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Everyone is a video maker

The Smart Storyboarding segments your narration into a simple storyboard. The scenes cards for each topic make it easy to select visuals, captions, split screens and virtual studios backgrounds.
IIt requires no previous video editing skills making anyone a professional video maker. This algorithm makes video creation a much faster and easier process.

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Make your video more than just a talking head with BIGVU magic styling


Your subtitles become the focus for a couple of scenes

Automatic Subtitles

Keywords are automatically emphasized.

Split Screens

Captions are displayed on the side, while your are presenting.

Your logo, colors & fonts

Standout on  TikTok, Instagram or YouTube with colorful subtiltles.
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Spice up your video with visuals with just a drag&drop

The BIGVU Online Video Maker is a great way to spice up your presentations. You can drag and drop images, stunning captions, split screens, and green background changes into the storyboard. This makes for an engaging and visually appealing presentation.

Just drag & drop from our left panel images or videos from the free copyright-free media library Pixabay or upload your own visual. Any tweet can be also transformed into a stunning video sequence.
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"I do a lot of auditions and I do a lot of castings on-camera self tape, BIGVU helps me a lot with getting the scripts up, getting them read, getting all my lines correct… It’s amazing!"
"Whether you're building a personal brand or you're an entrepreneur building a company you look way more professional and it's easier to make clear points."
Tim Brown
CEO at Hook Agency
"I have to take BTS Videos and it is complete hell, writing a text, memorizing it, rumbling and much more… So I'm so grateful for BIGVU, I don’t know how I missed it before but it’s a life changer and a time-saver!"
Esin Aydingoz
Film Composer
"With the push of a button my words are instantly sink to match exactly what I’m saying in video"
Social Media Influencer
"Complete Game Changer on all fronts! So Nice work BIGVU, I really appreciate it"
Brad Cooper
"Manually typing out what you say word for word is exhausting. Trust me I’ve been there…. BIGVU doesn’t make you do that. With one tap you can add captions that perfectly sync with your narration!"
Christiana Austin

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