swapping backgrounds. The better it is, the smoother your videos will look.

    Next, look for a video editor that does more than change backgrounds. Some options, like BIGVU, offer nifty features like online teleprompters, captions, and an online video maker.

    Lastly, don't forget your skill level. If you're a newbie, go for something user-friendly. If you're a pro, look for all the fancy customization options to really fine-tune your work.

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